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3 ways to engage Hispanics online effectively and efficiently

Hispanics will account for more than half of the U.S. population growth by 2020 and 85 percent by 2050, comprising a market you no longer can neglect or ignore if you want to sustain growth in your company.

So says the Nielsen report, “The Multicultural Edge: Rising Super Consumers.”

Further, digital plays an important role in engaging with this audience, offering…


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The top Hispanic entrepreneurs in America

In 2012, 1 out of every 6 Americans was Hispanic, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. By 2060, the organization predicts, that number will be 1 in 3.

Hispanic-owned U.S. businesses now stand at 3.1 million—boasting a 40 percent growth rate. And with the growth of the Hispanic community, the number of Hispanic entrepreneurs is increasing as well—especially Hispanics who…


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Become a Networking Beast

The thought of networking at conferences and industry events makes some entrepreneurs nauseous. If you go into it feeling uncomfortable, your results will be disastrous. Networking is a major part of being a successful entrepreneur, so it’s in your best interest to get good at it -- really, really good at it.

Here is a simple plan to make connections and unlock new…


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Top four reasons to be investing in Latina startups

As an entrepreneur in the tech industry, I don’t want your charity. I want your investment.

To be clear, I have nothing against non-profits. I have been the President of Latino Startup Alliance and on the board of several other great cultural institutions and some of my best friends run great non-profits. But that is not the opportunity I am offering you. I am giving you…


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3 Ways to Fire Up Your Job Search During the Summer Slowdown

It’s a myth that people don’t get hired over the summer. Yes, people are on vacation, so hiring typically slows down as interviews are harder to schedule, but people do get hired. As a job seeker, this means that the summer is a great time to rev up your search – your competition may take time off, assuming a hiring slowdown.

Your hard-to-reach networking contacts…


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Latinos ‘hold the key’ to keeping American Dream alive

“Latinos are actually changing the fabric of our society and the growth of our country,” said Abigail Golden-Vazquez, executive director for the Latinos and Society Program at the Aspen Institute.

Fifty-five million Hispanics live in the United States today, a number that is expected to double by 2050. It was a statistic revealed Saturday during an Aspen Ideas Festival…


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Hispanics Now California's Largest Ethnic Group

Hispanics reached a historic milestone in California last week: they are now the Golden State's largest single ethnic group, according to new U.S. Census estimates. The new data confirms projections made last year by California's Department of Finance. But while Hispanics make up 39 percent of the state's population, they still lag when it comes to voter turnout and political…


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10 easy tips to take networking to the next level

Everyone wants to reach new heights in their business, and networking is the answer to that. Networking is vital to building your business, and here are some easy tips to take your networking to the next level:

1. Make a good first impression

As most of us already know, the first impression is generally the last impression. So, it is essential you create a positive…


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Tapping into the Hispanic marketplace

With the United States encompassing the second-largest Hispanic population in the world accounting for 18 percent of the population — trailing only that of Mexico — it makes good business sense for every company's radar to be focused on the growing Hispanic marketplace.

Propelled by a U.S. Hispanic community that has grown 592 percent since 1970 and is expected to…


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How Latinas are influencing the retail industry

Hispanic shoppers like Maria Creamer are a retailer's dream. She goes to the mall at least once a week to either window shop or buy clothes. "We like to shop a lot, and always look good," said the 51-year -old Puerto Rican with a laugh as she winds her way through a department store in downtown Stamford, Connecticut.

Latina women are fast becoming the new majority…


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