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These are the few jobs that robots won’t take from us

Much has been written about the upcoming “robot apocalypse” as it relates to the jobs market. Technological advances in robotics and artificial intelligence are rushing along at a breakneck pace. Already human workers in fields from construction to finance are being replaced by their mechanized or digital counterparts. But plenty more industries will be affected in the…


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How Do You Find a Career Mentor?

Whether you’re a recent graduate about to embark on your career or a seasoned professional navigating the difficult waters of professional development and career pathing, a mentor can be an invaluable resource for career advice, support, connections, and encouragement.

A mentor, by nature of what they’re not, occupies a unique position in your professional…


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Rate of home ownership among millennials of color is strikingly low

While millennials made up 36 percent of homebuyers in 2017, they have yet to catch up with other generations as far as home ownership is concerned. A recent study found they have lower homeownership rates than the nation’s two previous generations, and millennials of color have rates nearly 15 percentage points lower than their white counterparts.…


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Jennifer Lopez's best career advice

Jenny from the block has certainly come a long way! In her decades-long career, Jennifer Lopez has tackled TV, movies, music, design, the beauty business and more. The multi-hyphenate performer and mom to 10-year-old twins Max and Emme has also picked up plenty of accolades along the way.


“There was a certain hustle I grew up…


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What’s fueling Latino entrepreneurship

Despite such challenges as inadequate access to capital, the number of Latino-owned businesses in the U.S. is growing at a rate that outpaces just about every other ethnic group, a new study from the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative found.

The study — titled “State of Latino Entrepreneurship 2017” and coauthored by Stanford GSB professor emeritus…


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3 tips for advancing your career as a woman

Nowadays, a candidate's acceptance of a new employment position is likely preceded by a quick company Google search or a scouring of previous employees’ Glassdoor reviews.

As a female entering any industry, let alone one dominated by men, as most industries still are -- you should make sure that your first step toward achieving success as a female professional…


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A new look at how Latinos are powering the U.S. Economy

A new report puts a price tag on the Latino population in the United States, and it is over two trillion dollars. This economic power, says the report, would rank as the 7th largest in the world if the Latino GDP (Gross Domestic Product) were its own country.…


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The worst states for Hispanics and Latinos

The United States is the most popular destination for immigrants in the world. As such, the nation’s demographic composition is anything but static. Comprising over 17% of the total U.S. population, Hispanics and Latinos are one of the largest and fastest growing groups in the United States.…


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Hispanic Americans are on the rise in every way

Hispanics are on the rise in every way. They start businesses at a faster rate than any other demographic group, they have high employment and they are actively improving the economic and social outlook for their children. 

The developing narrative of the Latino community is one about economic opportunity. This young, growing, entrepreneurial demographic is…


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How to Email Someone You Haven’t Talked to in Forever

At some point in our careers, we find ourselves in need of help from others — whether it’s to make a direct connection to a hiring manager, to gather information on a prospective client company, or to get help in learning about a new industry quickly.

However, over the years, we often lose touch with people in our network as work,…


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Tips for Finding a Job in the Hidden Job Market

In the current job market, it’s not unusual for people to be looking for jobs over many months. It’s a very competitive market, and job openings are few. This situation is amplified by the herd mentality whereby people deploy the job search strategies commonly used in the past.…


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5 Tips From A Latina Leadership Mentor On How To Sidestep Your Fear And Pursue Your Passions

Seasons of transition — whether we’re focusing in on summer or seasons of life — are anxiety inducing on their worst day and transformative on their best.

When those seasons of transformation are reflective of a need for a career change they can be even more emotionally taxing.

Dr. Gladys Ato is a clinical psychologist and leadership mentor based out of…


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The career advice you shouldn't listen to

It’s no secret that there are many pathways to success. If you’re looking towards a leadership role, you probably have a certain trajectory in mind — one strongly guided by the wisdom passed down from parents, bosses and mentors. But what if one day you decided to make a sharp left turn from the conventional path? It could be a big mistake. But it could also be the…


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What financial optimism among Hispanics means

Hispanics are more optimistic about their financial futures than other consumers segments. As multicultural marketing expert Isaac Mizrahi shares in Forbes, in the next 12 months…

• 9 percent of Hispanics are planning to buy a house, compared to 6 percent of non-Hispanics. This means Hispanics, who represent about 18 percent of the U.S. population, may represent…


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Read biographies of feature guests for the 2018 Healthcare Networking Forum being held this Thursday 08/16

Read biographies of feature guests for the 2018 Healthcare Networking Forum being held this Thursday, August 16 at Latinicity Chicago. 


Mark Vargas, President, Licentiam

Mark Vargas is a trusted adviser and close confidante to some of the most high profile political and business leaders in America. His work as a…


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Tips for finding your dream job

Can you imagine a job where you look forward to coming to work every day, instead of dreading it? Life is too short to work in a job you don’t like, be around people you don’t respect and not be able to support and be dedicated to the company where you are employed.

If you can’t do those three things it may be time to look for another job.…


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Hispanic community faces barriers in U.S. health care

A new study finds Hispanics in the U.S. are facing language and cultural barriers when seeking health care.

Hispanic adults face language, cultural barriers in health care AP study found 6 in 10 have had difficult time communicating "I usually search online, look for reviews. I do call and ask if they speak Spanish. Not that the doctor needs to speak Spanish,…


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Eva Longoria wants to improve Hollywood for all Latinas

When Gina Rodriguez posted a photo posing with Eva Longoria, America Ferrara, Stephanie Beatriz, Rosario Dawson, Andrea Navedo, Melissa Fumero, Justina Machado, and a ton of other Latina actors with the hashtag #FiercelyLatina back in October of 2017, fans were not only shocked that these women were all in the same place — they were inspired.…


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Income inequality is getting worse in the U.S.

The gap in income between the 10% who make the most and those who make the least in the U.S. has continued to widen since 1970, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center.

Why it matters: The income disparities are strongly tied to other inequalities — such as education — among racial groups, which often most acutely impact immigrants.…


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Tips to nail your job interview

So you have a job interview coming up and you’re probably nervous. A top tip you’ll often hear is don’t be nervous, but that's easier said than…


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