Hand-shaking tips for making the right impression

Take a moment to think about your handshake. When was the last time you shook someone’s hand? Why did you do it? Were you standing or sitting? Did the other person have a strong handshake? What impression did they make on you? Now, being very honest, rate your average handshake on a scale of one to five on the following criteria: 

Firmness (with five being very firm) 
Moistness (with five being very dry) 
Confidence (with five being very confident) 

How did you score? Some of you probably know you have a firm handshake because you have given this a lot of thought. But for those of you who haven’t thought about it, or who generally get creeped out by the prospect of touching another person's dirty, sweaty hands, you might find it much harder to rank yourself across these categories. READ MORE AT INSIDE HIGHER ED

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