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The Coming Latino Weight Boom

If we consulted the health statistics kept by the rich countries club, the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, the OECD, we might not be too surprised to find that the United States has the highest rate of obesity, at 30.6 percent. What country, would you guess, is number two? Mexico ... with an adult obesity rate of 23 percent.

That's a new development on a couple of levels. It's a sign of Mexico's economic progress that the country is a member of the OECD. It is… Continue

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Latino Population Growth Fuels $1 Trillion Buying Power

When it comes to the impact of Latinos on the American economic and cultural landscape, there's only one word that adequately describes the group's influence: growing.

According to figures recently released by the Associated Press based on 2010 Census Bureau data, Hispanics accounted for more than half of the U.S. population increase over the past 10 years and crossed a new census population milestone by reaching 50 million -- the equivalent of 1 in 6 Americans. Market research… Continue

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The Dora Generation: How Kids Helped Latinos Win the Census

In my last two HuffPost entries I addressed the stellar showing of Hispanics in the

2010 Census: 50 million strong, accounting for more than half the population growth in the United States over the past decade, and making staggering gains in crucial states like Texas and California as well as traditionally non-Hispanic states like North Carolina, Ohio and…


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National Latino Groups Call on Congress to Protect Clean Air and Our Health

Today, groups representing millions of Latinos across the United States spoke in a unified voice to call on members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to stop any efforts to block, delay or prevent the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from implementing the Clean Air Act (CAA) to reduce life-threatening pollution.

For forty years, the Clean Air Act has protected the health of millions in the United States from dangerous pollutants. That’s why the dangers of several… Continue

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Heart disease hits Latinas via multiple risk factors

As women grow older, the risk of heart disease and stroke rises and it keeps rising with age, according to the American Heart Association (AHA). But it can also, nonetheless, hit young women in their 20s or 30s, if the right precautions aren't taken.

One of the biggest reasons for heart problems in the Latino community is diabetes. A little over 13 percent of…


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Culture and Stigma Affect Mental Health Care for Latinos

Latinos benefit from antidepressants like everybody else — only they do not use them nearly as often. The trick is getting past some cultural barriers.

A study appearing in the March-April issue of General Hospital Psychiatry confirms that the stigma of mental illness, poor communication with physicians and the underuse of antidepressants all play a major part in delaying the recovery of Latinos from depression.

The study authors followed the recovery of 220 Latinos who…


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Hispanic students now majority in Texas public schools

Hispanic children now for the first time make up the majority of Texas public school students, the Associated Press is reporting. The story notes that Texas Education Agency officials say Latinos make up 50.2% of Texas' 4.9 million public school students. This trend is only expected to continue. White students are expected to continue following a trend of declining…


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HACIA Honors St. Augustine College with its Community Leadership Award

 Contact: Grace Valadez

March 21, 2011

(773) 878-7044



Chicago, IL – The Hispanic American Construction Industry Association (HACIA) recognized St. Augustine College’s contributions to the educational development of Chicago residents by presenting the college with the Community Leadership Award at…


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Martin Castro Appointed as Chairperson of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

Source: PRNewswire-USNewswire

President Barack Obama has designated Marty Castro as the Chairperson of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. A unanimous vote of the Commission approved the President's designation of Mr. Castro as the Chairperson at its regular business meeting on March 11, 2011.

Mr. Castro becomes the eighth chairperson of the Commission since…


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Verizon Named to NAFE List of Top 50 Companies for Executive Women

For the seventh consecutive year, the National Association of Female Executives has named Verizon to the organization's NAFE Top 50 Companies and 10 Nonprofits for Executive Women. The list recognizes organizations whose policies and practices encourage women's advancement and whose numbers at the highest levels of leadership demonstrate that commitment.

According to… Continue

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Rally seeks to empower Latinas

With several risk factors affecting local young Latinas at disproportionate rates, Saturday's Soy Unica! Soy Latina! rally had an important goal: Helping girls make smart decisions.

The rally, organized annually by Latinas Unidas, attracted more than 150 girls to the University of Rochester for a Saturday morning mix of fun and serious business.



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New virtual community aims to shatter stereotypes one Latina at a time

Whenever the media reports on a successful Latina, the news is treated like a rare celestial event. The truth is there are many more accomplished Latinas that never get recognized and who have totally bucked the negative Latina stereotype too often reported in the media.

But there is a big problem -- too few of the media, and most importantly, Latinas don't know about all these different successful women who are today's trailblazers. That's where Escúchame comes in.

The… Continue

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Telemundo's 'La Reina del Sur' Tops Broadcast in Ratings

The Spanish-language soap topped Univision and English-language broadcast networks in the adults 18-34 demo in its time period Tuesday.

It's not a good sign when a Spanish-language soap tops English-language broadcast networks. That's what happened Tuesday night at 10 p.m. with Telemundo's La Reina del Sur. The program was No. 1 in its time slot in the adults 18-49…


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Chicago Human Rhythm Project launches collaborative space

MacArthur, Boeing, Others Provide $500,000+ for New Business Model for Arts Organizations

CHICAGO—The Chicago Human Rhythm Project (CHRP), embarking upon its third decade as the world’s first year-round presenter of American tap dance and contemporary percussive arts, has announced the establishment of the Collaborative Space for Sustainable Development (CSSD—working title), which will serve as a shared, affordable and eventually self-sufficient education, rehearsal and…


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Univision Sets Out to Cash In on Rapidly Growing Male Grooming Biz

On the day after announcing the departure of its CEO, Univision Communications gathered about 150 people, between agency executives and marketers, at Manhattan's Bryant Park Grill Tuesday morning to discuss a relatively small business, but one with huge potential: The Latino grooming business, a category where Hispanic media has been making strides of late, and where Latinos overindex against non-Latinos. “We are talking about a market that will win you the loyalty -and wallets- of Latino… Continue

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Guiding a booming population

Austin businessman Gilbert Martinez is soft-spoken, but he had no difficulty making himself heard above the chatter generated by 900 people gathered Saturday night for the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce banquet.

"I was one of the founders, and this," he said, gesturing to the crowd that filled the Governor's Ballroom at the Hilton Austin, "was my dream."

Saturday night's event is an allegory of economic and population growth as much as it was a celebration of… Continue

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Growth of Hispanic population brings Latino stars out to perform

Inland Southern California's booming Hispanic population has spurred the growth of new business serving the Latino community, but it is also changing the cultural and economic landscape in broader ways as companies seek to tap into the community's growing economic clout.

New Census data show Hispanic residents made up nearly 2 million of the Inland Empire's…


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Carlos Slim still first as world's richest list grows, spreads

If it seems like the rest of the world is getting richer, it's true, it is.

The world's wealthiest people had a record-breaking good year in 2011, says Forbes magazine, which released its list of the globe's billionaires. During the year, 214 people became billionaires, bringing the world's total to 1,210 people holding $4.5 trillion. These billionaires'…


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60 National Partners Release Roadmap for Latinos to Make America World Leader in College Degrees

Rep. Charles Gonzalez, Chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, former Secretary of Education Richard Riley, and Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón, chairman of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans, today joined Excelencia in Education and its 60 national partner organizations for a Capitol Hill event to release the Roadmap for Ensuring America's Future.

“America cannot become the world leader in college degrees, nor will it have a globally competitive… Continue

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Latinos Lack Job Security Despite Job Growth

Despite "significant" job growth in sectors with high Hispanic participation, Latinos face ever greater job insecurity, according to a report released Monday by the National Council of La Raza.

While Latinos "are making important contributions to the industries that are helping drive our economic recovery," they remain "in a precarious position when it comes to…


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