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Making Introductions is Your Best Networking Tool

Networking is perhaps one of the most valuable career-building skills a person can develop. When it comes to fleshing out your professional contacts, one of the best ways to improve your network is to introduce them to each other.

As advice blog The Art of Manliness explains, most people tend to network with the idea of building their own contact list and…


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5 Things Latino Business Owners Should Know

Alejandra Castillo is the first Latina to head the Department of Commerce's Minority Development Business Agency. MBDA's aim is to help minority owned businesses gain government contracts, partner with government contractors and gain access to capital.

Castillo said the efforts are not "altruism" but a recognition that the fabric of the country is changing…


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How to Build Your Network Like a Super Connector

In The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell discusses the role that "connectors” play in social epidemics. According to Gladwell, connectors aren’t just people who know a lot of people; they’re people with a knack for making friends and acquaintances wherever they go.

When trying to get their new businesses off the ground, most entrepreneurs would love their startups…


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Tapping into the multibillion-dollar Hispanic tourism market

Hispanic travel in the United States is growing at a faster rate than the general market and has an estimated annual economic impact of more than $56 billion. While travel and tourism in the U.S. have taken huge hits in recent years because of high unemployment and rising gas prices, Hispanics still continue with their family trips, spending more money per trip than…


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Want To See The Future Of A Bicultural America? Look To The Border

One of the hottest trends in the Hispanic marketing industry is targeting “biculturals,” people who are equally comfortable navigating in two distinct cultures. The term is especially popular in describing second- and third-generation Latinos in the United States.

This group—which tends to skew younger than the rest of the population—is just as comfortable…


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8 Killer Opening Lines To Use At Your Next Networking Event

For many people, simply walking into a room full of strangers can be terrifying—let alone one packed with potentially valuable work contacts … and maybe even a future boss.

But since savvy networking can be one of the best moves you can make for your career, it’s time to learn how to fearlessly bust through the doors of any work event—and own it.



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Kellogg's Helps Families Brighten Their Day With The Launch Of Dias Grandioso

"Mama always knows best!" is a quote that every young mom remembers while growing up. Moms, young and old, often turn to their own mothers (and extended family) for advice and now Kellogg's(R) is extending that community by bringing Latina moms together with Dias Grandiosos.

Kellogg's is taking a fresh approach to reaching and connecting with Hispanic families…


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California Latinos Exceed Whites In UC Freshman Admissions

The University of California has offered freshman admission to more in-state Latino students than white students for the first time, a change that reflects the state’s shifting demographics.

Fall 2014 admissions data reported by the Los Angeles Times showed that 28.8 percent of California residents accepted to one of nine UC campuses were Latino, bumping white…


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Hispanics have faith in the American Dream

Why do some groups continue to cling to the American Dream in spite of the political polemics about people abandoning opportunities to better themselves because of the often touted income-distribution problem? This complex question can be answered in one word: faith.

A recent poll conducted by The Washington Post and the University of Virginia's Miller Center…


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Are You Networking Your Way To A Better Career?

People often have the perception that networking is only relevant to entrepreneurs who are looking to win new business. But I have long been of the opinion that whether you're a business owner, a middle manager, or an employee just starting your career, networking should be a big part of your professional life.

If you are serious about progressing your career…


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Getting Young Latinas in Tech and Science

Tough Latina women make up about eight percent of the U.S. population and their numbers are growing, they made up only two percent of the scientists and engineers working in those professions in 2010, according to a report from the National Science Foundation.

Luz Rivas, whose love of computers at an early age changed the course of her life, is determined to…


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"A Summer Filled with Hope" cumple la meta de recaudar becas para estudiantes Latinos

La organización Gift of Hope se anotó otro éxito en la comunidad latina de Chicago al cumplir la meta de recaudar 24 “Becas por la Esperanza” para jóvenes latinos este pasado 13 de abril, 2014. El compromiso de Raiza Mendoza, Gerente de Asuntos Hispanos para la organización, llenó de moda y subió la temperatura de la ciudad de los vientos con las tendencias…


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Lending Circles Help Latinas Pay Bills And Invest

Cuban-American Barb Mayo describes a tanda like this: "It's like a no-interest loan with your friends." Mayo had never heard of tandas growing up, and it wasn't until she started working in sales for a cable company in Southern California that she was introduced to the concept.

"I worked with a bunch of Mexican women and they were like, 'Hey Barb do you want to…


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How to Use Social Media to Land a Job

Are you discounting social media as a way to land a job? Or are you relying 100 percent on LinkedIn to help you create your digital footprint? If so, you’re making a mistake. Research shows employers benefit from using social media to attract candidates. The Society for Human Resource Management's 2013 survey, Social Networking Websites and Recruiting/Selection, found…


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10 Tips for Effective Business Networking

The least expensive yet most effective marketing method for building your business is networking. This is especially true if you do business locally.

Many business owners say they don’t like networking or say it’s not effective marketing. Usually, this is because they are unfamiliar with networking or their results timing expectations are unrealistic.



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7 LinkedIn Job Hunting Tactics That Work

Landing a new job requires a lot more than just finding openings and applying to them.

To help job seekers get hired as quickly as possible, LinkedIn analyzed a group of more than 4,000 "super" job seekers, defined as LinkedIn members who viewed a job at a particular company and then joined that company within three months. The study examined what those…


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4 tactics to develop the right Hispanic marketing plan

The success of a Hispanic marketing campaign relies on a series of controllable and uncontrollable factors that will determine the end result. However, there is one particular element that most marketing professionals underestimate all the time: strategic planning specifically for the Hispanic audience.

Most of the time, Hispanic marketing efforts are executed…


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Una vez mas Gift of Hope sube la temperatura de Chicago con " A Summer Filled with Hope Charity Fashion Show"

QUE: Gift of Hope, Red de Donantes de Órganos y Tejidos trae el verano a Chicago con su 2° evento anual A Summer Filled with Hope, para recaudar fondos en beneficio de Becas por la Esperanza. Por segundo año consecutivo Evelyn Amador, fundadora de Eva By Evelyn Swimwear comparte el compromiso de Gift of Hope de ser parte de todo lo bueno para la comunidad Latina, apoyando el futuro de nuestros estudiantes con becas universitarias.



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Learn more about discussion panelists of Professionals in Banking & Finance Networking Forum

Dr. Robert Rodriguez, President, DRR Advisors LLC

Dr. Robert Rodriguez is the president of DRR Advisors LLC (www.drradvisors.com), a boutique diversity and management consulting firm.  He is also the author of the book, “Latino Talent: Effective Strategies to Recruit, Retain and Develop Hispanic…


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How to Target Top Employers in Your Job Search

Even when you start your job search with a very strong "in" at an organization, landing a new job will likely require you to pursue multiple job opportunities at the same time. In fact, Amanda Augustine, a job search expert for TheLadders, recommends that job seekers continue pursuing new job leads even as they're entering the final interview round of another…


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