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How to impress the hiring manager

For the more anxiety-prone among us, job interviews can be a total nightmare.

You're sitting across from the hiring manager, trying desperately to convince her that, despite your sweaty palms, shaky knees, and palpitating heart, you are in fact the perfect person for this position.

Most experts will tell you that it comes down to…


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Latina Entrepreneurs a vital for in the US economy

The momentum of Latina women in the United States is on the rise and continues to demonstrate that it has a decisive role in the future of the US economy.

The Latina / Hispanic women population in the United States is 28 million; they represent 17% of the total U.S. female population and 9% of the entire population.

According to the most…


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Hispanics are quietly driving the U.S. economic engine

Stanford’s Graduate School of Business released its 2018 State of Latino Entrepreneurship Report in January and showed that Latino businesses had grown more than any other demographic group. In 2012, for example, there were 3.3 million businesses in the U.S. owned by Latinos, a growth of 46 percent from 2007. The number of white-owned businesses…


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How To Begin A Career In Cyber-Security

Cybersecurity is an attractive career for ambitious people and a great way to make the world a better place. If you want a career in cybersecurity, don’t wait. You don’t need to be of a particular age or gender. You don’t need any particular approval or certification or study place to get going.…


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Older immigrants living in U.S. more satisfied with life than native-born counterparts

Most people who immigrated to the United States for a chance to live the “American Dream” are more satisfied with their lives in the “land of the free” than those who were born here, according to new research from Florida State University.

A team of researchers, including FSU Assistant Professor of Sociology Dawn Carr, found immigrants from…


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Minority markets see economic growth

Every racial and ethnic minority group in America is making financial gains but not at equal rates, according to the latest Multicultural Economy Report from the University of Georgia.

The annual report calculates the consumer buying power—or total income after taxes—for minority markets in the U.S.: African Americans, Asian Americans,…


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Facebook changes its Ad tech to stop discrimination

On Tuesday Facebook reached a historic settlement with civil rights groups that had accused the company of allowing advertisers to unlawfully discriminate against minorities, women, and the elderly by using the platform’s ad-targeting technology to exclude them from seeing ads for housing, jobs, and credit—three areas with legal protections for groups…


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Latino homeowners getting ahead

More and more Latino families here are achieving the American dream of homeownership. But that's in sharp contrast to African-American families, who are moving in the opposite direction.

New Census Bureau data released in December showed an estimated 35.5 percent of Portland's Hispanic households owned their homes in 2017, compared to only 28.4…


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Sharing personal data to get a better loan

More than 80% of African-Americans and Hispanics – and 7 in 10 of all adults – say they wish there were a better way to prove themselves to lenders. Why is this? Broadly speaking people seeking a credit card, auto loan, mortgage, or any number of products are judged by one simple number: their credit score.…


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6 classic job-hunting tips that still work wonders

The internet has forever altered — and widened — the job-search process, but the basic guidelines for landing work remain very much the same. So let’s review:

1. You can’t find something if you don’t know what you’re looking for. So before starting any job hunt, you need a clear idea of what you want to do, where you want to do it and whom you…


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Driving for Diversity in the startup sector

A 2017 report by the National Bureau of Economic Research shows that from 1990 to 2016, women represented less than 10 percent of the entrepreneurial and venture capital labor pool, while Hispanics represented about 2 percent and black people represented less than 1 percent. That was despite participation rates in education programs that led to…


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Hispanics breathe in more deadly air pollution than responsible for

African-Americans and Hispanics breathe in far more deadly air pollution than they are responsible for making, a new study said.

A study looked at who is exposed to fine particle pollution — responsible for about 100,000 American deaths a year — and how much different races are responsible for the pollution based on their buying, driving, and…


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The Little Village Chamber of Commerce appoints Blanca R. Soto as the new Executive Director

(Chicago)- The Little Village Chamber of Commerce announces the appointment of Blanca R. Soto as the new Executive Director. Blanca previously served as Managing Director and has successfully worked with the Chamber for nearly a decade strengthening business and community relations, increasing business to the corridor and effectively executing the…


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Latino engineers want to encourage more to pursue STEM careers

STEM jobs, a crucial part of the global economy, are growing faster than other industries and tend to pay better than the national average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Hispanics make up 16 percent of the American workforce, but only 6 percent of scientists and engineers, according to the National Science…


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87% of Hispanic Entrepreneurs plan to expand their businesses

Hispanics make up 18.1% of the US population with close to 60 million people, and more Hispanic entrepreneurs are serving this population.

According to the 2019 Bank of America Hispanic Small Business Owner Spotlight (PDF), 87% of Hispanic entrepreneurs plan to expand their business this year. This translates to 20% higher than non-Hispanic…


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Tips for getting kids interested in STEM fields

STEM gets a lot of attention, and employment stats show a dramatic growth in STEM-related occupations. Knowing it’s cool is one thing, but it’s different to know how to foster a love of science in little ones and encourage bigger ones to pursue STEM careers.

Not everyone has a renowned research biologist in their contact list, but thankfully…


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Hispanics are more likely to be monthly moviegoers

When it comes to popular culture, US Hispanics are prolific consumers – so understanding their preferences among genres, actors, and actresses is a top priority for the movie industry.

Research from MRI-Simmons and E-Poll shows that, compared to the average moviegoer nationwide, Hispanic moviegoers (ages 18 and above) are 36% more likely to see…


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Investing in stocks and the racial wealth gap

Technology has thrown open many doors to the financial industry, once an exclusive community of initiates, and decidedly white and male. Today, virtually anyone with internet access who is able to scrape together some cash and courage can jump into investing in stocks.

Yet African-American and Hispanic consumers have been slow to embrace this…


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Career tips for each decade of your working life

Like life in general, career planning can be different depending on your age. While some of the strategies to achieve goals may be the same throughout your life — effective communication, for example — the goals can be distinct.

In your 20s

• Exploration is key while financial obligations and family ties are not as…


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Engage Latino business owners for an accurate census

About 4.4 million Latino-owned businesses in the United States contribute more than $700 billion to the economy annually, according to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. These same businesses created nearly three million American jobs and are driving a gross domestic product of more than $2 trillion.…


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