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4 ways to keep networking while social distancing

Ready for a glimmer of good news amid the general gloom? How about this: Even if you’re one of those outgoing types who’s used to growing your professional network face-to-face, at the kinds of events and gatherings now called off for the duration, you can still maintain your connections—and cultivate new ones—at a safe distance.…


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Keeping job search active at home

If you are recently unemployed or if you’ve been searching for a while, you don’t need to put your job search on hold. There are employers who are still hiring.

In fact, there are many employers who are in critical need of workers.…


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Coronavirus scare hinders Hispanic traditions

The coronavirus is affecting where people go, how people do things and how they interact with one another. For Hispanics, it’s also affecting traditions.

Hispanics, as a culture, tend to be more affectionate in greetings and demonstrations of affection, especially with family. Now, with the concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19), experts are…


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3 ways to keep your job search active during the COVID-19 pandemic

If you were a job seeker a month ago compared to a job seeker today, you’re looking at a very different landscape. For years, it’s been a candidate-driven market—but the pandemic has created unrivaled economic uncertainty.

While it’s true many companies are in a hiring freeze and others are reducing staff, some industries are ramping up their…


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A coronavirus-led recession could hit jobs for young people and minorities hardest

Millions of people in the US are likely to lose their jobs during the next few months, but the pain won’t be spread out evenly. People of color and younger workers are the most at risk of becoming unemployed.

As swaths of the US economy are shut down to stop the spread of the new coronavirus, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis president James…


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$2 trillion stimulus package on the way

On Wednesday, the White House and leaders of both parties announced $2 trillion in emergency funding to help businesses, individuals, and hospitals weather the crisis caused by the coronavirus. The package is larger than the 2008 bank bailout and the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act combined, according to the Associated Press.…


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Here Are The Jobs That Will Be Added And Lost

The coronavirus has changed the job market almost overnight. The global outbreak has seriously impacted the economy and job security. It will have long-lasting, game-changing ramifications.

Here is where the jobs are and where they will be in the future. …


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Diverse top 35 Women in higher education

Gordon-Mora is the diversity and inclusion officer at the University of Nevada, Reno, responsible for guiding practices and creating opportunities to define, assess and promote inclusive excellence, access and cultural proficiency for faculty, students and staff.…


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Meet the woman fighting coronavirus misinformation online

A global network of researchers and journalists spanning 40 countries has issued more than 800 fact checks related to the coronavirus in just seven weeks, one of the coordinators of the effort told CNN Business.

And the spread of misinformation is only getting worse.

Cristina Tardáguila, associate director of the International…


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The Hispanic market opportunity

When it comes to serving the Hispanic market, the term “business opportunity” understates the case.

“It’s a necessity,” says Victor Corro, CEO of Coopera, which helps credit unions nationwide attract and serve Hispanic members. “You need younger members to stay relevant, thrive—even survive. If you don’t reach out to the Hispanic market, you’re…


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10 companies hiring for work from home jobs right now

When it comes to employment, nothing is hotter than work from home jobs right now. In today’s world, the flexibility of doing your job remotely is hard to beat.

Careers site Glassdoor recently compiled a list of top companies hiring remote workers right now — and there are some great employers on the list.

Many people think that work…


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More Latinas are opening their businesses in the QC

Members of the Greater Quad Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce say they see more Latinas opening businesses in the area.

Zenaida Landeros is the executive director of GQCHCC says more women show up asking for help to open their own business, that prompted the creation of the Empowering Latina Leadership Alliance.…


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14 Latina entrepreneurs making history in the beauty space

Welcome to 2020, where Latinas are CEOs and founders of their culture-driven companies, they’re using buying power to create change and making an impact within the beauty world. Some would agree we are living our ancestors’ wildest dreams as we launch businesses built from beauty routines pass down to them.…


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How to Network as coronavirus disrupts business life

Last week, I was at a networking luncheon with about 50 professional women. It was great! Terrific restaurant, impressive guest list, loads of meaningful networking.

The only problem was that there was a lot of awkward and uncomfortable not-knowing whether to shake hands, hug, nod politely, or whatever.…


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3 things you need to know about a March job search

While no two job searches are exactly the same, there’s commonality in what job seekers experience in any given month, and there’s a significant advantage in being prepared for what the month will bring.

If you’re planning to launch or continue a job search in March, here’s what you need to know to land the best…


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Hispanic unemployment sets new record high

For Hispanics and Latinos in the U.S., both the number employed and the number unemployed rose from January’s level, as did the number participating in the labor force.

A record share of Hispanic households are now earning over $200,000 per year.…


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7 Latinas who changed the world

Latinas have a fire within their soul that is unique and unquenchable. They have often fought to better the lives of their fellow hermanas y hermanos, as well as that of their own. Whether they knew it or not, their legacy would surpass them and they would become a shining exemplary beacon for all those who would come after them. …


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The key to inclusive leadership

What makes people feel included in organizations? Feel that they are treated fairly and respectfully, are valued and belong? Many things of course, including an organization’s mission, policies, and practices, as well as co-worker behaviors.

But mostly it comes down to leaders.…


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Meet America’s Best Employers For Diversity 2020

As the topic of diversity and inclusion has gained ever greater importance in the business world, Forbes not only added this vertical to its reporting coverage but, in 2018, partnered with market research firm Statista to create a list of the Best Employers for Diversity. This year marks the third annual list.

The ranking was compiled by…


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Cancer is the leading cause of death for Hispanics in the U.S.

Hispanics are the largest and youngest minority group in the United States, and growing rapidly, but 1 in 3 will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

Cancer occurrence and survival are influenced by economic, social and cultural factors. Hispanics in the U.S. consist of people from numerous countries and cultures but research often…


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