Latinas crossing the border for birth control

It is an ongoing debate: should birth control pills be covered by insurance or not?

Some women are resorting to desperate measures just to get birth control despite the health risks, according to a recent study.

With the current state of healthcare, a new study by the American Journal of Public Health said more Latinas are crossing the border for birth control.

In Mexico, birth control is cheaper and more easily accessible since it is sold over-the-counter.

The study also said that undocumented immigrants are following the trend and buying birth control on the black market.

Dr. Jorge Galdamez with the San Ysidro Health Center said though he can understand the desperation, but these women are taking huge health risks.

He says using the wrong form of birth control can lead to an increased risk of heart disease, and if used inappropriately, even a stroke.

"These medications are not necessarily safe. They need to be discussed with a primary care doctor or a physician because they come with their own side effects and they come with their own interactions and they might not be the right medication for the patient," said Dr. Galdamez. READ MORE

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