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February 2014 Blog Posts (28)

The 5 New Rules For Landing A Job In Today's Market

I hear from many "older" job seekers these days who are frustrated with today's job search process. They are convinced that their "advanced age" (30, 40, 50, or more) is causing them problems. I think they could be right, but NOT, perhaps, for the reason they think...

Although I do not doubt that age discrimination exists, I know that other things could be…


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Innovating Under The Latin Influence

Innovation is the life blood of any successful business; without it ,companies cease to offer brands, products, services and experiences that delight their customers. Eventually, companies that don’t disrupt themselves with their own innovation get disrupted out of existence by more innovative players. But finding great new ideas and turning them into products and…


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CNN Latino couldn’t meet the business expectations

After a year in operation, CNN Latino will close this month the programming aimed at attracting Spanish language and bilingual Hispanics because its inability to meet business expectations, according to Geraldine Moriba, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion for CNN Worldwide.

Geraldine Moriba re-affirmed to me that CNN is committed to best serving the…


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5 Ways To Encourage Workplace Diversity

Lately, workplace diversity has been generating a lot of buzz. Countless studies have been done over the last couple of years. Every week, the blogosphere generates a ton of thought-provoking discussion about this topic. And it is all happening for good reason: Diversity could be the key to business success.

Today, businesses have greater access to global…


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How to translate the Hispanic culture into big business

The Hispanic community is growing at a fast pace. They are getting embedded into mainstream culture and emerging as a powerhouse of economic influence.

Hispanics are playing an important role in U.S. business success. As of today, they are the second-largest consumer market, and it is estimated that their purchasing power will increase 50 percent by 2015 to $1.5…


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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Accepting a Job

Many job seekers are inclined to jump at the first job offer that comes their way. But what if it isn't exactly the type of position you wanted? Should you still take it?

Heather Huhman, a career and workplace expert for the online career site Glassdoor, said that while those who have experienced a long-term job search probably feel as though they should take…


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Three Mistakes to Avoid When Networking

We all know networking has the potential to dramatically enhance our careers; making new connections can introduce us to valuable new information, job opportunities, and more. But despite that fact, many of us are doing it wrong — and I don’t just mean the banal error of trading business cards at a corporate function and not following up properly. Many executives, even…


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ezDinero Launches 1st Multi-National Lending Site Serving Hispanics

Technology Backed Start Up Offers Financial Services in Spanish

Chicago – Feb 21, 2014

This month, ezDinero launched a multi-national online alternate lending solution that helps first-time  borrowers connect with top experts that specialize in personal loans. This website is directly positioned  to assist the U.S.’s Spanish-speaking market and is the first of its kind in the…


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5 essential tips to maximize your offline networking efforts

Have you ever gone to a networking event that seemed like it was going to be great, you attend, then leave finding that you didn’t find what you were looking for at all there?

Business professionals from all kinds of backgrounds often spend time networking inefficiently. Going to events with just a few of these tips in mind will help ensure that you make the…


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Reaping The Benefits Of Diversity For Modern Business Innovation

Diversity is critical for organization’s ability to innovate and adapt in a fast-changing environment. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs and most admired leaders will tell you the same thing. Diversity is essential to growth and prosperity of any company: diversity of perspectives, experiences, cultures, genders, and age. Why? Because diversity breeds…


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Chicago native Cristina Navarrete joins Telemundo Wisconsin news team

Cristina comes to Telemundo Wisconsin from Univision Chicago. Cristina spent her childhood living in the Midwest and Mexico. Her childhood education was bilingual, which is what led her to achieve a clear grasp of the Spanish language at such an early age. She discovered her passion for TV as a young child. Cristina remembers watching the news when she was a little…


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How to Interview for a Job While You've Still Got One

Decades ago, many people found their first full-time job and stayed with the company until retirement. Today, it's not unusual to have worked for two or more different companies by the time you reach age 30. In many cases, this means that workers are interviewing for new positions while they're still employed.

Searching for a new job while you already have one…


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Why Networks Are Dropping Special Latino Programming

“Todo es posible” — anything is possible. That’s the slogan for CNN Latino, a Spanish-language news service launched just over a year ago. But already it’s coming to an end. The channel is slated to shut down this month.

This follows the quiet closing last month of the new English-language NBC Latino, which used the tagline “The Voice of American…


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4 social tips to attract loyal Hispanic consumers

If your firm hasn't adopted a strategy to reach out to Hispanics via social media, you're missing out.

Consider: Social media is affecting our lives in the way we interact with people, get the news, buy products and perceive brands. Today, building your company's presence on social media is key to gaining a significant competitive advantage.



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How More Latinos in Finance Could Boost the Economy

Silvia Tergas was recruited out of college to work for Macy’s, moving from up from sales to the financial division. Though she really enjoyed helping colleagues answer questions about their 401Ks and other financial matters, she never pictured herself working in the world of investments.

“I didn’t see myself reflected in the profession. I saw it as very…


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13 Tech Companies That Set Up Shop in Latin America

Companies focused on tech and mobile know the value of the Latin American audience — or at least they should. In 2013, consumers in Latin America spent an average of 10 hours per month on social networking sites, and five of the world's top 10 most socially engaged online markets are now located in LatAm.

Overall Internet usage is also exploding in the…


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Dominican University To Recognize West Suburban Community Leader Roberto Sepulveda

Dominican University announced that to celebrate the memory and legacy of Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli, the pioneer missionary priest who founded the congregation of the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters, each of the university’s schools will recognize a recent alumnus whose characteristics echo that of “Fr. Sam.” Each of these alumni will be known as a “Young Mazzuchelli Model.”…


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ezDinero Launches Multi-National Lending Agency

On February 7, 2014 ezDinero launched a multi-national online alternate lending solution that helps first-time borrowers connect with experts in personal loans. Founded in 2013, we serve primarily a Spanish-speaking market and our experts are bilingual English-Spanish. ezDinero has over 30,0000 locations throughout the United States and Mexico.

Victor Torres is CEO of ezDinero and holds and MBA in Finance from Yale…


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Diversity outreach in Navy recruiting

The Navy prides itself on being a top diversity employer, and in the past several years, has increased its efforts to improve diversity outreach, awareness, and recruiting.

Diversity allows for a stronger, talented work force, and outreach in recruiting increases the number of individuals with whom recruiters may connect to discuss Navy…


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Latin America catches entrepreneurship fever

From Venezuela's oil, to copper from Chile, Argentinean soybeans, bananas from Ecuador, Mexican silver, and timber from Brazil - the vast region is blessed with a fabulous array of commodities the world wants and needs.

But Latin America has been less good at exporting ideas. When it comes to entrepreneurship and innovation, the region has a poor…


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