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72% Of Online American Adults Now Use Social Networking Sites

As of this May, nearly three out of every four online Americans used social networking sites according to new research from Pew Internet. This number jumped 7.5% from late 2012 when two-thirds (67%) of adults used social sites. So, how far have we come? Well, back in 2005 just 8% of adults used social networking sites:

This number skews slightly toward women as 74% of online American women use networking sites versus the 70% of men. The Hispanic demographic leads the way in social networking with 80% of online Hispanics using social networking sites compared to 75% of the “Black, Non-Hispanic” group and 70% of the “White, Non-Hispanic” group.

Social networking adoption rates of seniors 65 and older have tripled in the last four years, up to 43% from 13% in 2009. However, the 18-29 demographic still leads the way with 89% of users on social networking sites: READ MORE

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