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Pizza Patron gives free pies for ordering in Spanish—and gets criticism in return

If Rosetta Stone hasn’t taught you que from quien, maybe a passion for pepperoni will do the trick.

Texas-based chain Pizza Patrón, which has locations in Las Vegas and has traditionally marketed to Hispanics, is offering a free, large pepperoni pizza to anyone who orders in Spanish between 5 and 8 p.m. on June 5. And, while pizza may hardly seem a topic that courts…


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'Sleeping giant' Latino vote yet to awaken

The first Latino president of the United States already has been born.

Henry Cisneros, the former San Antonio mayor who was secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development in the Clinton administration, made the suggestion three years ago in an interview with the Spanish-language news service EFE.

"I don't know if he or she's in elementary school or…


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Dolores Huerta honored with Medal of Freedom

Sketching impressive contributions to society in intensely personal terms, President Barack Obama presented the Medal of Freedom to more than a dozen political and cultural greats Tuesday, including farmworker union trailblazer Dolores Huerta.

Other honorees included rocker Bob Dylan, astronaut John Glenn and novelist Toni Morrison.

In awarding the nation's…


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Med student has her finger on pulse of community, culture

Future physician Maria Garcia-Jimenez was planning a nutrition class for at-risk Latina teens when it became clear, in discussions with her community partner, that the girls had other, equally pressing needs. Which is how García, 23 at the time, found herself designing an eight-week sex-education workshop.

Health was Garcia’s area of expertise — she’s a medical and…


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Latinos in Social Media Get Political for 2012

A social media-based group of Latinos is getting serious about influencing politics, online and off. Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) will hold a tech conference at Google's New York offices in June, and will give the White House a town hall style forum at its annual conference in October.

"It's the epicenter for all the Latinos in social media," said Elianne Ramos, vice-chair, marketing for the group [photo left], describing the LATISM 2012 conference to be held in Houston,…


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Latina mommy bloggers gain influence in South Florida

Latina mommy bloggers are gaining clout across South Florida, reflecting an explosion in Hispanic buying power and the vital role of women in household purchasing decisions.

Hundreds of Hispanic moms now write blogs in English, Spanish or both, exploring such topics as family and children, food and recipes, immigration, fashion, coupons and deals. Some have made the…


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In Hollywood, Latino stereotypes are all too real

Eva Longoria actually tried to defend a series she had agreed to co-produce about Latinas cast as housekeepers. But in the process, the Hispanic television star came across as, well, desperate.

The program — “Devious Maids,” which was set to debut this fall on ABC — was, if you'll excuse the expression, the brainchild of Marc Cherry. One would expect more from the creator of the hit show “Desperate Housewives,” which starred Longoria and recently wrapped up its final…


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Assimilation, now more than ever

In the most predictable demographic revolution ever, the Census Bureau reported that nonwhite babies now make up a majority of all births.

This shift was inevitable as long as the basic architecture of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act remained in place. It ended the old system of per-country quotas and -- together with subsequent liberalizations -- unleashed a flood of immigration from Latin America and Asia. So long as about a million new immigrants entered the country every…


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Obama, Romney campaigns target young Hispanics with cellphones

Hispanic voters are a crucial constituency in the presidential election, but reaching young Hispanics will require new tactics – and some experts say mobile-phone outreach will be key.

There are more than 21 million eligible Hispanic voters – and more than 30 percent of them are 18 to 30 years old. About 50,000 Hispanics reach the voting age of 18 each month.



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Why so few Latinos at protests?

Chicago’s population is more than one-third Latino, but you’d have never known it by looking at the protesters who marched against NATO last weekend.

I covered most of the events held by the anti-NATO demonstrators, from the People’s Summit on the South Side to the die-in at Boeing on Monday, and I was hard-pressed to find a Latino to talk to about why he or she was…


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Should political campaigns reach Hispanics in English or Spanish?

Spanish or English – Espanol o Ingles?

To reach young Hispanic voters, most politicians and organizations have taken a bilingual approach, to varying degrees.

But most young Hispanics lead English-dominant lives, raising the question of whether the Spanish-language campaign communication still is necessary.

“What both Romney and Obama need to start doing to the Latino community – they need to start talking to them in English,” said Maria Teresa Kumar, the executive…


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Macy’s and Cosmo for Latinas bring the magic of Brasil to NYC

During my time in New York City last week, I had the pleasure to attend a special event hosted by Cosmos for Latinas at Macy’s Herald Square to celebrate the beauty and culture of Brasil. As part of their “Brasil: A Magical Journey” campaign, Macy’s has put together an amazing display of limited-edition capsule collections created by renowned Brazilian designers,…


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Hispanic Heavy Swing States Drive High Mobile Ad Prices

Swing states with large Hispanic populations are generating higher mobile ad prices for political advertisers than other 2012 election battleground states. Though it's not clear that the desire to reach Hispanic voters is driving up prices, the data from mobile ad firm Pontiflex suggests it could cost campaigns more to target mobile ads to them.

Political candidates and groups using the firm's mobile signup ads are spending nearly $1 more per lead on average in Nevada and $2 more per…


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Univision and AT&T sign multi-year multi-platform content agreement

AT&T to Launch Univision’s Telenovela, Sports and News Networks


NEW YORK , NY/ DALLAS, TXMAY 11, 2012— Univision Communications Inc., the leading media company serving Hispanic America, and AT&T*, the nation’s fastest-growing TV provider**, today announced a multi-year, multi-platform content agreement to deliver Univision content across all of  AT&T’s platforms, including U-verse® TV, online, smartphones and…


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Hispanics screening for skin cancer less than others

Only one in 14 Hispanic adults nationwide have been screened for skin cancer, despite the disease's tendency to be more virulent in this population, according to a report released Monday.

Researchers at The Cancer Institute of New Jersey, who compiled the study, said the lack of screening can be attributed to a lack of medical insurance, less access to health care and…


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Hispanic Sports Fans Rising, Sports Advertising Up

It’s not just soccer. From NASCAR to the NFL Draft, growth in Hispanic sports viewership is climbing significantly. At the same time, sports advertising as a whole continues its steady jump, according to Nielsen.

In February, an average of 73,000 Spanish speakers watched the Daytona 500, up 55% from 2011. In April, an average of 492,000 Hispanics watched the NFL Draft,…


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Healthcare Marketers Need To Focus On Young Latinas

Healthcare marketers should target insured young Hispanic women, a rapidly growing demographic that increasingly serves as healthcare gatekeepers, according to a new national survey commissioned by Cultúr Health, a partnership between Hispanic marketing specialist the vox collective and healthcare public relations firm Cooney/Waters.

The survey found that Latinas aged…


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Azteca America and Grupo Salinas Partner with Voto Latino to Increase Participation of Hispanics in November Election

Azteca America and Grupo Salinas are partnering with Voto Latino in an effort to educate and encourage the Hispanic community to exercise their right to vote.

The multi-media informational campaign includes public service announcements to be aired on Azteca America, a web-based campaign on and printed materials that will be distributed by Azteca America affiliated stations in 75 markets throughout the…


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Why Women, Hispanics And Youth Won't Save Obama

Democrats know the slow economy will significantly hinder President Obama’s efforts to win reelection, but they could at least take some solace in the notion that several voting blocks would still come out strong for the president, perhaps giving him the victory. But even that hope may be fading.

While the president could still win those voting blocks, it is likely that the turnout will be lower and the spread between the president and Republican Mitt Romney will be…


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Some Like It Hot: Hispanics and the American Melting Pot

As the number and influence of Hispanics in the U.S. has steadily increased in recent decades, they have been celebrated and derided, welcomed and deported, courted for their dollars and lambasted for clinging to their culture even as they are bombarded with ads for the latest pseudo-enchilada at Taco Bell.

Hispanics have been sliced and diced by age, size, and…


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