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National Hispanic Corporate Council Convenes CEO Forum on Diversity in Conjunction With Spring Meeting on Workforce Diversity Strategies in a Changing Economy

The National Hispanic Corporate Council announces its spring member meeting April 7-9, 2009. The conference will include a CEO Forum on Diversity to be held on April 7, at Sprint Nextel Corporate Headquarters, Overland Park, Kansas. The member meeting, April 8-9, 2009, will convene in Kansas City, Missouri, at the corporate headquarters of Hallmark Cards, Inc. The Forum and Member Meeting are co-sponsored by Hallmark Cards, Inc. and Sprint Nextel Corporation.

CEO Forum: Capturing the… Continue

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Advocates for undocumented propose a legalization tradeoff

With their prospects in Congress sinking along with the economy, liberal advocates of giving undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship are launching a risky strategy to push lawmakers and the White House to take up their cause.

They propose that Congress legalize millions of undocumented workers now, in exchange for reducing the number of temporary foreign workers allowed to enter the country in the future.

Their calculation… Continue

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Latino foundation honors a granddaddy of philanthropy

It's fitting that San Francisco's Latino Community Foundation should be honoring Herman Gallegos at its gala this week. The foundation is cultivating a new generation of Latino philanthropists. And Gallegos, who is 78, is really the abuelo of Latino philanthropy.

A pioneer who helped start a number of national and local Hispanic civil rights groups, Gallegos also was one of the first U.S. Latinos to serve on some heavy-weight corporate and foundation boards. Not only that, he wrote… Continue

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Unemployment hits harder among Latinos, blacks

The ax fell without sound or shadow: Tatiana Gallego was suddenly called into human resources and laid off from her job as an admissions counselor for a fashion college.

"The way people tried to explain it to me was, I was the last one hired so I was the first one out," said Gallego, 25, who had worked there for 17 months.

Last hired, first fired: This generations-old cliche rings bitterly true for millions of Latinos and blacks… Continue

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It’s time to ask why our schools are failing our children

I heard a cold truth again this week: “Not everyone is college material.” It was reiterated by a former teacher. Not one of mine, but a woman who had worked with enough students in her decades of secondary school teaching to make the claim with some authority.

I’ll concede the point and up the ante. Not everyone is high school material, either — at least, as high schools are currently constituted.

Sounds demeaning, right? It’s a tad impolite to say in public that large… Continue

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Teenage Latinas stitch together a positive body image

The six girls sitting in the church basement come here every Thursday to learn the 101’s of sewing and pattern making, but tonight they are in for a very different lesson.

“Do any of you watch the media or watch TV and say ‘I want to be that person and if I don’t dress like her I don’t feel good about myself?’” asks Kerstin Collett, who leads the class in Holy Cross Church in Chicago’s Back of the Yards.… Continue

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Unveiling Latin America’s economic success

A lot of attention has been focused on the remarkable economic success of China, India and other Asian countries. So much so that the rise of Latin American companies as major players on the international economic scene has almost gone unnoticed.

“Latin American companies have fallen through the cracks,” says Lourdes Casanova, a lecturer in strategy at INSEAD and author of Global Latinas: Latin America’s emerging multinationals. “While other emerging market economies have been… Continue

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UVA Engineering Group Looks to Build Hispanic Pipeline

A group at the University of Virginia is trying to attract Hispanic students to the field of engineering.

UVA’s Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers hosted a leadership conference this weekend, hoping to build a network for future Hispanic engineers.

According to the Population Reference Bureau, Hispanics make up about 13 percent of the U.S. workforce but only around five percent of engineering and science professionals.… Continue

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Recession’s Toll on Hispanic Immigrants

The recession has hit Hispanic immigrants especially hard. They have suffered more job losses than most other workers, and their earnings remain lower than those of other groups. Among foreign-born Hispanics, an estimated 47 percent are illegal immigrants. Although some of those immigrants have been pushed by the economic slump to leave the United States, most have stayed and are struggling to hold on to jobs.… Continue

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Census Bureau Will Try an Ad Campaign To Reach Minorities

Amid fears that millions of people may be overlooked during next year's census, the Census Bureau will launch a $250 million promotional campaign to encourage participation in the decennial head count, especially among hard-to-reach minority groups in urban areas.

More than half those funds will go for advertising across traditional and social media, and nearly a quarter will be devoted exclusively to Asian, black and Hispanic outlets.… Continue

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Nutrition and Physical Activity Prevents Diseases in Latinos

This month we celebrate National Nutrition Month. This is a perfect time to think about our own diet and make nutritional and physical activity changes to improve our health. Many of you might think that you are in optimal health because nothing seems to hurt, right? However, according to a survey by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke ranked in the top 5 leading causes of death in the Latino population. So you might ask, “Why do I… Continue

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Latino Eldercare or What to do about Mama?

When Mama reached her eighties, we assumed that she would move in with us but cardiac problems meant specialized support. In the Latino culture, it is expected that families bring their aging parents home when that time comes. So, was it okay to consider assisted living?

One of the fastest growing groups in the nation, elderly Latinos are estimated to number nearly 15 million in the next ten years. Some will have no choice but to live with family due to cultural and socio-economic… Continue

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Obama's civil rights nomination upsets some Latinos

Thomas Perez's selection for a Justice Department post concerns some civil rights advocates, who believe Villaraigosa aide Thomas Saenz was passed over to avoid sparking an immigration battle.

Thomas Perez is Maryland's highest-ranking Latino, but his selection as the nation's leading civil rights enforcer has provoked sharp criticism from some Latino civil rights advocates.

The criticism isn't directed at Perez, the state's secretary of labor and a first-generation… Continue

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Not to long ago I had the pleasure of talking with Robert Renteria, author of one of the most amazing books I have read, "From the Barrio to the Board Room". This incredible piece of art both moved me from laughter, to tears. It truly is a dynamic story that will have you on the edge of your seat, and you will not want to put the book down. I read the entire book from cover to cover in one sitting.

It is a message of hope, purpose and destiny. A story that MUST be read, MUST be told,… Continue

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Announcing Launch of Latinos@Work Blog and Twitter - A Free Resource to Empower Your Career Management

Today Rose Mary Bombela-Tobias and I launched Latinos@Work Blog and daily tips on Twitter.

We look forward to joining with you in conversations that contribute to the advancement of Latinos in their careers and accelerat e diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Our goals are to:

- Build the premier forum on Latino career issues and related employer… Continue

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Team recommends greater cultural awareness in end-of-life care for Latino patients

A team of physicians at the San Francisco VA Medical Center and University of California, San Francisco recommends more effective use of interpreters, greater awareness of potential areas of mistrust and misunderstanding, better communication with families, and better knowledge of cultural differences in general when planning end-of-life and palliative care for Latino patients in the United States.

The recommendations, which are based on a case study and an extensive literature… Continue

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Victory on voter ID may cost GOP Latino support

AUSTIN – Republicans may win their fierce battle to require voters to present photo IDs, a vibrant issue to grassroots conservatives. But doing so could help them lose the larger, future war for political dominance.

Many Latinos, who are the fastest-growing bloc of voters in Texas, feel the bill is aimed at them, with Republicans raising the specter of illegal immigrants casting ballots and swinging elections. This bill, coupled with Republican efforts to crack down on illegal… Continue

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Hispanic Immigration: Facts versus Fallacies, Clarifying America’s Opportunity

Three Rawls College of Business professionals address the booming Hispanic population in the U.S. and its economic, political and social impacts.

As the Hispanic population in the United States booms, fallacies surrounding the economic and social impact of Hispanics on America thrive. Two Texas Tech University professors and an alumnus argue that there are opportunities within the challenges that many people do not see.

In their new book, “Hispanic Heresy: What is… Continue

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Does Lou Dobbs Really Believe that Hispanic Business Is Not An Appropriate Audience for Education Reform in America?

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), the national advocate for America’s nearly three million Hispanic-owned businesses, issued the following statement questioning the logic behind the statement and inferences made by Mr.Lou Dobbs on CNN in reaction to President Obama’s speech on education reform during the organization’s annual legislative conference:

On March 10th, President Barrack Obama addressed the members of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce at its 19th… Continue

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Wauconda trustee candidate: Hispanics should learn English

Wauconda's village board candidates are divided over comments one hopeful made about the village's Hispanic community.

During a group interview at the Daily Herald's Lake County office on March 10, trustee candidate Mark Kwasigroch said Spanish-speaking residents "need to learn how to read English if they're going to live in Wauconda." READ FULL… Continue

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