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Follow these 6 steps if you hate your job

Most people have moments of frustration with their jobs. But if you've been unhappy for months, that's not normal or healthy – that's a flag that you should be thinking about making a change. But sometimes it's not that simple. You might be convinced you won't be able to find a job that pays as well; you may worry that you won't be qualified for other work; or you…


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Sprint's New Latino CEO Revamps Company With Eye On Hispanics

In just the first couple of weeks of being Sprint CEO, 43-year-old Marcelo Claure has cut prices, unveiled new data plans — and he is doing so with a keen eye on Latino mobile users.

Claure, the son of a Bolivian diplomat who moved to the U.S. in the 1990s, is now boldly attempting to steer the third largest U.S. wireless company, behind Verizon and AT&T,…


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Why there aren’t more Latinos in the tech industry

Last week, Apple was the latest in a string of Silicon Valley titans to release data that continues to prove how white, male, and Asian the tech industry really is. It’s not exactly a shock. Before Google released its own data in May — leading other companies to follow suit — there was already a growing belief that the tech industry needed to diversify. This need has…


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6 Job Search Tips for Millennials

If you’re a millennial currently looking for a job, you’ve got your work cut out for you. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for people age 16 to 24 is 16.2%. The economy is getting back on its feet again, but companies are still playing things cautiously, which means job applicants with attractive resumes and extensive experience are…


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Why Pandora Is Booming With Hispanic Users

Anyone who thinks U.S. Hispanics are still confined to traditional Latin media need only check out the latest Pandora stats.

According to ComScore's June numbers, 25 percent of Pandora's total 76.4 million active monthly unique visitors (MUV's) are Hispanic. That translates to an astounding nearly 19 million Hispanic MUV's, a number that not only places Pandora as the…


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Companies finding largest engagement in Spanish social media

Latinos are the fastest growing segment of the population and not just Latinos, young Latinos are out-growing their non-Latino counterparts.

And nothing screams youth nowadays more than being active on social media, whether that be the major sites like Facebook or Twitter or the smaller apps like Vine and Snapchat.

The number of U.S. residents 5 and older…


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'Total market approach' a total fail in reaching Hispanics

There has been a lot of debate about using a “total market approach” when reaching out to Hispanics, especially in regards to their millennials.

Total market approach is relying on only one marketing program designed to reach all consumers across both general and ethnic markets. If you take a shortcut like this and try to tap into the Hispanic market…


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Networking tips for young professionals

Recent grads with shiny new degrees. Mid-career professionals vying for new (or better) jobs. Retirees looking for a supplemental income. The value of professional networking is rarely outgrown — or overstated. Sure, everyone is on social networks these days, but there's a big difference between knowing the perks of networking and knowing how to network effectively.…


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Hispanics Ahead Of The Digital Curve

According to an analysis of strategies of leading brands and forward-thinking marketers by Lisa Gevelber, Vice President of Americas Marketing, U.S. Hispanic demographic trends indicate a 163% increase in population between 2010 and 2050, making up 30% of the population by July 1, 2050, and one trillion dollars in buying power in 2010, rising to $1.5 trillion next year…


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Hispanic investors more likely play it safe

Hispanic investors displayed a strong appetite for financial education in a recent Wells Fargo survey of investor attitudes.

Hispanics, more so than investors in general, said they wish they knew more about mutual funds, stocks and bonds (72 percent compared to 64 percent among investors in general) and that they were never taught about savings and investing as…


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17 Tips To Survive Your Next Networking Event

You arrive alone. Your heart is beating a little faster than normal and suddenly all of your charisma and charm go out the window. You try to lock eyes with someone so that you can find a temporary home in what can feel like a sea of strangers. But everyone looks happily engaged in conversation.

While this might sound like your experience at a middle school…


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Latinos on Farms Move From Fields to Office

When he was 15, an immigration raid at a Japanese flower nursery turned Arturo Flores’s life around.

The owners needed a new group of workers to replace the ones removed by immigration officials, and Mr. Flores landed a job cutting flowers. He slowly worked his way up to packaging and delivering them. In the mid-1980s he got a call from two businessmen looking…


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A Latino middle class is key, billionaire says

Increasing workers’ earning power and offering Hispanic-owned companies easier access to funding that can be used for growth can help improve the social and economic status of Latinos in the United States and across Latin America, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim says.

In a speech at the annual conference of the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders, Slim spoke…


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Maricela Vazquez, feature moderator Sales & Entrepreneurship Networking Forum

Maricela Vazquez, Meteorologist Telemundo Chicago

Maricela Vazquez of Telemundo Chicago to moderate the Sales & Entrepreneurship Networking Forum this Tuesday, August 19 at Vertigo Sky Lounge Chicago

Maricela joined…


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Colleges try to polish allure of STEM to Hispanics

The teenager crossed her fingers. The dark pellet was supposed to levitate. Like magic, it floated an inch into the air.

Cruz Alvarado, 16, smiled. Her science experiment worked. The pellet, a superconductor Cruz created, rose when the professor poured liquid nitrogen near it.

“I think it’s pretty cool,” Alvarado, a junior at Meadowcreek High School in…


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The new power of millennial Hispanics

Politicians and pundits have long been talking about the new non-white majority in the United States, and especially about the growing numbers and clout of Hispanic-Americans. As of the 2011 census, around 52 million Americans called themselves Hispanic, about 17 percent of the population — but their influence is even greater.

Whether first-generation…


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Latinos Love Bitcoin More Than Anyone Else

While most Americans remain fairly in the dark about bitcoin, tech-savvy Hispanics are at the forefront of fandom for the digital currency, according to a survey .

Just 8 percent of whites polled by Morning Consult said they know "a lot," while 53 percent said they know "nothing at all" or "not much" about bitcoin. That compares with 21 percent of Hispanics who…


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Read bios of Feature Guests for the Sales & Entrepreneurship Networking Forum presented by New York Life Insurance Co.

Yai Vargas, National Marketing Manager, Latino Market, New York Life Insurance Co.

Yai Vargas is the National Latino Marketing Manager for New York Life. Charged with implementing strategic marketing and recruiting initiatives, Yai currently travels to 40 cities around the US where she drives local…


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How to Navigate Networking with Confidence

If you want to advance your career, you know the standard advice: Go to networking events! But attending an unfamiliar event (with unfamiliar attendees) can be intimidating, so much so that many of us shy away from attending altogether. With a few tips and tricks, you can confidently approach networking events and make career-lifting connections:

Do your…


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Why networking is replacing cold calling

I opened two different yet similar emails this morning. The first dealt with a “Speed Networking” site promoting its services. The second email was promoting a “Networking Seminar” that uses a formulaic approach to networking similar to the typical funnel approach to sales.

What struck me about these emails was the focus on numbers. Has networking become the…


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