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Have you heard about this song ?

The band that plays for the Mexican Folkloric Dance Company of Chicago
wrote a song that many Latinos do not know of. I speak to them about it and play it for them and most are affected by the lyrics. The GRAMMY® committee recognized the significance of those words. They are shown below.

Esta Tierra Es Tuya
(This Land Is Your Land) (3:27)
(Woody Guthrie) (norteño arr by Juan Dies)
Ludlow Music, Inc. (13MI). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.
Juan Dies string bass, bajo sexto, vibraslap, vocals Juan Rivera vocals
Special guests: Renato Ceron—accordion, Joel Martinez drum set, woodblock

This classic American folk song was written in 1940 by Woody Guthrie. Originally, its message of inclusiveness was inspired by the plight of “Okies,” displaced Great Plains farmers who were unwelcome in California when they sought work there during the 1930's Dust Bowl Depression Era. The song has become an anthem of the American spirit sung by children in schools across the nation.

This norteño version remains relevant seven decades later. The lyrics, adapted to Spanish are very close to the original and speak to America’s national debate over immigration.

The song earned Sones a Latin GRAMMY® nomination in 2007and a regular GRAMMY® nomination in 2008.

Whatever your convictions on immigration you should recognize what the song is about. Whether it is between states or countries.

The Spanish lyrics:
Esta tierra es tuya
esta tierra es mia
desde el horizonte
hasta la otra orilla
Desde las montañas,
costas, rios y valles
La tierra es para ti y para mi

En el mundo vive
Una gente pobre
y en el mundo vive
otra gente rica,
y luego tenemos
a muchos viajeros
en busca de una oportunidad.
Cuando caminaba
Ilegue a una frontera
donde habia un letrero
pa’ que no pasara.
Y del otro lado
no decia nada.
La tierra es para ti y para mi.

Y en la carretera
en la que voy viajando
se abre mi destino
como una alborada
Asi debe ser,
"...de quien la trabaja."
La tierra es para ti y para mi.
Esta tierra es tuya
esta tierra es mia
desde el horizonte
hasta la otra orilla
Desde las montañas,
costas, rios y valles
La tierra es para ti y para mi.

This land is your land
This land is my land
From California
To the New York island
From the redwood forest
To the gulf stream waters
This land was made
for you and me

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I heard the performance of this song at the Harris Theater last year as part of "Noche del Son," the song had great arrangements and was very enjoyable.
Nice to know that nice people like you are into these events. I will keep you posted. In the meantime spread the word.

Happy New year,

I forgot to mention that Borders carrys the CD. You can also go to Sones' web site and order it there.
To me it seems that the CD (about $15) is selling better in the non-Latino world . . . . . Hmmmmm . . . . In Europe the CD sells for about 20 euros and more ! ! ! $25 plus ! ! !

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