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5 tips to help you land your first job after graduation

As the reality of graduation begins to settle in for college seniors, finding the perfect entry-level job should be a top priority. For the class of 2016, fortunately, the job market seems more promising than ever. With employers planning to hire 11 percent more college graduates this year for U.S. jobs than last year, the likelihood of finding a suiting profession seems…


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Retail spending by Hispanics to outpace millennials by 2020

Thanks to both income growth and population growth, Hispanics of all ages in the U.S. will drive consumer spending beyond millennials’ influence by 2020, according to a research report from Morgan Stanley analysts, MarketWatch reports.

Retail spending by Hispanic-Americans will rise by 1.6 percentage points by 2020, more than millennial spending growth of 0.6 percentage…


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Experts Determined to Boost Hispanic Business-oriented Ph.D. Attainment

The Hispanic population is the fastest-growing demographic groups in the country. Today, Hispanic students make up nearly one-quarter of all public school enrollments. By 2036, they are projected to make up one-third of the nation’s 3 to 17 year olds.

As the progression toward becoming a country that is “majority-minority” continues, Hispanic students will increasingly…


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Networking When You Hate People

I never heard of the term “networking” when I was in high school or college. This may be because the teachers (and possibly our parents) wanted us to spend less time going to parties and more time studying so we could get into a good college or graduate school. Since I opted to go law school, my college guidance counselors told me to focus solely on doing well on the LSAT (and…


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Latinas in the U.S. Economy

Regardless of their employer, parental status, or income level, the majority of workers will experience a work-life conflict at some point in their lives.

Whether it is to be at home for an emergency household repair, pick up a sick child from school, or simply recover from their own illness, most workers need access to scheduling flexibility and paid leave. Despite the…


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Forget millennials — these 2 groups are the real future of America's consumers

Everyone keeps talking about millennials and their shopping habits.

But that doesn't mean they will be the only influential consumers in America's near-term future.

A Morgan Stanley team led by Paula Campbell Roberts argues that two other demographic groups will also be key drivers of future consumption trends in the US: Hispanics of all ages and whites over…


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Energy Is A Latino Issue

The National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators (NHCSL) concluded a successful two-day Energy & Environment Summit, which was held in Washington, DC, that brought together dozens of state legislators, federal government officials, industry experts, and advocates, among others to discuss the many ways in which energy issues impact Latino communities across the country.…


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The bad habit many Hispanics have adopted

Hispanics tend to over-index when it comes to smartphone usage, with levels well above the national average. Alas, there’s another area of smartphone usage where they’re also well above the national average, and it’s putting them in danger.

More than three-quarters of Hispanics, 83 percent, said they use their smartphones while they’re driving, according to a study from…


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Proof You Don't Need to Be an Extrovert to Be a Good Networker

It’s common knowledge that networking is a necessary skill in business. But there is a lot of mystique and ambiguity in how to go from a handshake to a cultivated, valuable, professional connection.

The key is this: People need to feel like they are genuinely important and valued by you before they will view you as important and valuable to them.

The difference…


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