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3 tips to find a job you’ll love

Finding a job that you love is the goal of many, but few people are taught how to actually achieve it.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, American workers average eleven jobs over the course of a lifetime, with this number projected to rise throughout the careers of Millennials and Gen-Zs. That’s at least eleven (if not more) chances…


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Real estate networking tips to keep close in 2020

For some people, networking with other real estate agents is fun and exciting. For others, it’s absolutely terrifying. But while real estate networking may seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be! When you go into a real estate event with a solid strategy, you’ll plant some seeds and start to build relationships with talented agents across…


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2020's most & least ethnically diverse cities

With immigration reform remaining one of the most prominent political issues and the Supreme Court allowing the Trump administration's public charge rule to take effect, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2020's Most & Least Ethnically Diverse Cities.

To identify the most ethnically diverse places in…


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White Latina author's novel unleashes fierce debate and criticism

A new novel about a woman and her young son's harrowing trek across the U.S.-Mexico border, an Oprah Book Club pick, has drawn praise from several literary figures, but it has also stirred fierce debate after being slammed as stereotypical and racist.

What's more, the hype around Jeanine Cummins’ “American Dirt” has unleashed a firestorm on…


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Diversity and inclusion best practices to follow

Workplace diversity and inclusion is one of HR’s main challenges and top priorities. For instance, a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that 57% of recruiters have talent acquisition strategies that are designed to attract diverse candidates.

However, D&I is not only about recruitment. To be able to build a…


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Make the most out of your in-person conference

Networking is an essential part of business. While it takes a whole lot of vision, goals, passion, and determination to get you where you want to go, it also takes a good amount of connecting and building professional relationships.

Networking can help you develop important connections, find supporters or partners for business, land new…


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How Latino entrepreneurs can boost the U.S. economy

Latinos are launching businesses at an unprecedented pace, but barriers — some long-standing, some brand new — keep them from reaching their potential.

The number of Latino business owners has surged by 34 percent over the past decade, outpacing that of any other ethnic group. Yet despite that entrepreneurial vigor, Latino business owners face…


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“Make yourself indispensable” is terrible career advice

There’s a common piece of career advice that will stall your career if you’re not careful. It often comes from a well-meaning person—a friend, family member, or close mentor who wants the best for your career:

In order to secure your job and position yourself for bigger, better roles, you need to “make yourself indispensable.”



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You could be negotiating your salary all wrong

When it comes to negotiating your salary, conventional wisdom suggests you should “go hard or go home.”

But new research could turn those assumptions on their head and cause you to rethink how you approach your next pay raise.…


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5 Tips for Finding a Purposeful Career in 2020

Welcome to a brand new year and decade—a chance to give your career a fresh start. Are you looking for more fulfillment and purpose in your work? Are you ready for a challenge that lets you meet your full potential?

If finding the next job opportunity tops your New Year’s resolution list, the recruiting experts at Booz Allen have some…


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Latinas got loud: Jennifer Lopez and Shakira bring the heat in flawless Super Bowl halftime show

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira brought serious girl power to the Super Bowl halftime show. The ladies brought the heat with some of their biggest hit songs.

Shakira kicked off the festivities in a red sequined outfit surrounded by matching dancers. The 43-year-old singer started the night with her hit sang a medley of her best songs, including “She…


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Why workplace diversity and inclusion should not be a numbers game

Using a system based solely on numbers to tackle diversity and inclusion runs the risk of creating a “race to the bottom” as organizations work to achieve minimum requirements. Today, the sad reality is many are using these targets as a smokescreen to real change.

To unlock people’s potential and reap the rewards of diversity, meaningful…


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How Diversity and Inclusion impact your employer brand

Before you learn about how diversity and inclusion impact your brand, we should first clarify the meaning of the two human resources terms.

Diversity means ensuring professionals of all beliefs, backgrounds and experiences are recruited for career opportunities. Inclusion is the practice of providing equal opportunities for all professionals to…


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Latinos are building businesses, but they don’t get much credit

Overall, Latino-owned businesses are less likely to secure loans from banks or venture capital. When all else fails, they’re more likely to fund their companies through credit card debt or factoring -- the practice of selling at a discount.

But these practices carry personal risk that can impede the ability for these burgeoning businesses to…


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Los Tigres del Norte to open 'most Hispanic Super Bowl yet'

They've won seven Grammy Awards, sold millions of records, and have made more than 50 albums - yet many Americans may not have heard of Los Tigres del Norte.

But this all may be about to change as Los Tigres are due to kick off Spanish-language coverage of the Super Bowl.

The band is known for their norteño sound - a genre of Mexican…


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Google to reveal 2,000-person diversity and inclusion product team

Google has built a 2,000-person strong team of what it calls “Inclusion Champions” over the last three years to help test out prototypes of new devices and services to ensure that everything the company releases, from the latest Pixel phone to the newest Assistant feature, is built from the ground up to address people of all shapes, sizes and colors.…


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New fund offers opportunity for Hispanic entrepreneurs

The San Antonio Latino Dream Makers Fund is helping entrepreneurs who have an idea and passion launch small businesses by helping them gain access to capital.

LiftFund and Bank of America launched the revolving loan fund to help Hispanic entrepreneurs turn their dreams into dollars.…


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Hispanics are the Largest minority in the U.S. but they hold less than 5% of executive positions

Many organizations have prioritized workplace equality and access to high-paying, executive level jobs for minority groups in recent years.

Several 2020 presidential candidates are putting forward plans to increase minority executive positions by diversifying corporate boards, punishing companies with poor diversity track records and increasing…


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How Netflix managed to take over the Latino market

Understanding the Latino community as a profoundly heterogeneous group is no easy task, much less understanding its priorities when it comes to entertainment.

Often subject to stereotypes and clichés on the small and large screen, the avatar of the Latino consumer has often slipped through the fingers of producers and marketers for decades.…


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Meet America’s best employers for Diversity 2020

As the topic of diversity and inclusion has gained ever greater importance in the business world, Forbes not only added this vertical to its reporting coverage but, in 2018, partnered with market research firm Statista to create a list of the Best Employers for Diversity. This year marks the third annual list.

The ranking was compiled by…


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