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A lively debate on hiring Latinos in the federal government

Is there a need for the Hispanic Council on Federal Employment?

The next meeting of the advisory committee is scheduled for May 4, according to an announcement from the Office of Personnel Management. The purpose of the body, the Federal Register says, is to “advise the Director of the Office of Personnel Management on matters involving the recruitment, hiring, and…


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Latinos live longer with cancer than whites, blacks, study finds

Researchers have called it the "Hispanic paradox": When it comes to breast cancer, prostate cancer and heart disease, Latino patients in the U.S. survive longer after diagnosis than their non-Latino white and black counterparts — even though studies have found they tend to have fewer resources and less access to care than non-Latino whites.

It's the same for lung…


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Center for Hispanic Leadership Adds Business Consulting Service

Center for Hispanic Leadership Adds Business Consulting Service to Help Financial Industry Build Trusting Relationships with the Unbanked and Uninsured

Following a special report released earlier this month by Nielsen, in which Latino buying power is projected to reach $1.5 trillion by 2015, the Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL) has announced further expansion of its…


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Who Will Clinch The Latino Vote In November?

There are big questions about Mitt Romney's ability to appeal to Latinos. Hispanic voters favor President Obama over Romney by more than two to one, according to a recent Pew poll. But not everyone is sure the president's lead will translate to votes. Host Michel Martin speaks with columnist Ruben Navarrette and Maria Teresa Kumar of Voto Latino. …


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Graduate student works to spread L.O.V.E, empower Latina youth

While working with Life is Precious, a suicide-prevention program directed toward young Latinas in New York City, Wagner second-year graduate student Claudia Espinosa realized that she wanted to do something more to help young Latinas not only avoid suicide but continue to succeed.

According to research from the National Women's Law Center, young Latina women have one…


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'Latino' or 'Hispanic': what's in a name?

The terms "Latino" and "Hispanic" are often used interchangeably. In fact, we, at the Fronteras Desk, have done so in our reporting. But we recently embarked on an investigative journey to figure out what those terms really mean, and which term most accurately describes the population we often assume it does.

It all started with a story my colleague Nadine Arroyo…


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Please Support A Latino Pizza Business across Wrigley Field

3716 N Clark St. Chicago IL 60613

For Immediate Release



Jeronimo Gaytan, CEO…


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Hearst Magazines Introduces Cosmopolitan for Latinas

Hearst Magazines, one of the world's largest publishers of monthly magazines, today announced that the first stand-alone issue of Cosmopolitan for Latinas, a new women's lifestyle publication targeted at English-speaking Latinas, will hit newsstands nationwide on May 1. Edited by and written for modern Hispanic women, the magazine answers the call of a new generation of…


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Is Your Pink Slip Showing?

These words can hang in the air for a bit longer than anything else you planned to hear in a phone call from your boss or at an impromptu meeting for you and several other employees in a conference room. Some companies still give out pink slips in your last pay check. Sometimes it can all be said by email, but it’s basically the same message: you have joined the ranks of the…


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The Biggest Mistake You Can Make About Hispanic Marketing and Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is around the corner, and some brands are leveraging the holiday to roll out special promotions and discounts. (For example, Tyson Foods, Tabasco brand and Jose Cuervo’s nonalcoholic margarita mix have teamed up on a “Fiesta of Flavor” retail savings promotion.)

While I love the idea of engaging consumers around special events like holidays (and this…


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MiTu Network to Premiere April 30

Beatriz Acevedo, Founder and President of MiTu Network (www.youtube.com/mitu), the new Latino focused digital video platform exclusively dedicated to lifestyle content, announced its official formation. Currently in its preview phase, the network will officially launch April 30th, prior to their Digital Content NewFronts presentation…


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Marco Rubio appeals to Latinos on Romney’s behalf

Marco Rubio took the stage with Mitt Romney and delivered what the presidential candidate wanted — a jolt of energy aimed at an uninspired Republican base and a message of inclusion to Latino voters, who have drifted away from the party in droves.

Monday’s appearance by Rubio, a Florida senator and possible vice presidential pick who has become one of his party’s most…


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GOP Intensifies Its Outreach To Latino Voters Focusing On The Economy

Mitt Romney's presidential campaign is trying to end the deficit it's running with Latino voters by stepping up its outreach efforts.

President Barack Obama leads the presumptive Republican nominee by 40 percentage points among Latinos, according to the latest Pew Research Center poll.

In 2008, Obama carried two-thirds of the Latino vote, and just this week, the…


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Recession Makes Latino Seniors Put Retirement on Hold

Many of the Latino baby boomers born from 1946 through 1964 are moving into elder years without the possibility of retiring. For instance, Patricia Aristizábal started her business of promotional products two years ago.

Although many of Aristizábal’s contemporaries are about to retire, the Colombian immigrant began a new career. For her, retirement is not around the…


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Both parties reaching out for Hispanics

In the partisan general election environment, the importance of the Hispanic electorate is one rare area of agreement between the two parties.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Obama campaign launched dueling outreach programs this week to court this growing bloc of voters — a pitch to Latino voters that's likely to continue throughout the 2012 cycle.

The two camps are focusing on different issues to appeal to Latinos. The Obama campaign is emphasizing the work…


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Latino, Hispanic labels don't matter; issues do

What's in a nombre?

Apparently, for some Latinos, er, I mean Hispanics, it matters a lot. When researchers asked a group of people with roots in Latin America what they wanted to be called, they got a variety of responses.

According to a new survey by the Pew Hispanic Center, the preferred term for many is "Hispanic." People prefer that word over "Latino"…


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Hispanics Love Social Media More Than the General Population

Hispanics embrace social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Google+ more than the general population. But when it comes to sharing personal information about themselves, Hispanics are more cautious, according to survey results announced today.

uSamp, a leader in providing targeted audiences for global consumer insights, engaged 650 members from its newly inaugurated…


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17% of Hispanic Mobile Users use Apps to purchase Travel

RedMas, Hispanic Mobile Ad Network and Mobile Studio, revealed the results of their survey of a sampling of the over 28 million Hispanic mobile users in the United States who responded to questions about their vacation preferences and the use of their mobile devices during this time of leisure.

Under the title “De Vacaciones: U.S. Hispanics Vacation Trends 2012,”…


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Hispanic Leader Says Christians, Not Congress, Can Solve Immigration Crisis

Hispanic evangelical leader Samuel Rodriguez said Christians must realize the importance of dealing with the issue of illegal immigration, and urged them to rise up and apply biblical principles rather than leave it to "self-seeking" Republican and Democrat lawmakers.

Dealing with the immigration issue "may very well be the salvation of American Christianity," said the…


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Harvard's Latino Problem

This weekend’s 15th Annual Latino Law Policy and Business Conference celebrated the rise of Latinos in the U.S. and Latin America, but also revealed Harvard’s most glaring weakness: After forty years, a Latino Studies Center is still missing on campus.

Among the topics discussed at the Conference, which featured former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, was a…


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