The Engineering trainee shall have completed at least two years of a tool and die apprenticeship program.

The Engineering trainee shall have completed either a technical Associates degree in a mechanical technology program or at least two years towards a BS degree in a related mechanical discipline.

The Engineering trainee shall have functional familiarity with design software such as Autocad as well as Microsoft Office software and image manipulation software such as Adobe Photoshop.

The Engineering trainee shall have a working familiarity with the rudiments of electrical circuits.

The Engineering trainee will be immersed in the following disciplines;

  • The design of dies related to the Roll forming process, such as prenotch, cutoff and secondary operation.
  • The design of forming rolls for the Cold Roll Forming process.
  • The relationship between the roll forming process and the various types of metals in common use and the variations upon the design basis required by the different material characteristics.
  • The estimating process for Roll Forming tooling and equipment requirements as well as the price and availability research for used as well as new equipment needed for the tooling requirements.
  • The sourcing of materials and components for roll forming tooling.
  • The sourcing of materials and components for equipment as required for the maintenance department.
  • The design of ancillary electrical circuitry required by particular designs.
  • Supervisory skill development in regards to the managing of subordinate employees.

Samson is an equally opportunity employer, offering excellent benefits, including medical, dental, vision, and 401K Plan, vacation and paid holidays.

To apply: please email resume to Violet Glazers at violetg@samsonrollform.com

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