While it's always fun to see what's new each fashion season, it's important to put some thought into each new purchase you make to avoid wasting money buying things you won't wear. That's particularly true this year, with the everyone's budgets so tight.

So how can you look good AND save money? By taking stock of your closet and making a thorough assessment. Make your existing wardrobe work for you as much as possible BEFORE adding to your collection.

Here's your best game plan for fall 2017:

1. Start with a good selection of basic, flattering silhouettes in solid colors, like a sheath dress, pencil skirt, straight leg pants, and classic button shirt.

2. Mix and match those basics in new ways for different looks.

3. Add a few inexpensive, trendy accessories to make those basics fresh and of the moment.

4. Top your old standby with a chic new coat and wear the heck out of it before you retire it next spring.

5. Be frugal with special occasion pieces. Shop consignment instead of retail for cocktail dresses, evening bags, and holiday clothes. Even better, when is the last time you surfed eBay? On eBay you can find consignment deals for name brands.


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