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Chicago's Latino leadership group molds next generation

In a private room inside the upscale East Bank Club, a group of young Latino professionals that included staffers from several Chicago mayoral campaigns sat down recently to talk about a shared interest: power and how to get it.

Juan Rangel, co-chairman of Rahm Emanuel's mayoral bid and head of the influential United Neighborhood Organization, stood at the front of the room. Before him, he saw the next generation of Chicago's political leaders, corporate chieftains and cultural… Continue

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Universities Are Challenged as Demographics Shift

In August, 60 years after the University of Texas admitted its first black student, the school welcomed the first freshman class in which white students were in the minority.

White students, who accounted for 51 percent of U.T.’s freshman class in 2009, made up 48 percent in 2010. Black and Hispanic students represented about 5 percent and 23 percent, respectively,…


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NM Hispanic group: Richardson doesn't speak for us

A coalition of New Mexico Hispanic groups is demanding Gov. Bill Richardson not speak on behalf of the Hispanic community, saying he failed to follow through on promises and was abusive toward Hispanics in his eight years in office.

The Hispano Round Table of New Mexico, which represents more than 50 groups around the state, unanimously passed a resolution…


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Face of City Has Changed Dramatically, Census Estimates Show

The electorate that will soon choose the successor to Mayor Richard M. Daley looks a lot different than the voters who first put him in office more than two decades ago.

An analysis of recently released United States Census Bureau estimates by the Chicago News Cooperative shows how racial and ethnic communities have continued to shift dramatically during the…


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States Hispanics Call Home See Large Population Growth

States where Hispanics have settled in large numbers saw some of the highest percent changes in population growth and gained congressional seats, according to the first set of Census 2010 results, released Tuesday.


Many states in the South and West that…


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Hispanics in Hawaii

After deserting a Spanish naval ship in the Pacific Northwest, Don Francisco de Paula Marin, a 20-year-old Spanish sailor, arrived in Honolulu in 1794. Marin was the first documented Hispanic to arrive in the Hawaiian Islands.

Marin’s arrival occurred about the same time that King Kamehameha was consolidating all of the Islands into one kingdom while he was…


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As U.S. becomes more diverse, Hispanics flourish

"For a long time Latinos were a fact of life in the American Southwest, and that was it," said John Weeks, a professor of geography and director of the International Population Center at San Diego State University.

"But over the last 20 years, there has been just a mushrooming of migrants into places like Charlotte (North Carolina), originally brought there to do…


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Latinas Are Economic Engine of Arizona

Latinos represent more than 30 percent of Arizona’s population and bring more than $31 billion to the state’s economy, according to a recent study by Arizona’s Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, reports Maritza Lizeth Félix for Prensa Hispana. The report, “Datos: Focus on Arizona’s Hispanic Market 2010,” finds that Latina women have become an economic engine in the state.…


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Hispanics are Important Mobile Marketing Targets

More than Eight in Ten Hispanic Adults Use a Cell Phone

Hispanics More Likely than other Cellular Users to Text Message

Hispanic Smartphone Growth Rate Outpaces that of Total Population

Consumer and media research firm Scarborough Research issued an analysis which finds that cellular usage is increasing at a faster rate among Hispanics than it…


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Latinas Joining Mary Kay Independent Sales Force in Record Numbers

The last 10 years have been of considerable importance to the economy. From boom to bust and back again, the nation's wealth has expanded and contracted in unforeseeable ways. Throughout these tough economic times are stories of significant hope. Mary Kay Inc. is one of them and is proud to announce that over the last 10 years, it has increased its Latina independent…


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Hispanics are Twitter Crazed

Minority internet users are more than twice as likely to use Twitter as are white internet users.

Eight percent of the American adults who use the internet are Twitter users. It is an online activity that is particularly popular with young adults, minorities, and those who live in cities.

This is the first-ever survey reading from the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project…


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Texas Makes Telenovelas

Oh the Drama of it all. During the middle of the night a startled couple awakes to a phone call, the mother answers and it’s from the local hospital informing her that her son, Alberto, has been involved in a horrible accident. She breathes heavily, asks a furry of questions, her husband and her dash to the hospital (cue dramatic music). Husband goes into an angry monologue, family is reunited, and son is ok.…


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El amor apasionado alivia el dolor

Los investigadores de la Universidad de Stanford, California, descubrieron en escáneres cerebrales que muchas de las áreas del cerebro normalmente involucradas con la respuesta al dolor también se activan con los pensamientos amorosos.“Cuando la gente está en esa fase apasionada y hasta obsesiva del enamoramiento, ocurren alteraciones en su estado de ánimo que tienen un impacto en sus experiencias de dolor”, afirma el doctor Sean Mackey, quien… Continue

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