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Why people hate on diversity and inclusion

The word diversity and its close relatives, inclusion and equality, are positive by most objective standards and dictionaries.

Yet when they fall on certain ears, these words can raise hackles and bring out hives. And it’s interesting to ask, why is that? Why wouldn’t someone subscribe to the…


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New research shows Latinos closing the racial gap on college degrees

Latino students have made progress closing the college graduation gap between themselves and their white peers, but results vary widely by institution, a new study shows.

The college graduation gap between Latinos and whites is 10 percentage points on average, according to A Look at…


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6 Networking tips for MBA students

As the world becomes more competitive each day, it has become imperative to understand one’s strengths and weaknesses at an early stage. Be it in business, technology, hospitality, healthcare, you name it—interacting with the industry players on a regular basis has become a necessity.

Here’s six…


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William Almonte - Planning And Setting Up Your Own Recruitment Business

If you have made a decision to start a recruitment business, planning to set up your own business is an exciting journey. To set up the business, the basic needs are an accountant, capital, an appealing name of the new company, business insurance, business bank account, office or a place to work and a website. A successful start of a business must have a strong background, compact plans, knowledge of laws about licensing, taxes etc. Here are the steps to start the business.…


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William Almonte - How To Be Consistent In Marketing Recruitment Business

No one can deny that people who are successful in the field of recruitment business, rely on consistency. Trying something new in marketing which does not work as well as you have planned, gives the business owners frustration. You do not know how to fix the problem or exactly what you need to mend it. A professional like William Almonte can advise you properly. According to expert,…


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William Almonte - Significance Of Opting For The Services Of Recruiting Agencies

The primary inquiry emerges as a main priority is the reason one ought to decide on enlistment administrations? Be it an organization or a hopeful, for what reason would they be able to take a shot at their own? With regards to hunting a vocation down an applicant or procuring an appropriate possibility for the coveted opening of the organization. The two undertakings should be possible without anyone else’s input, so what is the significance of enrollment organization here? The critical…


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Marketing to third generation Hispanics: It's more than speaking Spanish

Hispanics in the U.S. have quickly become one of the fastest growing minorities in the U.S. This is no surprise. However, many companies seem to be marketing a general Hispanic audience and not dissecting into smaller categories, such as third generation Hispanics.

Hispanics in the U.S. have quickly…


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Bilingual staff just the start to success

At Downey Nissan in Downey, Calif., two women — a Hispanic marketing director and a Nepalese general sales manager — have teamed up to lead a sales surge to Hispanic consumers.

Through August, Downey Nissan sold 1,899 new vehicles to Hispanic customers. That was almost double the 970…


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Jobless rate for Latinos drops to a record low

The unemployment rate among Latino and Hispanic Americans fell to 4.7 percent in November, the lowest level on records since 1973.

That figure comes with an asterisk, though: Like other categories of the U.S. population, a smaller proportion of Latinos either have a job or are looking for one than…


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William Almonte - Myths Related To Recruiting Industry

There are a couple of myths identified with the selecting business. It isn’t a simple industry. A considerable measure of meriting applicants are looking to their best of capacities to locate the best of employments. It is a merciless industry. Individuals battle for the bread, margarine and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It is life and way of life.…


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5 Tips for Networking this Holiday Season

Ah, December. A magical month when people are filled with optimism and good will, aided by the flowing supply of baked goods and alcohol. Take advantage of the holiday cheer and the constant stream of parties in the last few weeks of the year to step up your networking efforts. If you are looking…


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William Almonte – How Different Employment Recruitment Agencies Work?

Selection workplaces are a run of the mill course for associations to outsource the route toward finding brief staff, or the filtering of contender for full-time positions down to a sensible couple of hopefuls. Everything considered, regardless of whether you require a group part or need an excursion, it can feel like you chat with only a singular individual in the association and they handle the whole system of planning opportunity with the worker. Selection is participation, both inside…


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William Almonte - Why Businesses Should Use Recruitment Services

In the age of competition where the companies are competing with one another, they need efficient employees for their businesses. For a big business company in-house recruitment is likely to be an extra task for the managers. There are lots of work in businesses, so teaming up with the recruitment services can help a lot. It is the best way to recruit the highly skilled candidates. Using the recruiters, who are searching professionals, is beneficial in different ways.…


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Should you pause your job search over the Holidays?

December is a busy month. You’re trying to tie up loose ends as the year winds down, scrambling to find gifts for family and friends, attending a variety of holiday events, and gearing up for the start of another year. It can be easy to think that, just as you’re super busy, employers are too.…


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Aspiring Latino lawyers wanted

As the U.S. faces a need for more Latino lawyers, there’s a nationally renowned local university that can help prepare young Latinos for a career in the world of law.

According to a report from NBC News (link is external) earlier this year, Hispanics represent 18 percent of the U.S. population…


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Be What Others Are Afraid to Be

Working on you is not an easy task, you first have to admit you need to improve and find those areas where improvement is needed. You will have to go into an uncomfortable zone where you will have to evaluate your mistakes and their root, if you dig deep you will find out the root is your mindset, that…


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New survey reveals Hispanic-Americans’ attitudes toward health

Hispanic-Americans are less likely to seek health screenings or preventive care compared with their black and white peers, according to a new survey that provides a detailed and ongoing assessment of the Hispanic community’s attitudes toward health care.

The Healthy Americas Survey, released…


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William Almonte - How To Use A Recruiter To Find A Job

Getting his desirable job is not everyone’s cup of tea. Everybody is struggling to find a job as a fresher. In the opinion of William Almonte, there is always a efficient recruiter, behind the success of a candidate. If you are hunting for a job, recruiters are always there to help you. The one, who values the candidates, is always a right recruiter. Finding a right recruiter is very important because he or…


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William Almonte - Tips For Working With Recruiters

Online job searching and submitting resumes, referral or checking job boards- these are the common ways to find a job. Apart from these working with recruiters can be really helpful in the opinion of William Almonte, the famous recruitment professional. Perhaps, for many job seekers working with recruiters is an unfamiliar experience. It is different than applying…


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William Almonte - What To Remember When You Are Hiring For BPO Sector?

BPO part is a standout amongst the most conspicuous activity areas that are creating step by step. The most critical continuous obligations that you have to deal with as a business pioneer is contracting. It’s not peaceful and now is the ideal time squandering strategy with budgetary and reputational significances on the off chance that you wind up with a terrible contract.…


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