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Having the right resume can only get you so far

I am a firm believer that no matter how many years you have been in the working world, you’re never too young or too old to have someone you can go to for input and advice. Good mentors are invaluable because, not only can they influence your decisions, but they can unlock your “superpowers”—the unique set of skills you bring to the table—and help you make a real impact at work and beyond. …


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Getting Out of Debt Top Concern for Latinos

Sixty-eight percent of employees chose retirement planning as a top concern in 2016 making it the most often cited concern, but it was actually getting out of debt that continued to top the list of concerns for African American (76%) and Latino (65%) employees, according to Financial Finesse’s 2016 Year…


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Hollywood’s top lobbyists say diversity is good for business

Hollywood hasn’t always shown much interest in telling stories about Latino and Hispanic characters and communities. But Hispanic moviegoers are still some of the most loyal in the nation, according to the Motion Picture Association of America’s annual Theatrical Market Statistics Report, released on Wednesday.

Almost 18 percent of Americans are of Hispanic or Latino origin, but they make up 23 percent of frequent moviegoers, defined as people who buy a movie ticket…


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Making the American Dream of home ownership work for Hispanics

While the economy has improved overall in recent years, it's only too clear that the overall recovery is still leaving many behind. Latinos in particular continue to struggle.

Take the example of homeownership. For Hispanics, homeownership rates are among the disappointing indicators. According to…


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Here’s what you should be doing to get ahead in your career

The rate at which you learn is very important to your career, whether you’re founding a company or starting out in a new job. When you’re learning and adapting quickly, you’re more likely to succeed in your endeavor, even if others are right on your heels.

It’s fine if you don’t know everything…


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Bicultural Hispanics most brand loyal

CPG marketers may want to rethink the way they target Hispanic consumers. According to a new report from ThinkNow Research, less acculturated Hispanics — those that have not fully assimilated into American culture — are no more brand loyal than other segments. In fact, Bicultural Hispanics — those who are…


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When will Hispanics buy from your business?

One of the most common questions I have been asked by executives is: “When will Hispanics buy my products?”

They think that since they have been in business for many years, everybody should know who they are, including the Hispanic markets.

One of the most common…


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5 pieces of terrible resume advice you should ignore

When it comes to résumés, there's a ton of advice out there on how to get it right. And, to be honest, some of it is just downright wrong.

A lackluster résumé is the quickest way to get your job application thrown out altogether, so it's important to separate the helpful…


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The long game of Diversity and Inclusion

Creating a diverse and inclusive organization takes time, which is something business leaders often feel they lack.

"We as business leaders have a quarterly mindset; it's ingrained in us," said Doug Speight, a Durham-based entrepreneur. "But this is not short term work. This is as long term as…


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Moving beyond Diversity to Inclusion

Where do we go from here? As we explore the future of diversity in this time of transition and change across our country and world, let us acknowledge that priorities might change, but inclusion will always matter to both individuals and organizations.

Inclusion is the asset that is hidden in…


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The job hunting tips no one tells you about

Landing the perfect new job is always challenging, so it’s not surprising that candidates scour the internet for hints and tips. But we no longer need to be told to proof read CVs and write a cover letter for every application; we’ve heard that advice hundreds of times before. Implementing some…


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Is a Master’s degree worth it

It’s a questions common among graduates and yuppies: Should I get a Master’s degree? They say that college degrees are the new high school diplomas. Once upon a time, holding one made you unique, a stand-out. Now, obtaining a college degree before joining the workforce feels…


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3 business facts everyone needs to know about the power of Latinas

As we enter into Women’s History Month and the world celebrates the role women play in today’s society, it is important to underscore the role of the segment driving more than 50 percent of the total population growth: Latinas.

At approximately 24 million strong,…


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Meet five Latinos making a mark in college basketball

For many years, Latinos were few and far between in basketball. That began to change at the NBA level in the early 2000's, and it didn't take long for college basketball to follow suit. Today, Hispanic's have fully entrenched themselves on the college hardwood, especially at…


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The top tips to get the most out of your Network

Any resume and Linkedin writing service professionals will attest, having a fantastic resume and LinkedIn profile solves 50 percent of the job search riddle. The other half? Good old-fashioned networking.

Medical device, capital equipment, and pharma sales experts know…


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Read biographies of feature guests for the 2017 International Women's Day Celebration

Read biographies of feature guests for the 2017 international Women's Day Celebration being held Wednesday, March 08 at Early Society Chicago.


Siera Santos, Sports Broadcaster, CSN Chicago

Siera Santos joined CSN…


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Recent college grads now more likely to have good jobs, opportunity

The college graduate underemployment epidemic is easing.

​And the stereotypical image of young people stuck in parents’ basements, working as baristas at Starbucks and wondering why they burdened themselves with $30,000 in…


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Should Affluent Hispanics Be Considered General Market?

Multicultural marketing has created a marketing economy based on segmenting the population by ethnicity. While ethnicity segmentation has worked for the past several decades, as I pointed out in an earlier column, that foundation is…


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Tips for Networking as a small business owner

Networking is an incredibly broad term that seems overwhelming, but when broken down, it’s a terrific resource for small business owners. Meeting people in person and establishing true relationships is a major part of…


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15 Top Young Latinas in American Newsrooms

The accomplishments of Hispanic women are many, but too often in our American workforce they go unsung and under-compensated. The Latina pay gap remains 54 cents in her paycheck for every dollar paid to her white, male colleagues for the same work. It…


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