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Why the Latino voice can strengthen Corporate America

Leadership is a critical component in every sector of life. Just as important is the faces of those who hold leadership positions in Corporate America.

Hispanics make up a very small percentage of executive leaders in both the C-suite and on corporate boards in the United States. About 70 percent, or nearly 350 Fortune 500 companies, do not have…


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The rise of Hispanic products in the U.S. market

For decades, Hispanic grocers and Hispanic products in mass market grocers have been dominated by food which comes either directly from Latin America or U.S. based companies that try to emulate those of Latin America, like cheeses, spices, and canned goods.

There has been little innovation in these products since the 1970s and 80s when Hispanic…


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How to work a room

For many people, any networking event – from conferences to casual meet-ups – can trigger nerves or feelings of discomfort. The stakes can feel even higher for job seekers who hope to make the right connections that lead to new career opportunities. For introverts, such events may seem downright unappetizing, until you learn how to work your strengths.…


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As Hispanic small business owners grow, they must also consider succession planning

To better understand what's driving of one of the fastest-growing segments of the small business sector, Bank of America recently surveyed more than 300 Hispanic entrepreneurs across the nation. We asked about their motivations, aspirations, and concerns and were pleased to find a strong majority anticipate continued growth and increased revenue in…


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Efforts narrow racial disparities in college study abroad

As public discourse increases around issues of equity getting into college, succeeding there and landing a good job after, some researchers are studying racial disparities in often-overlooked areas such as study abroad.

White students are the overwhelming majority of American college students who travel internationally to study at some point…


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How embracing Diversity and Inclusion can transform your business

Diversity and Inclusion has been a trending topic in the HR space for the last few years, as advocates and companies take steps to dismantle institutionalized discrimination in the workplace. Endless research supports the need for diversity in business, and the impact that it can have on team morale, innovation and ultimately, the bottom…


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When medical schools become less diverse

At Texas Tech University’s medical school, just 4 percent of students are black; 13 percent are Hispanic. And those numbers might soon shrink. Research has shown that’s what happens when schools stop considering race in admissions, and that’s what the school plans to do.…


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Hispanic businesses bullish on growth

In New Mexico, 30.7% of businesses are Hispanic owned, while the national average is just 12%, according to a U.S. Census Bureau survey in 2012. With Albuquerque’s unemployment sitting at 4.8% as of February 2019, competition for talent is fierce, with no signs of easing up any time soon. Regardless, the growth-minded approach of Hispanic business…


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Diversity and inclusion technology tools on the rise

Diversity and inclusion is quickly becoming a business imperative. Thanks in part to increased scrutiny from the media and social movements, boards of directors, C-suite executives, business and HR leaders are recognizing how discrimination, harassment, and toxic workplace cultures can negatively impact a company’s brand, its ability to attract and…


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Goldman Sachs sets targets for Latino, black hires

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is setting targets for hiring minority groups for the first time as it ramps up efforts to diversify its workforce, according to a memo sent by top executives to employees.

The Wall Street bank, which last year said it wanted women to make up half of its entry-level workforce, now is aiming to ensure that 14 percent of…


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Calm your Networking anxiety with these 3 tips

If the thought of your next professional gathering already has your skin crawling, you’re not alone. According to LinkedIn’s 2017 global user survey, 80 percent of members say networking is an important avenue for career development, yet over a third find it difficult to know what to say to make and maintain these connections.



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Resourceful initiatives and bright outlook presented at the Seventh Annual ComEd Multicultural Media Roundtable

Last Friday, ComEd hosted its seventh annual Multicultural Media Roundtable at Little Black Pearl in Kenwood. Kicking off the event was an introduction of the new CEO, Joe Dominguez, in which he shared his vision for ComEd and the Chicagoland community. His goals included enabling clean energy growth, keeping energy affordable, adapting to customer…


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Hispanics now lead the charge in U.S. household growth

Despite the political and social turmoil facing the nation’s Hispanic population, data suggests the demographic remains resilient in their pursuit in achieving the American dream of homeownership.

In fact, according to a recent report from the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, the demographic now accounts for more than…


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Career change advice from experts and executives

The devil you know is, presumably, better than the devil you don't. That's why so many of us stay stuck in a job, an industry, or a lifestyle that's not working out.

But making a career change doesn't have to be intimidating. Ask an expert who's done it (or counseled hundreds of people who've done it) and they'll tell you it's about breaking…


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Millennials, Latinos among groups most likely not to have health insurance

Certain demographics still suffer from lack of health insurance with rates far above the national average. Among the groups less likely to have medical insurance than their counterparts are males, millennials and those who identify as American Indian, Alaska Native, white Hispanic or Latino.

When looking at race and ethnicity, the differences…


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Latinos projected to to make up 15 percent of Mass. population by 2035

The Latino population has been growing for years in Massachusetts. Now a new report, by the Mauricio Gaston Institute at UMass Boston, projects that Latinos will comprise 15 percent of the state’s population by 2035.

Phillip Granberry, the senior researcher of the report, attributes the trend to higher fertility rates rather than international…


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Meet the Latina executives shaping the future of prestige beauty

When it comes to beauty, there is one global company that is trailblazing the industry by celebrating its culture of inclusivity, diversity, individuality and empowering Hispanic women: The Estée Lauder Companies. M•A•C, Estée Lauder, AERIN Beauty and Smashbox are just a few of the company’s iconic brands that have senior Latina executives leading the…


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Staying organized during a job search

As anyone who has set foot in my office can attest, I am not a terrifically organized person. My desk is covered with drifts of paper, and I’ve never managed to use a planner for longer than a week.

So when I started my first job search in grad school, I knew that I would need to work hard to impose order on myself and my search. And as a…


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The future of the American economy is Hispanic and female

The wage gap for women who identify as "Hispanic or Latino" is larger than that of any other racial or ethnic group tracked by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. At the median, they earn 63 cents for every dollar American men earn, compared to 81 cents for women overall.

While the wage gap is a blunt metric and doesn't account for differences…


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Lou Sandoval: Pioneer at the Helm

When Lou Sandoval was 22, he had one of the most difficult conversations a graduating senior could have with his parents. Sandoval had logged long hours studying biochemistry at DePaul University in Chicago and had been accepted to medical school. He would be not only the first college graduate in his family, but also the first doctor in his extended…


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