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William Almonte - Why Recruiters Need To Embrace Technology?

Technology and linked devices have become a vital part of our lives. It not only assists people to communicate, acquire entertainment and knowledge, and shop from online portals, but can also help candidates to get an appropriate job. Several job portals are present, which not allow job seekers to create and upload their resume, but also gives a direct link to recruiters to get hold of probable candidates. Apart from these portal based recruiters, you have the option to select any…


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William Almonte - What Keeps Recruiting Firms From Growing?

Recruitment is the process by which an employer appoints a deserving candidate to fill a vacancy. But it is rather challenging for the head of an organization to get the ideal applicant. On the flip side, nit all candidates have proper knowledge about the openings present in the market. It is where the recruitment agencies or staffing firms come to the fore front. They act as the bridge between the two parties, the employer and the probable employee, and meet the requirements of both. For…


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William Almonte - Top 5 Myths About The Recruitment Industry

People require money to take care of their daily needs. Without adequate funds, one cannot expect to meet their desires. Be it then urge to opt for higher education or a simple candle light dinner in a posh restaurant, you need to pay a specific price to get the services. With time and advancements in all spheres, the number of job opportunities has increased by many folds. With this, the number of job seekers has also seen a significant rise. In fact, the market has failed to create…


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4 tips for finding a career mentor

If taking your business to the next level is one of your New Year's Resolutions, finding a good mentor (or a network of mentors) can be the first step. Many experienced entrepreneurs are more than happy to take the time to help someone else learn from their experiences and avoid the mistakes they have made. In addition to their good advice.…


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Fear of deportation puts Latinas at increased risk for heart disease

The stress put upon Latinas by increased police presence in their communities, threats of deportation and shifting federal immigration law could be leading to poor cardiovascular health in minority communities across the U.S., a study published this week in Annals of Behavioral Medicine suggests.

Evidence linking deportation worries to declining mental health…


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Hispanics: A trillion-dollar and growing audience

Hispanics’ use of a variety of financial products and services—such as credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages—has outpaced that of non-Hispanics in recent years.

And their expenditures continue to grow, reaching $1.4 trillion in 2016, according to Miriam De Dios Woodward, CEO of Coopera.

Yet 46% of Hispanics remain unbanked or underbanked, according to…


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William Almonte - How Recruitment Process Can Make Your Business More Profitable?

The market is being competitive every day, and if you want to earn more revenue from the market, then you need to get a strong manpower in your company. Recruiters can help you to get efficient and eligible workers who can make your firm more successful and beneficial. The recruitment process can bring more revenue to a company by using the modern recruitment system. There are several points that the business experts like …


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William Almonte - The Proper Care And Feeding Of Recruiters

Getting the assistance of a reputed recruiter is an absolute necessity if you are a fresh graduate or a seasoned employee. They have the details, which will otherwise come in handy for job seekers. It is impossible for an individual to keep a tap on all happenings. But with the help of the consultants, you need not search the job sites or drop your resume on the websites of companies, which might not have a vacancy at that moment.…


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Patient Care, Jobs to be Negatively Impacted by Proposed Cuts in Funding

Norwegian American Hospital Continues to Engage Community as Hospital Assessment Program Redesign Legislation Is Postponed

CHICAGO (January 23, 2018)—Norwegian American Hospital is one of several Safety-Net hospitals in Illinois that could face an immediate…


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8 ways to transform your job search in 2018

The New Year gives all of us an opportunity for a do-over -- and who doesn't love a do-over? If 2017 wasn't the best year for your career-wise, or if you're planning a career or job change for 2018, the New Year is here to give you the opportunity to transform your job search.

It's time to say goodbye to any resume mistakes, words you…


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Why Luciana matters

For more than 30 years, American Girl has believed in a simple truth: Every girl has the power to change the world. Part of that power derives from learning that character counts, that enduring values—like authenticity, fairness, respect, and perseverance—provide a solid foundation for facing new challenges and solving problems in an…


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Six facts about the Hispanic market that may surprise you

There is no doubt that the Hispanic market is an important one for any brand to tap into. But the only way for brands to reach Hispanic audiences successfully is to understand them, know who they are, where they spend their time, the platforms they visit most frequently and how they consume their content.

U.S. Hispanics currently have $1.7 trillion in purchasing…


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William Almonte - The Business Of College Recruiting

Earlier the college or university was seen as a platform that assisted students in acquiring education in the chosen filed and get degrees. But most students will not even think about wasting so much time in studies if there was any other simpler way to get a job. The more education and professional skill you acquire, the more will be your chances of bagging a profitable job. So, the campus is no longer seen as a carefree space, where the pupils come to achieve educational feats and have a…


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William Almonte - How To Select An Executive Recruiter?

The job market is getting competitive by the day. Any candidate who desires to succeed in the professional filed must have bankable skills. Higher education is only one important element that will assist an individual to acquire a good job. Even if you get proper educational and professional training, you still need the assistance of experts to start your journey in the job market. These experts have information about the professional world, companies operating in the market, the vacancies…


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How to get a good job: 8 steps to career fulfillment

Whether your current job is lacking luster, you're looking to switch careers or you are gearing up for your first job search ever, you might be asking yourself, "How do I get a good job?" We all envision finding an organization where we can positively contribute towards a shared goal, where our skills and abilities are valued and where we…


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Latinas are increasingly influential in the food industry

As the Hispanic population only continues to increase, grocery stores are taking the power of the Hispanic buyer into account and Latinas are a big part of grocery purchases.

At the age of 31, Latina women are entering their prime earning years and have entrepreneurial, as well as educational, skills. Due to this, a great deal of them…


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The worst states for Hispanics and Latinos

The United States is the most popular destination for immigrants in the world. As such, the nation’s demographic composition is anything but static. Comprising over 17% of the total U.S. population, Hispanics and Latinos are one of the largest and fastest growing groups in the United States.

As recently as 1980, the United States was…


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William Almonte – Why Work With A Recruitment Agent?

It is easy for a seasoned professional to search for a new job in a market that is considered so competitive. But the same cannot be said about an applicant who is just starting out in this cut-throat professional sector. They have the degrees, but they lack knowledge about the openings, present in the market. In fact, they do not have proper information about which industry will suit their requirements and will give them an adequate platform that will allow them to flourish…


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7 Job Search Tips for STEM Positions

Have you been considering a new career? Perhaps a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)? The new year is a perfect time to make intentional changes in your life, especially pertaining to your job. However, exploring a new career path can be overwhelming at times. To get started, try these job search tips:

1. Make a List of Your…


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Latinos are more financially optimistic, less supportive of Trump

Hispanics in the United States grew more financially optimistic during last year and towards 2018, but a better economy didn't improve their lack of support for President Trump, according to findings from a new pool.

A new national Hispanic Consumer Sentiment Index published on Thursday by the Florida Atlantic University's College of Business indicated that…


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