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Effort aims to raise Hispanics' awareness of eye disease risk factors

St. John’s Eye Specialists have joined EyeCare America’s national campaign to raise Hispanics’ awareness of eye disease risk factors, according to a St. John’s news release.

St. John’ Eye Specialists have volunteered to offer care for EyeCare America patients, the news release said.

According to the National Americans Eye Health and Eye Disease Survey, 76 percent of Hispanics did not know that their ethnicity was a risk factor for vision loss and blindness.… Continue

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Artist Think Tank Explodes onto Chicago Scene

Local Artists Converge for First Event at Burger King Studio

Part art gallery, part think tank: the new Burger King Studio at 1904 W. North Avenue will launch this Friday, October 24 (7-9 p.m.) to present a unique social laboratory that highlights the work of local artists in an interactive and engaging studio space featuring three installations over the span of 6 weekends. The studio is a partnership between Burger King and cutting edge… Continue

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S.F. Mayor Defends Actions in Interview with Spanish Newspaper

"I want to do it right," San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom told El Mensajero when asked why he decided to delay granting municipal IDs to city residents, regardless of their immigration status.

In an interview held the day after a San Francisco Supreme Court judge found that the ID cards did not violate federal or state laws, Newsom said the decision didn’t surprise him. He said he knew they would win the case against the lawsuit filed by… Continue

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Back in Colo., Biden courts Latinos and regular Joes

Vice presidential hopeful Joe Biden peddled a middle-class and patriotic message to low- and middle-income voters in Colorado on Tuesday afternoon, calling for an economic overhaul and an end to negative campaigning so both sides can focus on helping Americans.

Before a largely Latino crowd at Adams City High School, Biden talked about the vitality of small businesses, accessible health insurance and his Republican opponent John McCain, who he said would run the country like… Continue

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Radio host, a new citizen, stirs Latinos

Eddie `Piolin' Sotelo uses his top Spanish-language show to inspire fans to vote.

"Despiertese!" Wake up! It's 4 a.m., and Spanish-language talk-show host Eddie Sotelo is jump-starting his listeners - janitors pushing brooms in dark office buildings, truckers on the road, fast-food cooks flipping sausages for the breakfast rush.

Most Americans have never heard of the small-framed Sotelo, known as "Piolin," or Tweety Bird. But the… Continue

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Pastors urge Latinos to vote values, not economy

National and local Hispanic pastors urged Latinos Tuesday to choose values over the economy and vote for Sen. John McCain for president.

"We believe that there are more important things than money and our economy," said Gilberto Velez, chairman of the board of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. "The Latino community is very well known for their principles and their morals." READ FULL… Continue

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Comcast's Lorena Hernandez Named One of the Bay Area's Most Influential Latino Leaders

The San Francisco Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SFHCC) and the San Francisco Business Times have honored Comcast's Lorena Hernandez, Regional Director of Communications for Comcast California, as one of the top Latino leaders in the Bay Area. Hernandez was recognized for her community efforts as part of the 4th Annual Latino Business Leadership Awards. READ FULL STORY

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Some whites struggle more with obesity related to discrimination than blacks, Hispanics

A new study confirms that discrimination is a stress factor that is related to obesity, but surprisingly, this is most true among ethnic white groups and not blacks or Hispanics.

"We wanted to determine whether feeling discriminated against was linked with having excess tummy fat in adults," says Haslyn Hunte, an assistant professor of health and kinesiology at Purdue University who led this study as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health and Society Scholar. "We did find such a… Continue

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More Alzheimer’s Risk for Hispanics, Studies Find

Antonio Vasquez was just 60 when Alzheimer’s disease derailed him.

He lost his job at a Queens bakery because he kept burning chocolate chip cookies, forgetting he had put them in the oven. Then he got lost going to job interviews, walking his neighborhood in circles.

Teresa Mojica of Philadelphia was 59 when she got Alzheimer’s, making her so argumentative and delusional that she sometimes hits her husband. And Ida J. Lawrence… Continue

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Hispanics from Mexico integrate

Hispanics from Mexico integrate consistently with all ethnic groups over generations in the United States, researchers said.

"Hispanics in 2003 became the largest minority group in the U.S.," lead author John Iceland of the Pennsylvania State University said in a statement. "We were interested in finding the role of race and nativity in their residential patterns."

While previous studies suggest that residential segregation between Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites is… Continue

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Rallies to encourage Colorado Hispanics to vote

Democrats will hold rallies in seven cities this weekend in what they call an unprecedented effort to get Hispanics to vote early for Barack Obama.

"If Latinos get out there and vote and vote early for this ticket, our voice will resonate," Denise Maes, chairwoman of the Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, said at a Monday news conference.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and California Democratic congressmen Xavier Becerra and Joe Baca will be among Obama surrogates at… Continue

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Minorities More Likely to Die in ER

Blacks and Hispanics are more likely to die in U.S. emergency rooms after a trauma than white patients are, researchers report.

Moreover, uninsured ER patients are more likely to die compared with insured patients, according to the study in the October issue of the Archives of Surgery. READ FULL STORY

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Strengthening the Family

This Election Day, California voters will enter the ballot booth and decide whether pregnant teenage girls should have stronger parental involvement prior to an abortion. Supporting a new mainstream policy will safeguard the emotional and physical health of young Latinas in our community.

At issue is Proposition 4, the statewide ballot initiative that seeks to provide common-sense parental notification before the termination of a minor’s pregnancy.… Continue

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Income gap between whites, Latinos has grown at four-year colleges

Over the past three decades, the income disparity between Latino and non-Hispanic white students entering four-year colleges and universities has increased fourfold, with the difference in median household income growing from $7,986 in 1975 to $32,965 in 2006, according to a new UCLA report on Latino college students. READ FULL STORY

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Latina girls magazine talks back to Palin

Latinitas, ( www.latinitas ) the first digital magazine made for and by Hispanic girls, knows firsthand the effects of abstinence only sex-education, being America’s sub-group that experiences the highest level of teen pregnancy than any other community in the United States. READ FULL STORY

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Soap star uses fame to spread faith

They came to the bookstore by the hundreds Saturday morning to see Eduardo Verástegui, a Mexican actor they admire for both his looks and his message of faith. Mexican soap opera and film star Eduardo Verástegui poses for a photo with fan Rachel Cantu, 94, during a book and DVD signing event Saturday in Sacramento. The star is a devout Catholic. READ FULL…

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Statewide campaign registers Latinos to vote

Tu Voto Si Cuenta is the slogan for a statewide effort to get Connecticut's Latino residents who are U.S. citizens to vote.The English translation is: Your vote does count."It's a nonpartisan campaign," said Valeriano Ramos, director of constituent services for Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz and state coordinator for Tu Voto Si Cuenta. READ FULL STORY

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McCain missing the mark with Hispanics

The man who risked his career on an immigration reform bill embraced by Hispanics is struggling to win these same voters.

Cindy Florez can't always remember the name of the man who will get her vote for president, but she knows his party and that's enough.

"I will vote Democrat," the 23-year-old hotel housekeeper said, in broken English, moments after registering to vote at a John McCain campaign booth in a Latino neighborhood market.

It's an insult-to-injury… Continue

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Latinos make up almost half of all newly diagnosed HIV/AIDS cases reported in Los Angeles County

Latinos make up almost half of all newly diagnosed HIV/AIDS cases reported in Los Angeles County compared to 19 percent nationally.

-- A week of activities aimed at raising awareness and encouraging HIV counseling and testing to coincide with National Latino AIDS Awareness Day observed on October 15. READ FULL STORY

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Anti-Hispanic rhetoric growing

The vitriolic illegal immigration debate of the last few years has left Latinos feeling hurt and angry, according to a recent poll of both citizen and non-citizen Hispanics.

The finding isn't too surprising. It's what happens when one class of people becomes a scapegoat for a nation.

According to the Pew Hispanic Center, which polled 2,015 Hispanic adults this past summer and released the results in September:… Continue

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