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10 tips to Network like a Pro

We’ve all heard it a thousand times – it’s all about who you know. If you’re looking for your next internship or your first job come graduation, networking is a fundamental part of landing that next professional opportunity. Here are 10 tips on networking the right way.

1. Don’t be afraid. Striking up a conversation with another professional can be intimidating. Many…


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Hispanics are a big part of Denver's changing demographics

It has nothing to do with the Denver Broncos' signing Latino quarterback Mark Sanchez this offseason, but there's no doubt the population of Colorado's capital city has undergone major changes in the past generation.

More than 30 percent of the city is Hispanic now, according to recent Pew research. Many of these are second- and third-generation…


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The Worst States for Hispanics

The United States has been — and continues to be — one of the most popular destinations for immigrants from around the world. Immigrants from Latin American countries and other Spanish-speaking people in particular have become one of the nation’s fastest growing demographics. The United States may be a good place to live compared to many other countries, but every new wave of…


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How To Work a Room and Other Secrets of Savvy Networking

“I was always quiet and often felt shy at events, meetings and even parties,” said Rosa Baez-Lopez, long-time member of the Society for Human Resource Management and vice president of HR at Clearbrook, a Chicago-area social services agency.

“I started as the receptionist for another agency and was working with Carl LaMell, the new bookkeeper, who always encouraged me.…


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Hispanic millennials look for balance as they fuse identities

It’s not enough to know what your members and prospective members want. Today, it’s just as important to know how they want it. For credit unions in pursuit of a relationship with the highly influential and growing Hispanic consumer segment, that how is most likely digital.

When designing a digital strategy targeting Hispanic Millennials, it’s important to consider both…


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Why Tech Degrees Are Not Putting More Blacks and Hispanics Into Tech Jobs

Technology companies employ strikingly few black and Hispanic workers. They blame the recruitment pipeline, saying there aren’t enough of them graduating with relevant degrees and applying for tech jobs.

Yet the data show that there are many more black and Hispanic students majoring in computer science and engineering than work in tech jobs. So why aren’t they being…


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Ten things never to do at a Networking event

A lot of people do not go to networking events. Some of them stay away because they’re shy, or because they can’t stand the noise of a loud room. Other people avoid networking events because they’ve had bad experiences. Unfortunately, there are bad networkers in every city and they tend to show up at networking events and annoy the rest of the crowd!

Here are ten things…


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US Latinos are more educated and better off than people realize

Ethnicity in the US is notoriously difficult for demographers to classify, and it’s getting tougher as the country becomes more diverse.

New research shows that Latinos, if categorized as such based on their birthplace and their parents’ and grandparents’ countries of origin rather than the ethnicity they self-identify with, are actually more educated than current US…


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Colleges focusing on improving minority student graduation rates

In 15 years, California expects to be about 1.1 million college graduates short of the number needed to fill jobs that require at least a bachelor’s degree.

Already, the nation’s most populous state is a minority-majority state — one in which racial and ethnic minorities comprise more than half the population. And blacks, Hispanics and American Indians not only are less…


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Women’s Business Development Center Opens New Women’s Business Center Located in Aurora

The Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) headquartered here has expanded its entrepreneurship programs and services to startup and emerging women business owners in DuPage, Kane, Will and Kendall counties. Its office in the Aurora Chamber of Commerce building at 43 W. Galena Blvd. in downtown Aurora houses the second…


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5 Things You Should Always Do *After* Networking

"Never talk to the person again" isn't on this list.​

Give yourself homework.

Paper beats your mind palace. "The more notes you take," says Vicki Salemi, career expert for Monster, "the easier it will be both for you to recall the conversation and for your new connection to remember you when you follow up." That means as soon as he or she scoots away…


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20 Things Every First-Generation Latino College Graduate Should Know

The recent post, 20 Things Every First-Generation Latino College Student Should Know, really inspired me to reflect on my own experience as a first-generation Latina college graduate. I noticed, however, that the list spoke to current college students and decided to share my personal response with advice to soon-to-be first-generation Latino college graduates about the journey…


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The Ethnic Groups That Still Believe in the American Dream

Despite the narrative, very popular in this election cycle, that Americans are having trouble getting ahead, Hispanics and Asians in the United States still believe in the basic premise of the American Dream—that anyone who works hard still has a fair chance.

This optimism is felt by over half of Hispanic and Asian respondents in an Atlantic Media/Pearson Opportunity…


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How to Be a Good Reference: 4 Ways to Help Someone Find a Job

A personal recommendation carries a lot of weight. Which product are you more likely to buy – the one with the fancy packaging or the one your best friend said was awesome? Most people would go for the latter.

Those making decisions about who to hire use the same logic. When it comes to selecting future employees, references are nearly as important as a person’s resume.…


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Nutritional cooking a challenge for Hispanics

People living in poverty generally struggle to eat healthy, but low-income Hispanic families with limited knowledge of cooking and eating traditional American foods face a double whammy, according to Leticia Perez of the Salvation Army of Lebanon’s Hispanic outreach program.

“Besides salad, we don’t know how to cook almost any other vegetables,” Perez said, referring to…


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3 A’s to Remember While Networking

A large majority of new roles come not from recruiters, not from online applications, but from candidates' networks.Our contacts sometimes help us get through difficult situations or lead us to new opportunities.

To the uninitiated, networking may seem little more than having a lunch date with friends and mentioning the notion that you'd be interested in a new job.…


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How are you marking International Women's Day?

The social, economic and political achievements of women will be in the spotlight for International Women’s Day on 8 March.

This year’s theme is pledge for parity, inspired by the World Economic Forum’s predictions that, at the current pace, the world will not close the global gender gap for another 117 years.

Global events are planned to celebrate women’s…


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Hispanic Job Gains Accelerate as U.S. Labor Market Strengthens

The U.S. labor market has healed substantially since the unemployment rate spiked to double digits following the financial crisis. Still, for many different demographic segments, progress in finding jobs has been slow in coming.

A look under the hood of February's better-than-expected job gains, however, shows this to be changing: The labor market's strength is…


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Read biographies of feature guests for the 2016 International Women's Day Networking Celebration

Read biographies of feature guests for the 2016 International Women's Day Networking Celebration taking place Tuesday, March 08 at Parliament Chicago. 

Deisy Garcia, Global Mobility Manager, Walgreens

Deisy is a Global Mobility Manager for Walgreens Boots Alliance. As a Global Mobility Manager, Deisy partners with transferees, vendors and the Business to ensure a…


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Prepare for your job search this spring break

The end of midterms marks the beginning of spring break, which means summer is a little more than eight weeks away. Many students have secured their summer internships or jobs, and those who are graduating will soon begin the first steps of their full time careers.

Not sure if you’re heading in the right direction? According to Tory Nair, Director of Career Services, if…


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