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Hispanic run Non-Profit-Organizations

Recently there was an article that highlighted the fact that Google's donations to Hispanic NPO's were almost non-existant. Well we want to try and change that. I am asking every person on this site to please take a minute out of their busy schedules and help with a great cause:

Google founder Paul Buchheit wants to donate to a dynamic, results-oriented nonprofit: Please vote for MiniDonations!!! Google Moderator

Brief… Continue

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SCAT program teaches obesity prevention

Never skip a meal because it can lead to over eating, eat protein for energy, and drink six to eight glasses of water each day, John Mendoza told me, while a group of his peers from Jovenes Latinos feasted on a healthy dinner of red beans and rice, grilled chicken, cooked green beans, salad, fruit, and brownies made with black beans.

The group of seven Latino teenagers and folks from Somerville Community Health Agenda of Cambridge Health… Continue

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Report: 41% of Latino girl students fail to graduate from high school in U.S.

A report released here Thursday revealed the serious drop-out crisis in the Latino community in the U.S. with 41 percent of Latino girl students failing to graduate on time with a standard high school diploma.

The report said while 98 percent of high school seniors in the U. S. want to graduate from high school, and 80 percent aspire to higher education, Latino students continue to face numerous challenges in reaching these… Continue

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Ruling favors Latino voters in Texas Democrat suit

Latino voters celebrated a federal court ruling Tuesday that came down against the Texas Democratic Party and could put the complicated "Texas Two-step" presidential delegate system in jeopardy.

The ruling by a three-judge panel will allow the lawsuit to go forward and put the Texas delegate system closer to facing a potential review by the Justice Department, which Latino advocates sought in the aftermath of last year's intense Democratic primary between Barack Obama and Hillary… Continue

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Three Latinas Make Forbes "World's Most Powerful Women" List

Latinas are gaining influence all around the world, not just in the United States. From presidents to Supreme Court appointee, many notable women have opened doors for the next generation to walk through.

Sonia Sotomayor, Michelle Bachelet and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner were each named to the Forbes World's Most Powerful Women list for different reasons. Let's take a look at these women and their exceptional… Continue

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Scholarship Set in Honor of Latina Trailblazer

The Hortencia “Tessie” M. Torres Endowed Scholarship has been established by her children, two USC alumni, with a $250,000 gift.

The scholarship will be awarded to meritorious and deserving graduate USC Rossier School of Education students, with special consideration given to those whose background experiences are similar to those of Torres Ed.D. ’80.

Torres, 75, began her career as an educator in East Los Angeles at a time when… Continue

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VIVA! Chicago Festival

We will be providing security and staffing again this year for Chicago's premier Latin Music Festival. See you out there rain or shine.

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UnitedHealthcare one of the best companies for Latinas

A magazine has ranked UnitedHealthcare the No. 12 best place for Hispanic women to work in the United States.

Latina Style Magazine cited UnitedHealthcare’s high percentage of Latina employees and Latinas in senior management positions as well as employee benefit programs in making its decision.

Hispanic women make up 6 percent of UnitedHealthcare’s total employee base, and more than 80 percent of its Hispanic employees. The company has also created wellness information… Continue

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Minority SAT Test Takers Rise as Hispanics Sign Up

A record percentage of minority students in the U.S. high school class of 2009 took standardized SAT tests, as more Hispanics sought college entry.

About 40 percent of graduating high school students taking the SAT were minorities compared with 38 percent in 2008, the College Board said in a statement today. Hispanics, the largest and fastest-growing minority taking the test, accounted for 13.5 percent of all SAT takers, according to the New York-based nonprofit… Continue

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Westchester to spend $50M on fair housing

Westchester County must spend millions of dollars to build affordable housing and integrate mostly white communities in a historic civil rights settlement stemming from a federal desegregation lawsuit.

The landmark agreement that was announced yesterday dictates that Westchester spend more than $50 million to build 750 units in the next seven years in parts of the county where there are few, if any, minorities.

The decision has national ramifications that could affect… Continue

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Kennedy was a champion for Latinos

The Senate’s sole Hispanic Democrat says Latinos lost one of their greatest champions in Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., said in a statement this morning Kennedy “will always have a place of honor in the Latino community as someone who stood up and fought for the rights of immigrants and the issues that affected the community at a time when few others would.”

Menendez and Kennedy, a lifelong champion of civil… Continue

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Astronaut Taking Raider Pride to Outer Space

You may have heard the inspiring story of Jose Hernandez, who grew up a migrant worker in San Joaquin County, didn't learn English until he was 12, and is now a NASA astronaut preparing to blast off in the Space Shuttle Discovery currently scheduled to launch at about 10 p.m. Pacific Time Tuesday night.

What you may not have heard that the guy is a lifelong, die-hard Oakland Raiders fan. And he's taking a Raider flag with him to plant on… Continue

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'Right Stuff' restaurateur to see first shuttle launch

The story going around Boron these days is that a shuttle landing is not complete unless it ends with dinner at Domingo's. While Domingo Gutierrez is often telling the story, it isn't idle boasting by this eastern Kern County restaurateur.

It's the truth.

Within four to six hours of a shuttle spacecraft landing on Edwards Air Force Base's dry lake bed, the crew is in Domingo's Mexican restaurant on Twenty Mule Team Road, chowing… Continue

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What your iPod playlist says about you

Who do you share your iPod playlist with?

Your lover? Your lover's husband? Your colleagues at the office? The strangely smelling man who sits next to you on the bus?

Well, researchers at the University of Cambridge have a message for you. It reads: "Don't."

According to these flatland boffins, your values, your personality, even your ethnicity, and social class (well, it is England, after all) will be judged by what… Continue

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Hispanic Market Continues to Attract Advertisers During the Recession

Despite the recession, a large number of companies—“especially consumer-product companies and financial-services firms”—are aggressively targeting the U.S. Hispanic market through advertising in Spanish-language media and sponsorship of community events, Beatrice E. Garcia writes for The Miami Herald.

Quoting TNS Market Intelligence, a market research firm, Garcia explains that overall, “[m]ore than $5 billion was aimed at the Hispanic… Continue

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Latinos flock to New Orleans

For the first time since it was a Spanish colony some 200 years ago, New Orleans is getting revitalized by Spanish speakers.

One of the more dramatic and immediate impacts of Hurricane Katrina has been the influx of thousands of new Latinos who have moved to the city to detoxify, renovate and rebuild storm damaged roads, flood walls, businesses and homes.

Following a mini-boom in Latinos has been a growing number of Latino-owned businesses, especially in the retail and… Continue

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Mexico Eases Ban on Drug Possession

Mexico decriminalized small amounts of marijuana, cocaine and heroin on Friday, in a move that creates one of the world's most permissive narcotics markets and that opponents say could complicate President Felipe Calderón's war against illegal drug cartels.

The law goes beyond what is allowed in many other countries by making it legal to possess small amounts of a wide array of drugs. For instance, the new law allows the equivalent of about… Continue

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Martinez departure part of GOP schism

Florida Sen. Mel Martinez's resignation closes the latest chapter in the Republican Party's tumultuous, decade-long effort to woo the nation's Hispanic voters.

The Cuban-American's impending departure could leave no Hispanic Republicans in the Senate and three in the House — compared to 21 Democrats in Congress — and a sense that the national GOP is at a major crossroads with the nation's fastest-growing demographic… Continue

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Fidel Castro slams U.S. for battle over healthcare

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro criticized the United States on Wednesday for being willing to spend billions on its high-tech military but finding it difficult to approve healthcare reform that would protect its poor people.

He wrote in a commentary published on a state-run Internet site that huge military budgets are approved easily by the U.S. Congress but U.S. President Barack Obama is struggling to convince federal lawmakers to pass a bill that would "deliver health services to… Continue

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White House moves to placate immigration reform advocates

Immigrant rights activists said Friday that a White House meeting this week to reaffirm support for immigration reform -- featuring a surprise appearance by President Obama -- had helped mollify growing frustration over what some perceived as backpedaling on reform promises.

But many said that action will be needed to keep the faith among immigrants and their supporters, particularly Latinos who turned out in record numbers to help elect Obama last year.

"We've heard all… Continue

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