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Teens rule Social Media

Almost a quarter of all American teenagers go online “almost constantly,” facilitated by the widespread availability of smartphones, according to a new national Not for Profit survey.

Aided by the convenience and constant access provided by mobile devices, especially smartphones, 92 per cent of US teens report going online daily — including 24 per cent who say they…


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Hispanic women's upbeat outlook may boost heart health

Hispanic women tend to exercise less and fret less about their weight than white women, and their heart disease risks are also lower, a new study suggests.

Examining data from female employees of a Miami-based health system, researchers theorized that a more upbeat attitude among Hispanic women might contribute to their better cardiovascular health.

Hispanic women…


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9 surprising career tips you need ASAP

Confidence could be a bad thing, but getting fired could be good for your career.

When it comes to career advice, sometimes it seems like we’ve heard it all: Ask the right questions at the end of an interview, fine-tune your social media presence, and so on. But every now and then, we’re lucky enough to run into a piece of advice that’s totally fresh, and that has the…


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The best and worst cities for Hispanic entrepreneurs

Hispanics and Latinos now make up the largest ethnic minority in the U.S. By 2050 they will constitute a third of the country’s population, according to census figures and their impact in business continues to grow. Latinos today account for more than 70,000 of the country’s CEOs and the number of Hispanic entrepreneurs has tripled over the past twenty years – surging from…


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4 Ways Networking Can Help Your Job Search

If you’ve been looking for a job for a while, you might start feeling a bit disillusioned with the whole process and are looking for ways you can boost your chances of landing that dream job.

This is where networking can come in and help. Sometimes, it’s not what you know, but who you know, and networking is a great way of discovering positions that might have not been…


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Tips on effective outreach to the Hispanic market

With a growing Hispanic population in the U.S. and Texas, what are the most effective ways to reach this market? Public relations executive Rosalynn Vasquez offers tips on increasing your messaging and PR efforts to reach the Hispanic audience.

Vasquez is manager of Hispanic public relations for The Power Group, the Dallas-based public relations agency.



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Networking and Mentorships: Expert tips for mastering these career advancement needs

Whether you are still in college or have recently landed an entry-level position in your field, you have probably been told that you need a mentor, an experienced, powerful person in your industry who can guide you throughout your career.

Some professors often describe mentorship in a traditional, if rigid, way. You meet someone at an event, you get their card, a day or…


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Hispanics are way more optimistic about paying for college than everyone else

Most Hispanics in the United States think higher education is affordable despite soaring tuition costs and an ever-expanding student debt bubble.

According to a new Gallup-Lumina Foundation study, 51 percent of Hispanics think “education beyond high school is affordable to anyone in this country who needs it.”

Just 19 percent of blacks and 17 percent of whites…


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U.S. Hispanics increase restaurant use

U.S. Hispanic customer visits to restaurants are outpacing the demographic group’s population growth, according to a new report by The NPD Group.

In 2014, Hispanics’ per capita visits to quick-service restaurants and other foodservice outlets increased by 4 percent, compared with a 1-percent decline in visits by non-Hispanics, according to the Port Washington,…


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Networking tips for building your personal brand

Building your personal brand will strengthen your relationship skills and add to your personal and professional network. When trying to build your personal brand, keep in mind that you want to be known as a problem solver, an outstanding team member, and a friendly professional.

Developing a personal brand is critical to building networks. A personal network is an…


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8 tips to gather experience to land your dream job

Many college graduates and people who want to change careers have a difficult time getting the job they want because they lack experience. But companies often hire people who already have the experience, leaving a host of smart and driven workers out of the loop.

Here are 8 tips on how break free from this vicious cycle.

1. Determine specifically what you want to…


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How Macy’s found its fit in the Hispanic market

If you step into a Macy’s these days, you may notice that some of the mannequins in the women’s department don’t look like most of the others. They’re a little smaller on the bottom and bigger on the top, and their legs are just a bit shorter.

How these figures took their place on the retail floor says a lot about the way in which Macy’s has promoted diversity among its…


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Read biographies of discussion panelists for the 2015 Healthcare Networking Forum

Read biographies of discussion panelists for the 2015 Healthcare Networking Forum to take place Tuesday, April 21 at Vertigo Sky Lounge, rooftop lounge of the Dana Hotel & Spa Chicago.

Discussion Panelists

Dr. Elizabeth Florez, PhD/RN, Professor of Nursing, DePaul University, Illinois Hispanic Nurses Association…


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6 tips for landing a new job

With the number of jobs and employee salary expectations predicted to increase in the United States this year, 2015 may prove to be a beneficial time for job seekers and employers alike.

According to CareerBuilder’s annual job forecast, more than one-third of employers expect to add full-time, regular employees over the course of this year. In addition, Insperity’s…


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Despite obstacles, Latinos surge ahead to college

The Graduating Latino series is looking at both the obstacles and successes of Latino families navigating the education system in the Miami Valley. But recent research from the Pew Research Center finds the story of Latinos and education in the U.S. is a rapidly changing one: in 2012, the percentage of Hispanic high school graduates who went on to college exceeded that of…


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When Latinas succeed, America succeeds

At the age of 42, my mom went back to school to obtain her college degree. I still remember sitting around the dinner table with my mom and six siblings doing our homework at the same time. After raising seven children and instilling in us the value of education, my mom returned to school to become a bilingual education teacher.

It takes a lot of courage to do something…


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Advice for millennial job seekers

There's prepared, and then there's really prepared. And when you're going on a job interview, you need to turn it up a notch in the preparedness department. Why? Because when we're prepared, we feel relaxed, capable and confident. Exactly how you want to feel when you go for an important job interview.

According to Lindsey Pollak, millennial workplace expert and author…


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Majority of U.S. Population Growth is from “Minorities”

As multicultural leaders gather for the 11th Annual New Mainstream Business Summit, America’s cultural landscape is looking increasingly diverse.

America’s increased cultural diversity is highlighted through the 2015 American Marketscape Datastream report, an annual study of new mainstream population growth, buying power and targeted industry best practices for…


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Hispanics and sports: How to make a big business play

From soccer to football, baseball, boxing and basketball, Hispanics represent a huge opportunity for the sports industry.

According to a Nielsen report, 94 percent of Hispanic males are sport fans, and 56 percent consider themselves avid fans. This translates into bigger audiences and a huge opportunity to increase ticket sales.

Although they think they’re making…


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4 network-building tips that fuel business growth

What do you do when you’re looking for a new job opportunity? Besides checking the job boards for postings, you often reach out to your network to see if anyone is looking to hire. It’s one of the things the career center at any university will tell you — network, network, network. Your fellow alums, former bosses and friends of friends will be more willing to offer a position…


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