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One week away! Read biographies of feature guests for the 2018 STEM Networking Forum May 30

Read biographies of feature guests for the STEM Networking Forum "Building a Diversity Wave in STEM" being held Wednesday, May 30 at LinkedIn Chicago.


Kristen Sonday, Co-founder, COO, Paladin

Kristen Sonday is the co-founder and COO of Paladin, which helps legal teams run…


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William Almonte - What Are The Factors That Recruiters Check on Before Hiring An Employee?

In a world where just a fingertip can help you book air tickets and where space-age technology overrules everything else, hiring reliable employees wouldn’t be a complicated task. But that is only possible when you have an approachable and confident recruiter, for he/she is not only the one who would go…


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Diversity and Inclusion: Past, Present, and Future

As social movements across the country continue to shape global conversations around equity, the spotlight and opportunity have been thrust onto the business sector to reflect the values society cares about most.

For the first time ever, this generation of the U.S. workforce is demanding a…


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Everything you need to know about Hispanic radio

If you had to know one thing about Hispanic radio, it is this: There is no such thing.

There are, in fact, at least 20 forms of Latino radio in America, reflecting the 20 countries of origin of this country’s Hispanic population, each different. That explains the vitality of…


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Leaders to gather in Chicago for Latino Economic Summit

Former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is scheduled to address a conference in Chicago on economic issues facing the nation's…


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Why all you're hearing is crickets from your job search

How are those job applications coming along? Are you scouring websites and sending out cold submissions on those irritating forms? If you’re still reading, I guess that what you’ve been getting back from your efforts is … crickets. What’s that about?

Stay with me and we’ll find a better way…


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Noted Author Elsie Guerrero Releases New Children’s Book to Highlight Different Types of Disability

(May 15, 2018) Washington, D.C. – Today, noted author and disability advocate Elsie Guerrero released her sixth book titled ABC: Now I Know Common Disabilities to highlight common disabilities children sometimes see in their classroom. This book was inspired by all the feedback she received from the…


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New study assesses how Hispanic women navigate the wage gap

A new study conducted by People en Español shows that young Latinas are experiencing a generational, political and cultural metamorphosis.

According to the study, which surveyed nearly one thousand Hispanic and non-Hispanic women, Latinas are not conforming to traditional customs and gender…


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5 tips to become a powerful job hunter

There are some tried and true strategies job seekers use to discover and land a new job. This year's Job Seeker Nation Study by Jobvite, a recruiting platform, highlights the methods successful job hunters used to secure a new career.

While most workers (61 percent) are satisfied with their…


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Diversity in the Tech Industry

As America’s information technology industry strives to build a more gender and racially diverse workforce, a new report from the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), one of the IT industry’s top trade associations, finds contradictory viewpoints on the current state and future…


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If you want a new job, here is what you have to do right now

Spring is a special time to start your job search. The sun is shining, flowers sprout and the sad, naked trees are adorned in leaves again. It’s a time of rebirth and renewed energy. The general mood improves as winter is over. People feel happier and the air is full of possibilities and potential.…


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4 facts about the Hispanic Market you need to know

Right now, U.S. Hispanics have a whopping $1.7 trillion in purchasing power, which is larger than the GDP of Canada, Russia, Spain, or Australia. As such, they account for a huge market that brands are still struggling to effectively tap into.

Here’s some information that will prove useful for any brand…


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NAUTIC-ON names Sandoval National Director, Business Development

NAUTIC-ON has named marine industry veteran Lou Sandoval as national director of business development. Sandoval, who serves on the boards of the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, Sail America, Recreational Boating Leadership Council and the Chicago Yacht Club where he also serves on the…


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A former refugee now the first Latina CEO of a major US company

"Why not me?" It's a question Geisha Williams, CEO and President of PG&E Corp., has asked throughout her career.

Williams made history last year becoming the first Latina CEO of a Fortune 500 company. But the Cuban-born immigrant admits that she once had "pretty modest" career aspirations.…


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3 cover letter tips to help you land that interview

Some electronic job applications skip the cover letter altogether. That's a negative for applicants, because it removes a chance to make yourself stand out -- to show that you're more than a list of past jobs and accomplishments.

A good cover letter can help you get noticed amid a sea of people…


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Is Marketing to U.S. Hispanics a sound strategy or just a fad?

Many companies have made significant investments in marketing to the U.S. Hispanic population, and for good reason. These customers are connected, active online, and influencing the economy at a rapid clip.

But should companies market to them as a separate, distinct population, or should they…


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The culture of Afro-Latinos

Did you know that 24% of the 54 million Hispanics that make up the United States population identify as Afro-Latino? An Afro-Latino is an individual of Latin heritage that derives from African descent. Afro-Latinos come in various sizes, hair textures, accents, and skin complexions. Many people have…


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10 Networking tips to help you build connections

Whether you’re heading to a networking event or an industry conference, every event you attend is an opportunity to meet new people. And very often, these new people can be beneficial to your business in one way or another. Whatever the scenario, it’s important to be prepared to meet new people, network and…


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Business executive makes case for caring about Hispanics/Latinos

As the Hispanic population continues to grow in the U.S., it’s important to learn how to recruit and retain them, said a Proctor & Gamble Corp. executive at NAVAIR’s national Hispanic Heritage Month event held at NAS Patuxent River April 17.

Miguel Alemañy, the director of research and…


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Why Do Hispanic People Live Longer?

Hispanics living in the United States tend to have “less education, a higher poverty rate, and worse access to health care” and “represent the ultimate paradigm of healthcare disparities,” with the highest rate of uninsured, lowest rates of health screening and counseling, and poorest levels of…


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