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Three networking secrets no one probably told you about

As someone who has spent her career networking, teaches workshops on intentional networking, and is considered to have a dynamic and rich set of influential contacts, I can tell you there are some things about networking you probably didn’t know.

Networking is relationship building. It is a strategic and intentional part of your professional growth and career success.…


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Latinos Are Everywhere, Except on TV

If the current rate of Latino involvement in the media were to play out as it has, it would take 60 years for Latinos in lead film roles to match their share of the U.S. population. It would take 100 years to do the same in TV. But even at that point, the Latino population would have already doubled.

Put more bluntly, if U.S. Latinos annexed themselves and founded their…


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9 Latinos Share How They’ve Achieved Their Dreams In The U.S.

Todos tenemos una historia que vale la pena compartir. Join these Latinos on their road to success as they share their experiences navigating through two worlds and how their background has helped them arrive where they wanted to be.

Gabriela Natale, TV host, producer, and founder of AGANARmedia

“When I…


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5 ways to own your autumn job search

For families, summer is often jam-packed with vacations, camps, and activities; for businesses, it can be something of a downtime. Once autumn comes, though, most companies are ready to kick into high-gear for the remainder of the year, which means creating new positions and filling vacant ones. In fact, autumn is traditionally the season in which companies do the most hiring.…


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The 10 Best Networking Tips for People Under 40

If you want to get ahead in this world, you have to network. Networking helps build confidence, connects you with like-minded professionals, and, if all goes well, networking can help improve your business's bottom line. But are you doing the best you can do as a mover and shaker? Take a look at these networking tips for pros under age 40 and then add some of your own in the…


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Silicon Valley struggles to hack its diversity problem

Yahoo disclosed last week that African Americans made up just 2 percent of its workers, while Hispanics stood at 4 percent. Those revelations came days after Facebook reported that in 2014 it had employed just 81 blacks among its 5,500 U.S. workers.

Silicon Valley has a diversity problem, a contentious issue that has come into sharper focus in recent months as tech…


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3 networking mistakes you don't know you're making

Job seekers today are on the move every four years, and for millennials it’s even more often. Whether passively or actively, their eyes and ears are almost constantly open to new opportunities. What was once a yearly event has now become a ritualistic activity. And while the lucky few might be poached or plucked by recruiters, the majority of us rely on networking to get our…


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Hispanics in Florida more financially secure

Hispanics in South and Central Florida are the most financially secure in the state, according to a report by FAU released Tuesday.

But it's been a good year for hispanics overall in the Sunshine State, with 65 percent of them feeling more financially secure, indicates the study from Florida Atlantic University's Business and Economics Polling Initiative in the College…


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Hispanics Go Over the Top: New FOCUS Latino Study Sheds Insight on Hispanic Viewing Habits

The latest findings from Horowitz Research's FOCUS Latino report reveal that Hispanics are more likely to have made streaming an integral part of their video viewing lifestyle. Half (51%) of Hispanic TV viewers in the study report spending 20% or more of their time watching over-the-top (OTT) content, compared to 43% of total urban TV content viewers. Among Hispanics, OTT…


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Learn more about feature guests of the 2015 Latina Trailblazers Networking Soiree Thursday, July 23

Learn more about the feature guests of the 2015 Latina Trailblazers Networking Soiree being held Thursday, July 23 at Shay Chicago.

Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti, Lieutenant Governor of Illinois

Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti was sworn in as Illinois’ 47th Lieutenant Governor on January 12, 2015. She is…


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Mayor Emanuel appoints Olga Camargo to Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority Board

Mayor Rahm Emanuel today appointed Olga Camargo, a respected financial executive, to The Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority Board – which oversees McCormick Place and Navy Pier. Camargo, who currently serves on the Chicago Plan Commission, replaces Frank M. Clark who is stepping down from the Board to become the new President of the Chicago Board of Education. The…


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How to effectively network (even if you dread it)

I’ll admit it. I’m an introvert. Networking—especially at happy hours and conferences—is probably the most painful experience I have to regularly subject myself to. Get me into a conversation and I’m fine, but ask me to introduce myself to a stranger or ‘work a room’ and I become an awkward preteen at a junior high dance. Yes, I become a wallflower.

Over the years, I…


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Hispanics’ growing impact on foodservice

The Hispanic population is growing — and so is its use of foodservice.

Hispanic consumers increasingly are visiting restaurants, with 41 percent now using food service at least twice weekly, up from 36 percent in 2013, according to industry tracker Technomic, Inc., Chicago. Moreover, they are expected to represent nearly 30 percent of the total US population by…


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Latina Entrepreneurs leading the way

Latinos are a growing force of influence in America - with good reason. The Latino population is anticipated to double, to approximately 106 million people, by the year 2050. The success of the U.S. economy is very much tied to the success of the Latino workforce. Since small businesses are a critical sector of our economy, ensuring Latinos reach their full entrepreneurial…


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Job hunting tips for young women

Young women preparing to enter the workforce may discover a job market that's difficult to crack.

Getting a foot in the door in your desired field is not always easy, but young women looking to land that first job out of college can consider the following tips to help them take that all-important first step toward a rewarding career.

Decide on a path. Blindly…


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4 reasons to target Hispanics with native advertising

With brands executing more and more Hispanic content marketing campaigns, it is imperative to get qualified eyeballs on that branded content. Savvy content marketers employ a variety of digital tactics to promote their content including organic search, paid search, social media, influencer marketing and more recently native advertising. For the sake of this post, native…


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A Summer Filled With Hope continues to make dreams happen for Latino students

Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donor Network united the Hispanic community in Chicago by hosting its third annual A Summer Filled with Hope fashion show, in support of higher education for Latino students. The event was held on Saturday, July 11 in order to raise funds in benefit of Scholarships for Hope. The initiative was founded by Gift of Hope in 2013; which is aimed at…


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6 Changes You Should Make to Your Job Search

It's harder than ever to land a good job. So if you're unemployed and searching for one, you're probably frustrated. While employers cite many reasons why finding the right talent is nearly impossible, you can only control what you are doing (and not doing) to get on an their radar.

Here are a few things you should do differently to get more interviews.

1. Cut…


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Learn how to build connections throughout networking

Everyone has heard about the power of connections and how important they are to your career. The more connections you have the more likely you are to land a great job. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking, yet the majority of people tend to spend their time searching in areas that only yield a fraction of return…


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