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Tips to excel in your career

Thinking of a great way to excel in your career is like taking the first step as a child, for you to have been able to think you want to excel in your career then definitely it can be achieved if you put your mind and soul into it. Your career is the path you have to take in other to achieve success in your life and at the same time get a fulfilled…


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NSF hands out $45M to encourage Hispanic STEM students

The National Science Foundation is doling out $45 million to 31 “Hispanic-serving institutions” this year in hopes of increasing the number of Hispanic students in STEM fields.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is a federal agency created by Congress in 1950 "to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity,…


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Building a business as a Latino Entrepreneur

In 2013, the company where Ramos worked, American Greetings, closed its LA office. It was a turning point for her as she considered her next steps.

“I thought, ‘Oh, my gosh. What am I going to do?’” she said. Ramos quickly realized that she could rely on her creativity, on which she’d capitalized since she was a young girl.

Ramos began…


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U of Illinois at Chicago Gets $12M for Hispanic Health Study

The University of Illinois at Chicago is getting $12 million from the National Institute of Health to continue taking part in a national study of health issues facing Hispanics.

UIC says in a news release that the money will allow it to continue to serve as the Chicago field office for a study that began in 2008 with the collection of health…


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3 simple Networking tips to position you as a leader

Nowadays, being recognized as a leader in your field takes more than social media followers, titles, and credentials after your name. It takes strategy as a well as a commitment to build mutually beneficial relationships not only for you but for others as well. Here are three simple networking tips to position you as a leader.…


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How The U.S. Hispanic market is changing this year

If one thing is clear as we start 2019, it's that America is changing. According to a Claritas report (registration required), in the United States today, there are 131 million multicultural Americans, making up 37.5% of the U.S. population, with Hispanics accounting for the largest portion at 19.6%.

Minority groups now represent the majority…


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Hispanics will shape the future of housing

The future of real estate will be significantly influenced by women, millennials and Hispanics, according to realtor.com®'s analysis of first names on 2018 home sales deeds.

Single women are one of the fastest-growing demographics in the housing market, according to the data.…


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Hispanics are increasingly unprepared for retirement

Despite an extended period of recovery since the global financial crisis and Great Recession, working-age households are less prepared for retirement than they were in 2007. The situation is worse for minorities, particularly Hispanics, according to a recent study from the Center for Retirement Research.

A shocking gap exists between the wealth…


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Hispanic unemployment at historic low... thanks to this

Great news: Hispanic employment is booming.

According to the latest job numbers, Hispanic unemployment continues to remain at one of its lowest rates in nearly half a century. The report also showed a near-record high of 27.6 million Hispanics employed and participating in the workforce in January 2019. Just a few months ago, the Census Bureau…


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Eight Ways To Increase Your Networking IQ

Have you ever felt stressed at the thought of attending networking events, conferences and even holiday parties? Many people feel insecure, uncomfortable, often nauseated and dizzy before events—almost like stage fright.

Understanding networking fundamentals can ensure you become a better networker. What exactly is networking? To network is to…


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10 tips for speeding up your job search

Do you need a new job, like, yesterday? Whatever your reasons for needing (or wanting) a new employer as quickly as possible, if you’re looking to kick your job search into overdrive there are a number of things you can do to speed things along.

While you may not have control over the timing on the employer’s side, by taking these steps you can…


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Maybe we should build a wall to keep immigrants in

In the midst of overheated debates about immigration and an ugly upsurge in nativism, it’s worth reminding ourselves that entrepreneurial immigrants make an outsized contribution to new business creation. And new and young companies are the primary source of job creation in the American economy.

The contributions of entrepreneurial immigrants…


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How to heat up an ice-cold job search

The holiday season tends to freeze up the hiring market because employers are more concerned with vacations, travel, and time off than they are about filling open positions. It's frustrating for people on the job hunt when the calls stop coming, and it seems companies that appeared interested have forgotten you entirely.

However, the end of the…


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Six facts about the Hispanic market that may surprise you

There is no doubt that the Hispanic market is an important one for any brand to tap into. But the only way for brands to reach Hispanic audiences successfully is to understand them, know who they are, where they spend their time, the platforms they visit most frequently and how they consume their content.

U.S. Hispanics currently have $1.7…


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Hispanics are like everyone else who comes to America

Veteran TV news anchor Tom Brokaw recently caused a stir when he admonished Hispanic-Americans to “work harder on assimilation” and to “make sure all their kids are speaking English.” Brokaw backpedaled after the uproar, but many will view his apology as forced. His comments have the unfortunate effect of perpetuating the myth that Hispanics aren’t…


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Tournament of Roses names first Latina president

The Tournament of Roses Association continues to make history by naming the first Latina — and third woman — to lead the organization in its 125-year history.

Laura Farber will lead the tournament for the 2019-2020 parade season and Rose Bowl college football game.

She replaces Gerald Freeny, the association’s first African-American…


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The 90-day career diet: Networking

Most people are terrible at networking. Some are shy about asking for help. But more people ask for help inappropriately. If you haven’t seen or spoken to someone for five or ten years and you suddenly bombard that person with requests for help getting a job, that’s not networking! It’s an ambush.…


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Hawaii’s growing Latino population

In 2017, one in every 10 Hawaii residents was Hispanic or Latino, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. While this number may seem small, it doesn’t provide the full picture of the rapid growth of Hawaii’s Latino population.

Standing at an estimated 159,737 in 2018, the Hawaii Latino population has increased over 80 percent since 2000. The bulk…


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Networking is not about you

At its core, networking is making a meaningful and valuable connection at multiple levels, including with the individuals networking and within the greater ecosystem they belong to. In other words, networking isn’t just about you. To see it that way is shortsighted.…


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The Hispanic consumer is key to the future of the wine industry

It seems that Latinos in this country are rediscovering their roots with wines. Taking into account the expected demographic growth, according to research studies by Rabobank, a global agro-industrial bank together with the Wine Institute, by the year 2033 it is expected that Latinos could buy 96.5 million boxes of wine. (The box includes 12 bottles of…


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