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4 big resume mistakes that are easy to fix

Your resume can open doors for you, or it can keep you from getting hired. Sometimes it's not the big things that cause the person making hiring decisions to pass on you. It might be a relatively small mistake that dooms your candidacy.

The good news is that these mistakes are easy to fix. Just putting in a little attention to detail should let you correct these…


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Starbucks while Hispanic: A Latina barista tells her story

It was two years ago that Iris Castaneda was escorted out of a Starbucks in Orlando by security guards after arguing with a barista over soy milk.

Though she immediately felt she’d been the target of obvious discrimination — she recalls being the only Hispanic woman in the store when it happened — Castaneda mostly kept her story to…


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Hispanic household wealth continues to climb

The Hispanic community continues to drive homeownership growth in the U.S., but a challenging political climate keeps many from making long-term financial commitments, according to the latest HWP Annual report released by the Hispanic Wealth Project and the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals.…


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William Almonte - How Are Recruiters Utilizing Online Recruitment as A Powerful Tool

With each passing year’s development, man is becoming more and more versatile whether it is personally or it is professionally. And every development brings certain advantages with it, kudos to the newer technologies. Approaching the job sectors, the Internet has become one of the most utilized tools for job hunting that recruiters use nowadays. Considering the earlier Internet traditions in the job industry, the recent years have brought developed automation of…


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These are the best U.S. cities for Hispanic entrepreneurs

The number of Hispanic persons in America is expected to grow to comprise more than 25 percent of the U.S. population by 2050. That growth is already helping to propel the growth of Hispanic-owned businesses by nearly 15 times the national rate. Wallethub analyzed 23 metrics in the top 182 cities to determine the cities most friendly to Hispanic entrepreneurs.…


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The upscale Latina opportunity

Can radio stations benefit by reaching out to a segment of the U.S. Hispanic market that is growing in both affluence and influence? Yes, says Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz, founder and president of Miami-based Semilla AD.

The Uruguay-born multicultural marketing veteran specializes in upscale Latinos.…


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The Networking advice no one tells you

We’ve all heard the advice that networking is important for our careers. And regardless of your profession, your industry or demographic, the message is loud and clear. If you want to be successful, you need to spend time networking. It’s great advice. But the critical missing piece to this advice is exactly how to network.…


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How to explain gaps on your resume

One of the most important things about acing an interview aside from authenticity? Transparency.

So, if there's a gap in your resume, rest assured it will come up during an interview. Assume recruiters will spot it on your resume and inquire about why there's a gap or what you were doing with your time.

There are several ways to address it in a…


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Rising Hispanic college enrollment puts focus on achievement gap

As the Hispanic population in the United States has exploded, so has the number of Hispanics pursuing higher education. Between 2000 and 2015, the college-going rate among Hispanic high school graduates grew from 22 to 37 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Education. Hispanic undergraduate enrollment more than doubled, to 3 million. More than a quarter of…


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Supermarkets aren't effectively marketing to US-born Hispanics

A recent report from Rincón & Associates, a Texas-based consulting firm, says supermarkets must change the way they market to Hispanic consumers in order to reach this growing U.S. demographic. The number of Hispanics born in other countries compared with those born in the U.S. is declining, and is projected to decline steeply in the future, creating a “perfect…


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William Almonte - Top Five Recruitment Challenges In The Current Century

Right people and the right time are the essential factors when choosing to enroll someone in a company. And now that the massive development is taking place pertaining to the job recruitment patterns, most of the times recruiters’ inaccurate behavior reasons to omit the right person for a position. Our guide here will elaborately echo major five challenges that are seen while enrolling a person. Read on and know more.…


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One week away! Read biographies of feature guests for the 2018 STEM Networking Forum May 30

Read biographies of feature guests for the STEM Networking Forum "Building a Diversity Wave in STEM" being held Wednesday, May 30 at LinkedIn Chicago.


Kristen Sonday, Co-founder, COO, Paladin

Kristen Sonday is the co-founder and COO of Paladin, which helps legal teams run…


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William Almonte - What Are The Factors That Recruiters Check on Before Hiring An Employee?

In a world where just a fingertip can help you book air tickets and where space-age technology overrules everything else, hiring reliable employees wouldn’t be a complicated task. But that is only possible when you have an approachable and confident recruiter, for he/she is not only the one who would go the whole nine yards to discover the qualities one has to acquire…


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Diversity and Inclusion: Past, Present, and Future

As social movements across the country continue to shape global conversations around equity, the spotlight and opportunity have been thrust onto the business sector to reflect the values society cares about most.

For the first time ever, this generation of the U.S. workforce is demanding a more genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion, one that represents…


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U.S. Hispanics and the Beer industry

While Corona is perhaps the most well-known imported beer, due partly to the success of its “Find Your Beach” campaigns, there are a number of other beers marketed with the specific aim of reaching Hispanic consumers. Chief among them are Dos Equis, owned by Heineken, and Modelo Especial, owned by Constellation (which also owns Corona).

Recently, another one was…


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Everything you need to know about Hispanic radio

If you had to know one thing about Hispanic radio, it is this: There is no such thing.

There are, in fact, at least 20 forms of Latino radio in America, reflecting the 20 countries of origin of this country’s Hispanic population, each different. That explains the vitality of Hispanic radio and its rich diversity.…


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Leaders to gather in Chicago for Latino Economic Summit

Former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is scheduled to address a conference in Chicago on economic issues facing the nation's Latinos.

The one-day event will be held at Malcolm X College on Thursday that is hosted by the Aspen Institute's Latinos…


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Why all you're hearing is crickets from your job search

How are those job applications coming along? Are you scouring websites and sending out cold submissions on those irritating forms? If you’re still reading, I guess that what you’ve been getting back from your efforts is … crickets. What’s that about?

Stay with me and we’ll find a better way to get you that next gig.…


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Noted Author Elsie Guerrero Releases New Children’s Book to Highlight Different Types of Disability

(May 15, 2018) Washington, D.C. – Today, noted author and disability advocate Elsie Guerrero released her sixth book titled ABC: Now I Know Common Disabilities to highlight common disabilities children sometimes see in their classroom. This book was inspired by all the feedback she received from the community as an advocate and child therapist.

“I was a speaker…


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New study assesses how Hispanic women navigate the wage gap

A new study conducted by People en Español shows that young Latinas are experiencing a generational, political and cultural metamorphosis.

According to the study, which surveyed nearly one thousand Hispanic and non-Hispanic women, Latinas are not conforming to traditional customs and gender roles as strictly as they once did.…


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