1) Turn on lights and open gate bay 3
2) Check that both compressor are running.
3) Refill Car-wash buckets and replace as needed.
4) Check Mill coolant levels and drippers fill if needed.
5) Empty all Skimmer Bucket’s and check skimmers are working.
6) Check with RICH, ASHISH or ERROL if any lines will need a coolant change or cleaned.
7) Check 2050 coolant tanks level (Mix new batch if needed)
8) Update Coolant Log Book.

1) Clean Bay #3 floor.
2) Clean maintenance shop floor. Dump trash cans.
3) Refill rags boxes for lines and shops.
4) Check for any coolant leaks on all lines - drippers, coolant pump systems, copper lines.

END OF DAY 3:20pm (check with Ashish,Vick,Rich if 2nd shift is working)
1) Bay #3 turn off lights,lock gate.
2) Turn off both Compressor and check automatic drain system,lock gate.
3) Turn off bay #2 lights and check that all machines are turned off.

1) Repair or replace broken copper tube lines.
2) Greasing and filling oilers. (every two weeks)
3) Installing guards.
4) Painting
5) Help maintenance and operators if needed.
6) Check mouse traps
7) Outside maintenance shovel snow, trim/kill weeds, pick-up trash
8) Mounting equipment

Samson is an equally opportunity employer, offering excellent benefits, including medical, dental, vision, and 401K Plan, vacation and paid holidays.

To apply for this position, please send resume to Violet Glazers at violetg@samsonrollform.com

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