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10 tips to reconnect with your professional network

It's often said that success is all about who you know. This is especially true when it comes to your career: Knowing the right person at the right company can open the door to your dream job opportunity.

But what happens if you've lost touch with professional contacts you were close with in the…


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Hispanics less likely to drink tap water

Black and Hispanic U.S. adults are half as likely as whites to drink tap water and more than twice as likely to drink bottled water, according to a recent Penn State analysis.

The findings also support past research that indicates that minorities and more vulnerable populations have a higher…


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Immigrants do not take jobs. Truth is, they create jobs.

America cannot afford to turn its back on immigrants. Immigrant makers, doers, and dreamers create American jobs; innovators and laborers further U.S. competitiveness.

The challenge for the United States, therefore, is to change the national discussion from “taking jobs” to “making jobs.”…


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Hispanic Small Business Owners Set Sights on Significant Growth in 2018 and Beyond

Hispanic entrepreneurs are increasingly optimistic about the future – what lies ahead in the next year and even the next decade to come – and see their heritage as an important advantage to their success.

According to the second annual Bank of America Hispanic Small Business Owner…


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Texas poised to send first Latina to Congress

Texas is poised to send its first Latina to Congress after State Sen. Sylvia Garcia has won the Democratic nomination to replace retiring U.S. Rep. Gene Green of Houston.

Garcia easily beat six little-known candidates on Tuesday, including health care executive Tahir Javed, who vowed to spend…


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Top tips for Women negotiating a pay raise

Despite gender equality initiatives and rules forcing companies to disclose their salary data, men are still paid more than women. What’s more, the gap between men’s earnings and women’s earnings is actually widening, not narrowing. In 2017, the average pay for women globally was $12,000, according to…


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Latinos grab spotlight at Oscars

The 90th annual Academy Awards were, by any definition, a moment of triumph for Latinos.

Guillermo del Toro became the third Mexican-born filmmaker to win best director, and it was his lavish Cold War fantasy "The Shape of Water" that was crowned best picture. Pixar's box-office smash "Coco," the biggest…


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Hispanics disadvantaged in accessing mortgages

Hispanic people with limited English proficiency may be disadvantaged in getting home loans because Spanish translations of mortgage documents are unavailable in their nearby banks, a Lower Hudson Valley housing advocacy group reported recently.

The investigation, funded by the U.S. Department…


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Read biographies of feature guests for the 2018 International Women's Day Celebration

Read biographies of feature guests for the 2018 international Women's Day Celebration being held tomorrow at STK Chicago!

Mistress of Ceremonies

Siera Santos, Sports Broadcaster, NBC Sports Chicago

Siera Santos joined NBC Sports Chicago in October 2015 as the White Sox reporter and anchor of Fast Break. While she…


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Need to reconnect with your Professional network? 10 tips to do it right

Research professional networking events to reconnect with old colleagues and find new friends. While some networks maintain contact throughout the years, many diversify or move on. Don't get stuck in the past. Move forward by making new contacts in your profession or geographic area.…


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Hispanics use WhatsApp more than any other ethnic or racial group in the US

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in most countries—but it has yet to achieve the same heights of popularity in the US. Now a new report shows that there is one US group that’s embraced the platform: people who identify as Hispanic.

Almost half (49%) of Hispanics use the app,…


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We’re judging Latino students all wrong

An examination of any metric assessing the educational experience of Latino students suggests bleak academic achievement levels, graduation rates, college enrollment and completion rates, and post-graduate degree completion.…


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10 networking basics often missed

Last week we were at a networking event of about 300 people at a sit-down lunch. While some of the networking behaviours we noticed were simply missed opportunities, a few were cringeworthy. That lunch inspired these networking tips.

1. Take advantage of the time before the event begins.…


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Hispanic community continues to drive homeownership growth

The Hispanic homeownership rate of 46.2% for 2017 showed an increase of 0.2% from 2016’s rate, leading Hispanics to become the only demographic to have increased their homeownership rate for the last three consecutive years.

Over the past decade, non-Hispanic whites have lost 1.9 million homeowners…


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Top tips for a strong graduate CV

Have you recently finished or are about to finish education and are about to take your first step into the world of professional work?

If so, then creating your first graduate CV may feel like a daunting task, given that you don’t have much professional experience to your name yet, and the…


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SDSU is getting its first Latina scholar to serve as president

Adela de la Torre, a UC Davis economist who has spent most of her career promoting better health among Latinas and Chicanos and social justice among students, has been named president of San Diego State University, which is facing tough challenges on enrollment, academic quality, fundraising and a…


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Hispanics reach for organic and clean label foods

The natural, organic health trend is hot among Hispanic consumers.

The rising influence of organic and clean label products have permeated virtually every segment of the food and beverage industry, from kids foods to adult beverages. But beyond store shelves, the impact of the organic and clean…


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Global Leaders on Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

Global business leaders discuss why diversity and inclusion are important in the workplace—and what they do to make these issues a priority. The Wall Street Journal spoke to them at the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland.…


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U.S. Latinos: The Blind Spot Of America

Across America, there’s a shift happening in our economic landscape. Like a fast approaching vehicle caught in a blind spot, it is invisible to most.

The entertainment industry has created a narrow and stereotypical narrative of who Latinos are in the U.S. Since perception is reality, our substantial…


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How to deal with unexpected problems at work

If your career is going too smoothly, it could be because you’re lucky.

But you must pause and ensure that you are not settling too much into a routine that is holding you back. If you’re challenging yourself, you must something go through changes that might not always be…


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