Latinos projected to to make up 15 percent of Mass. population by 2035

The Latino population has been growing for years in Massachusetts. Now a new report, by the Mauricio Gaston Institute at UMass Boston, projects that Latinos will comprise 15 percent of the state’s population by 2035.

Phillip Granberry, the senior researcher of the report, attributes the trend to higher fertility rates rather than international migration.

The data from the new report came from projections from the 2010 Census and recent data from the American Community Survey.

Already, about 70 percent of the Latino population currently living in Massachusetts are native-born.

The report estimates that births, rather than migration or immigration, will account for more than half of the projected increase, which over the next 16 years would add about 270,000 Latinos in the state. READ MORE AT THE BOSTON GLOBE

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