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Virtual Networking is up by 55%

We are living in a virtual world, and I am a virtual girl.

Networking is an essential activity for everyone personally and professionally. When talking with my professional peers, it is amazing the number of life-altering opportunities and business relationships that were gained by meeting or making a connection with…


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Two Yale faculty named among most inspiring Hispanic/Latinx scientists

Yale’s Daniel Colón-Ramos and Enrique De La Cruz have been named as two of the 100 most inspiring Hispanic/Latinx scientists in America by Cell Mentor, an online professional resource for scientists created by Cell Press.

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, a committee of scientific advisors selected recipients based on their…


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The Emmys used America Ferrera as a prop

The Emmys used Latinx actress America Ferrera as a prop. The Television Academy largely ignored Latinx talent in its 2020 nominations— particularly performances by Latinx women. If the TV Academy is going to continue to ignore many marginalized groups, it can’t have its self-congratulatory diversity cake and eat it,…


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Empowering Latino SMBs this Hispanic Heritage Month announced a $3M grant to Hispanics in Philanthropy’s PowerUp Fund, in partnership with Ureeka, to directly support hundreds of Latino-owned small businesses across California, New York, and Texas—states with large numbers of Latino-owned small businesses—with access to capital and the training they need to successfully leverage that capital…


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Latino small businesses struggle to stay afloat during the pandemic

Over the last decade, the number of Latino business owners has grown by 34%, compared to 1% for all business owners in the United States, according to a report from the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative, a research and education collaboration between Stanford University and the Latino Business Action Network.

Now, those same…


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The history behind the terms Latino, Hispanic, Latinx, Chicano

The terms Latino, Hispanic and Latinx are often used interchangeably to describe a group that makes up about 18 percent of the U.S. population. While it’s now common to use umbrella terms to categorize those with ties to more than 20 Latin American countries, these words haven’t always fostered a sense of community among the people they’re supposed to…


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Here’s why Hispanic Heritage Month starts in the middle of September

Many Central American countries declared their independence Sept. 15, with Mexico and Chile celebrating their independence days on Sept. 16 and Sept. 18, respectively. Hispanic Heritage Month recognizes all of those independence days as they paved the way for the United States to interact with the individual nations in a…


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10 new books by Latinx authors

National Hispanic Heritage Month has officially begun, and to celebrate, we rounded up some of the most popular books that were released this year by Latinx authors, according to Goodreads.

These books feature captivating story-telling, beautiful imagery, and engaging characters. Whether you're looking for you next…


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15 of the fastest-growing jobs today

The coronavirus pandemic has eliminated tens of millions of jobs. If you are now looking for work — or are simply considering a new direction — 15 careers are especially in-demand now.

he top 15 career fields — ranked by average national salary, are:…


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61% of Americans looking for jobs right now want to switch careers

The pandemic has hit the US economy and job market hard, battering some industries beyond recognition. That's inspired many job seekers to change careers altogether, according to a new study.

About 61% of US job seekers surveyed -- which includes people who are looking for new roles and people who are unemployed -- have looked for a job in a…


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Latino Voices: Perspectives on the 2020 Election

According to a Telemundo-BuzzFeed News poll, 60% of Latino voters would cast their ballot for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, while 19% would vote to reelect President Donald Trump.

But as 2016 showed us, you can’t rely on polls alone.…


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Diverse Executive Spotlight: Marting King, CEO of PMI America

Martin King, CEO of PMI America

Please tell us about the kind of family and neighborhood in which you grew up.

I come from a family of six, including two brothers and my sister, and spent the first 15 years of my life in South America. I grew up in Bogota, Colombia, before moving to Cartagena, Colombia—where I…


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Amazon hosting virtual career fair September 16

Amazon wants the whole country to know it’s hiring.

The e-commerce juggernaut is hosting a virtual career day next week with the goal of filling 33,000 corporate and tech jobs nationwide.

Registration for Amazon Career Day is free and available on the company’s website,…


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The art of virtual networking

Mingling is harder in a socially-distanced world, but if you're adaptable you can still make connections.

As a result, the coronavirus pandemic has put an end to many of the usual methods many of us rely on to develop our network.

The good news is that networking is still perfectly possible in a socially-distanced world. We just need to…


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Read biographies of featured guests for tomorrow's "Defining Latinx" Webinar

Read biographies of featured guests for "Defining Latinx" Webinar to be held tomorrow at 3pm CST.

Dr. Sylvia Martinez, Associate Professor, Indiana University, Co-Author "Understanding the Latinx Experience: Developmental and Contextual Influences"

Sylvia Martinez is an Associate Professor at Indiana University, jointly…


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If you are in a job search, you need to hear this

Your professional worth is not tied to your job title, whether you’re earning a paycheck or if you’re currently employed. Period.

For far too long, we’ve felt embarrassed of being unemployed, or experiencing a layoff, or even asking for help in a job search. Now is the time for that to end.…


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5 job hunting tips

Are you currently job searching? Whether you are looking for a new job or a side gig due to the current economic situation or making a career change to find a better fit, job searching can be difficult and frustrating. Career coaching clients are often overwhelmed with all of the information – and sometimes contradictory advice – that's found online.…


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Latinos are transforming cultural connections during COVID-19

As one of the groups to feel the disproportionate effects of job loss and health impacts during the COVID-19 pandemic, Latinos have come to rely on media and social channels more than ever to educate, inform, and entertain.

Latinos continue to be key factors in stimulating the country’s economy with their immense buying power, which increased…


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How to stay organized during your job search

With most things in life, organization is key. This is especially true when it comes to a job search. Try these for yourself and take some stress out of job hunting. 

Put your best foot forward by staying organized in your job search. The journey to success starts long before your first day on the job.…


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About 1 in 3 Latino businesses impacted by COVID-19

According to a new study by a leading political research group, about one in three Latino business owners have taken an economic hit from the pandemic. Coronavirus-related job losses have affected at least 29% of Latino families.

While Americans overall are struggling in the COVID economy, Latinos are generally more…


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