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IHCC Welcomes Joseph DeLaGarza to its Team

Joseph DeLaGarza has joined the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC) as a Senior Business Counselor primarily assigned to work with the Minority Business Development Agency / Chicago Minority Business Center that IHCC operates in partnership with the Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council (CMSDC). In this role, he will assist Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs)…


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New UNO campus welcomes 570 Latino immigrant students

Nearly 150 years ago, St. Scholastica Academy opened its doors to educate German immigrants.

This September, the school will once again be a place of learning for immigrant children when the United Neighborhood Organization moves in and welcomes an anticipated 570 Latino immigrant students.

St. Scholastica announced Sunday that UNO signed on to lease most of the…


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Most Aging Latinos Struggle, Some Get Active, Inspiring Others

According to a recent AARP report, middle-aged and older Hispanics are having the hardest time coping with the Great Recession. About one in five of them have delayed retirement, and one in 10 have taken on a second job.

As the huge baby boom generation—78 million people in the United States born from 1946 through 196, about 10 percent of them Latino—reaches age 65,…


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Hispanic Business Becomes Gathering Place of Many Cultures

The first thing you might notice when walking into Mi Pueblo Mexican Bakery is the aroma of freshly baked breads and burritos.

The next thing: laughter or friendly conversation coming from the store’s dining area, where friends gather for lunch or a quick snack after work.

On a recent Friday, two Spanish-speaking men sat at a table eating their lunch and laughing, while a woman ordered her meal in English and customers from various backgrounds shopped the market.



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Click this! Obama, Romney Target Latino Youths Online

As Mitt Romney heads off on his "Earning His Foreign Policy Chops" tour (Hit the Olympics opening. Check. Shake hands in Poland. Check. Look serious and concerned in Israel. Check.), the real election battle is in cyberspace. Especially the one aimed at young Latinos.

If you've been hit with loads of texts; your inbox has offers for T-shirts or dinner with Candidate X;…


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More Latinas Leveraging Digital Media for Entrepreneurial Success

When many of us think of starting a business, we think of a long road ahead, a lot of sacrifice, and of course – the burning question – how to secure access to capital.

Every start up business requires seed money – some more than others. Interestingly enough, leveraging digital media to start an online business may be more affordable than one may think and I’m pleased…


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Many Latinos shun borrowing for school, research shows

Policymakers and education leaders laud students who finish their college degrees within the four-year ideal. But Mario Escalera, a University of Texas at San Antonio student, will be glad to earn his bachelor's in about twice that — especially if it means he can avoid student loan debt.

The first-generation college student, who was raised on the Southeast Side…


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The Next Media Jackpot: The Fight For The $1 Trillion Hispanic Market

Hernan Lopez doesn’t look like a guy who produces telenovelas, the soap operas that dominate the airwaves throughout Latin America. He looks like a guy who stars in them. With his wavy black hair, firm jawline and velvety Argentinean accent, it’s easy to picture him galloping home on a white horse to rescue his childhood sweetheart from losing the family hacienda to a corrupt…


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Se habla espanol: Presidential campaigns using Spanish to woo a fast-growing bloc of voters

The race to the White House is now available in Spanish, and it’s no surprise.

With Latinos projected to be nearly a third of the U.S. population by 2050 and already making up a crucial voting bloc in battleground states from Florida to Nevada, the campaigns of Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama have gained a Spanish accent.

Romney’s son Craig, for example,…


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Women’s wage gap is big economic roadblock for Latinas, says new report

Latina women make 62 cents for every dollar made by an average white male, according to the Department of Labor. This is one of the biggest factors limiting women from obtaining economic security for themselves and their families, according to a new Center for American Progress report. Adriana Kugler, chief economist to U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solís, says this is a loss not…


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War over Latino Media Market Heats Up

The war among U.S. media giants out to conquer their share of the rich $1 trillion Hispanic market is getting fierce.

"We think the established Spanish-language networks today are trapped in the same formula that ABC, CBS and NBC were 25 years ago," the CEO of Fox International Channels, Hernan Lopez, told Forbes magazine.

Forbes talked to Lopez on the occasion…


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CoolSpeak is proud to partner with and… Robert pic

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AHAA Finds Hispanics Are Driving Growth in the Technology, Telecommunications and Entertainment Sectors

AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing has released its third study in its Revenue Growth series revealing a positive connection between corporate Hispanic marketing and revenue growth specific for the Technology, Telecommunications and Entertainment categories. In fact, the data showed that Hispanic allocation alone explains about 30 percent of change in topline revenue growth…


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Verizon Reaffirms Long-Standing Commitment to Minority Business Enterprises in Maryland

The Maryland Public Service Commission met on Tuesday (July 17) with Verizon and several other companies to discuss supplier diversity initiatives statewide. The following statement should be attributed to Karen I. Campbell, Verizon's Mid-Atlantic vice president of state government affairs:

"At Verizon, diversity is as much about good business practice as it is the…


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Latinas more likely to succeed in school when moms involved

Hispanic women are less likely than their non-Hispanic peers to attend college, reports Deseret News. When they do attend, Latinas are more likely to drop out than women of other ethnicities. However, according to Dr. Josie Tinajero, assistant professor at University of Texas, El Paso (UTEP), who witnessed the Latina student shortage during her own college years, Hispanic…


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Romney and Obama Fight for Hispanic Vote

Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are battling for the Hispanic vote and taking that fight to the airwaves. A few hours after the Romney campaign released a new Spanish language ad, the pro-Obama super PAC, Priorities USA, partnered with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and have released three new ads today, a total of nine so far.

This is all on the same day a new Quinnipiac University poll found the…


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Latina moms influential in election, but want more answers

In the battle for the soccer mamis, let’s just say Tuesday was a gooooooooooal for the Obama campaign. But perhaps not so great for the mamis.

'Soccer mamis' could affect general election

The president’s campaign offered up Michelle Obama to talk to CNN contributor Maria Cardona. It was live streamed on Mamiverse, a blog for Latinas and their families. The blog…


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Uber connected young Latinos spend billions on mobile, says new study

It’s no secret young people live on their cell or smart phones, but for Latino youth –that rings even truer. A new report written by Mobile Future and the Hispanic institute underlines young Hispanics and new generations of Americans spend heavily on mobile broadband technology – $17.6 billion on mobile devices and more than $500 million on mobile apps in 2012.



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Wells Fargo Pays $175 Mil to Latinos for Violation of Fair-Lending Laws

Banking giant Wells Fargo will pay at least $175 million to settle accusations that it was in violation of fair-lending laws when it discriminated against Latinos and African-Americans borrowers.

Wells Fargo, the nation's largest residential home mortgage originator, allegedly engaged in a pattern or practice of discrimination against qualified African-American and…


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Fire Leaves Largely Latino College in Washington Struggling

A fire at a private, liberal arts college in Washington state has left school officials scrambling to ensure academics aren't adversely affected and grateful that more wasn't lost for the largely Latino and Native American students who make up the school's student body.

Heritage University serves a unique mission in central Washington's Yakima Valley, an agricultural belt home to thousands of acres of wine grapes, tree fruit and row crops: Two-thirds of its 1,200 students are Hispanic…


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