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Phoenix Is Rapidly Becoming a Top Ecosystem for Hispanic Entrepreneurs

According to the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 2015 DATOS report there are more than three million Hispanic-owned firms in the U.S. with an aggregate revenue of $517.4 billion and Hispanic female firms are growing at a rate of 88 percent.

In Arizona, the number of Hispanic-owned businesses grew 70 percent from 2007 to 2012 with the majority of businesses being…


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America is missing out on a $1.4 trillion Latino business opportunity

America's Latino entrepreneurs are lying in wait -- sitting on a potential $1.4 trillion in revenue boost to the economy. But a series of financial and cultural hurdles are blocking their progress.

That's the finding of a recent report by the Stanford Graduate School of Business that surveyed roughly 1,800 businesses owned by Latinos.

Latino entrepreneurs are…


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7 Ingredients for a Successful Job Search Recipe

A baker recently shared her prize-winning cake recipe. Not surprisingly, it contained quite a few ingredients that needed to be accurately measured and combined in a very specific order. When you don't follow the recipe, unfortunate results will likely ensue.

The same thing goes for job searching. It's about combining the proper amount of several ingredients, in the…


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5 easy ways to Network if you don’t have any work experience

Ask for informational interviews

You have likely heard this phrase multiple times: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” (In other words, successful people network.) This is great advice for someone with years of experience, but what do you do if you are just entering the working world? Luckily, networking may be easier than you think:

1. Focus your…


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Heart disease remains the No.1 killer of Latinas

February is American Heart Month. Heart disease continues to be the No. 1 killer of Hispanic women in the U.S. In fact, more women die of heart disease than all forms of cancer combined. Unfortunately, the killer is not as easy to see, and may be difficult to identify for Latinas and their families.

¡Help break the barrier of heart disease by making heart healthy…


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National Network of Hispanic Mentors in Nursing Unveiled

Building on the success of its campaign Hispanics in Nursing launched in 2015, the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) and Hispanic Communications Network-La Red Hispana announced the second phase of a national bilingual campaign to increase diversity in nursing. This year's campaign includes the launch of public service-style radio messages featuring true stories…


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Latinos urge tech companies to step up diversity efforts

Nearly two years after the nation’s largest tech companies started to publish their employee diversity numbers for the first time, Latino insiders in Silicon Valley – America's tech hub – say the industry is not doing enough to ensure its workforce is diverse.

For years, the tech industry guarded its diversity numbers, until public pressure forced companies to reveal…


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Two Latinas at forefront of historic science discovery

One of the biggest discoveries in science was announced Thursday: the detection of gravitational waves from the collision of two black holes, a discovery that confirms many of Albert Einstein's theories about the universe.

At the forefront of this exciting discovery are Gabriela González and France A. Córdova.

"This is the first of many discoveries," said Dr.…


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Study shows Hispanic population boom

The Hispanic population in Idaho is booming and will continue to be a greater percentage of the population in coming years.

That's the conclusion of a new report by the University of Idaho and McClure Center for Public Policy Research.

Currently Hispanics make up 13 % of Idaho's population.70 % were born in the U.S and 79% are U.S. Citizens.

Juan Alvarez,…


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New program gives US Hispanics mobile health tools

The new digital and mobile healthcare program is aimed at a U.S. audience of 54 million Hispanic healthcare users.

A big employee benefits consulting firm and a digital and mobile healthcare technology startup have big mobile plans in mind to help serve Hispanic consumers in the United States.

Mercer LLC, a business unit of risk, insurance and professional…


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The rise of the Latino coffeehouse in Los Angeles

When Ulysses Romero opened his first Tierra Mía Coffee in 2008, Los Angeles was on the verge of a specialty coffee boom. Chicago’s Intelligentsia had just moved in the year before, sparking a surge in third-wave coffeehouses. Romero, a business school graduate with an entrepreneurial spirit, noticed an unfilled niche in the market and sensed an opportunity.

“I decided…


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Latinas missing from STEM careers and majors

STEM careers are some of the highest-paying and fastest-growing in the U.S., yet women and minorities continue to be underrepresented in majors that lead to careers in these high-demand fields. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, women make up less than 25% of the STEM workforce and have not gained any considerable ground in recent decades, despite increases in the…


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The 8 Basic Steps You Need To Nail In Your Job Search

If you’ve recently started looking for a job after years out of practice, you’re probably having that “uh oh” moment where you don’t quite remember where—or how—to begin.

It’s OK, we’ve all been there. So, to help you get over that “I’m feeling so overwhelmed” state, I’m going to refresh your memory on all the basics: from tailoring your resume to writing a cover letter…


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6 Tips To Improve Your Networking

1-Start Simple

Send a LinkedIn message or email, or even pick up the phone to check in with a contact you haven’t spoken with in a while. You’ll hopefully begin to revive the relationship, and perhaps find out about a new campaign they’re working on with which you can help.

2-Get Involved

Look into local Chamber of Commerce…


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Hispanic entrepreneurship could mean $1.4 trillion boost to U.S. economy

The number of Latino-owned businesses has grown nearly 50 times faster than non-Latino-owned businesses, yet Latino businesses lag far behind in revenue compared with those owned by non-Latinos. The result is a $1.4 trillion opportunity for the U.S. economy, according to a new report from the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative.

On Wednesday, the organization…


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Social Networking Etiquette

Social networking isn’t just a part of one’s personal life, it impacts your business life as well. Businesses are deep into the social networking world and individuals need to take care with how their personal social networking can affect them at work. As I sat down to write this column I realized that The Emily Post Institute is a perfect example of how businesses are diving…


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Super Bowl 50 and the Growing NFL Hispanic Fan Base

With each passing year, the Super Bowl is generating more interest amongst U.S. Hispanic sports fans and increasingly becoming a key bridge between those who navigate across the Latino and American cultures.

Four well-known ESPN Deportes on-air personalities will be part of the network’s exclusive Spanish-language coverage of Super Bowl 50, featuring Denver Broncos and…


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Battling LeadershiT: are great leaders born great?

By: Ana Dutra, Chief Executive Officer of The Executives’ Club of Chicago

If you ever find yourself sitting in a park or a playground where you can observe young children in action, focus on their behaviors and try to imagine what kind of leaders they will be or, even better, relate what you see in the children’s behaviors to the executives and leaders you know…


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How to Search for a Job in 2016

These days, who among us hasn’t been disrupted at work? And we’re not talking about the colleague who lingers by your desk every day with updates about her sick mother. We’re talking about real disruption—layoffs, downsizing, lack of pay raises and big changes in our industries.

In her new book, The Episodic Career (Atria Books) former Newsweek, CNN and ABC reporter and…


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Introducing The New (Old) Hispanic Market

In 20 years of working in the U.S. Hispanic market, I’ve had a front-row seat, watching as marketers have taken notice and, subsequently, put their money where the opportunity is. But since marketers tend to have short attention spans, I’m afraid that some Hispanic consumers are getting lost in the Madison Avenue shuffle.

During the 1990s and 2000s, there was a baby…


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