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In 2020 Hispanic voters will overtake Blacks

In the next presidential election, Hispanic voters will exceed black voters by six percent.

And that demographic shift isn’t the only news in a Pew report about the 2020 election and who will vote in it.

Reading between the lines shows that immigration is not only the reason for blacks losing second place to whites demographically, but also the reason the electorate is shifting left and headed toward a tipping point that will ensure perpetual Democratic rule.

Hispanic Ascendency, Foreign Voters
“While demographic changes unfold slowly, it’s already clear that the 2020 electorate will be unique in several ways,” Pew analysts Anthony Cilluffo and Richard Fry wrote. “Nonwhites will account for a third of eligible voters — their largest share ever — driven by long-term increases among certain groups, especially Hispanics.” READ MORE AT THE NEW AMERICAN

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