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United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Announces National and Regional Hispanic Leadership and Business Excellence Awards

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) recently honored the winners of the 2009 National and Regional Hispanic Leadership & Business Excellence Awards during its 30th Annual National Convention, Business Expo & Latina Summit held in Denver, Colorado, from September 16-19.

"On behalf of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, our Board of Directors, and our network of more than 200 local and regional Hispanic chambers of commerce across our nation, I… Continue

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Hispanic College Fund Launches Hispanic Youth Institute Today

Today the Hispanic College Fund (HCF) launched the Hispanic Youth Institute, a web-based initiative designed to empower high school students to pursue a college education, enter a professional career, and give back to their communities. The Hispanic Youth Institute will initially serve the 2,600 alumni of HCF's Hispanic Youth Symposium, a four-day college empowerment program that has been hosted in numerous cities across the U.S. since 2004. Alumni will invite other students to participate in… Continue

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Oral histories project turns attention to Latinos

You can learn a lot from people by listening to their stories.

That has been the driving idea behind StoryCorps. Since 2003 the nonprofit project has been collecting oral histories from everyday Americans across the United States.

One copy of the recorded history goes to the participant and one copy to the American Folklife Ceter at the Library of Congress. To date, StoryCorps has recorded more than 27,000 stories, many of which… Continue

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Kraft Foods Brings Major Chicagoland Companies Together To Advance Latino Talent

Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month, Kraft Foods Hosts the Consortium of Latino Employee Organizations; Promotes Series of Professional Development Events

Celebrating this very important month for all U.S. Latinos, the Kraft Foods Latino Council is honoring Hispanic Heritage Month by hosting the first Chicago-area Consortium of Latino Employee Organizations at its Northfield headquarters today. This effort unites Latino employee… Continue

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MANA de Imperial Valley Introduces the 2009 Las Primeras Honorees

The Imperial Valley Chapter of MANA, a National Latina Organization,Honorees will be officially recognized on Friday, October 23rd, 2009 at the Las Primeras Awards Gala and Scholarship Fundraiser. introduced the three honorees for the 2009 Las Primeras Awards on September 9 at a membership mixer in Calexico. Each year MANA de Imperial Valley honors Latina women from Imperial County who embody the values and philosophy of the organization of empowering Latinas through leadership development,… Continue

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Project preserves stories of Hispanics in U.S.

Laughter and tears mark the history of Hispanics, recorded as part of a new project to capture Hispanic voices in Miami and across the nation.

Gustavo Mestas walked 57 blocks a day to medical school because he didn't have the money for the bus. But he still saved up enough money to buy his daughter a Barbie doll to replace the roomful of dolls she left behind when the family fled Cuba.

His daughter's voice breaks as she recounts the story as part of a new initiative by the… Continue

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Newt Gingrich Adds Hispanic News/Opinion Website-The Americano

Add another feather in the veritable bird's nest that is Gingrich Inc. The former Speaker of the House, and all-around conservative idea-smith, has launched a news website for Hispanic Americans, the rapidly growing segment of swing voters. It's called The Americano, and it is the bilingual brainchild of Sylvia Garcia, a longtime employee of Gingrich Communications, the former speaker's consulting business. "The idea came during the election," Garcia… Continue

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Republicans rally against charges of racism

Stung by accusations from some Democrats that bigotry underlies virulent opposition to President Obama and wary of further setbacks among minority voters, some Republicans are lashing back with a new mantra: We are not racists.

That theme was on display over the weekend at an annual pep rally for conservative voters where several of the GOP's potential 2012 challengers to Obama began laying out their arguments to unseat the man who made… Continue

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U.S. Hispanics riled over immigrants’ healthcare exclusion

President Barack Obama’s signature battle to overhaul the United States’ $2.5 trillion healthcare industry to extend coverage and lower costs for Americans has met fierce opposition from Republicans.

But a move by Democrat backers to exclude 12 million illegal immigrants from buying health coverage and restrict the participation of authorized migrants has drawn the ire of U.S. Hispanics — a bloc that overwhelmingly turned out to vote for… Continue

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President Obama Appoints Members of the Commission to Study the Potential Creation of a National Museum of the American Latino

President Barack Obama announced the appointment of several individuals to the Commission to Study the Potential Creation of a National Museum of the American Latino.

The following individuals were appointed by President Obama to sit on the Commission: Emilio Estefan, Jr., Andrés W. López, Cindy Peña, Abigail M. Pollak, and Cid Wilson. Their bios are below. The President also announced that Gilberto Cárdenas and José B. Fernández, currently… Continue

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Policies to Curb Latina Teen Pregnancies Have Failed

Are the nation's efforts to curb Latina teen pregnancy actually making young Latinas more vulnerable?

Vanessa,* age 19, watched President Obama's recent education address to students while holding her infant son and sitting with her niece Liz,* age 13. A few weeks earlier, Vanessa had become one of the growing number of Latina teen moms in the United States, surviving on her fiancé's minimum wage job at Target and temporarily postponing a… Continue

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Chicago Public Relations/Affairs firm seeking fall intern

Fast-paced, growing strategic communications firm is accepting applications for a fall intern to work on a variety of projects.

Opportunities include writing press releases, pitching stories, coordinating mailings, clipping news stories, assembling briefing books and press packets, researching issues and handling event logistics. Responsibilities will grow with your abilities.

Candidate must be able to work 9:00 - 5:00 M-F (plus additional hours when necessary). The… Continue

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Recession Hits Immigrants Hard

The number of foreign-born residents of the U.S. declined for the first time since at least 1970, as a recession and tight labor market dented America's image as the land of opportunity.

A decline in construction jobs lured fewer immigrants from their home countries, especially those from Mexico, according to the Census Bureau's annual American Community Survey.

In multiple ways -- falling homeownership, families moving in with… Continue

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National summit encourages Latina entrepreneurship

Timi Aguilar faced a decision in 2004, after more than 10 years of corporate public relations work.

Should she move from Denver to Texas, following her job at AT&T, where she was the company’s Western region public relations director? (AT&T merged with SBC Communications Inc., and her job would be transferred to Dallas.)

Or stay in Denver, where she and her husband wanted to raise their family, and follow her dream of… Continue

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Latinas' appointments bring diversity to TN judicial commissions

When Ana Escobar sits down with other members of the Judicial Nominating Commission this week, she will be making history. Escobar is the first Hispanic woman to serve on the panel that nominates judicial candidates to the governor.

Her appointment and the appointment of Renata Soto to the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission, the panel that evaluates appellate-level judges up for re-election, will help bring diversity to politically… Continue

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Dallas' Oak Cliff area is a diverse work in progress

For some, Oak Cliff is the place to be – with its trees and rolling terrain, its energy and edge, its time-worn, unfabricated look and feel.

For others, it's simply a place to live and work, a home near family and friends or a 'hood with too much crime and neglect.

For all, the swelling of the Latino population keeps changing the dynamics west of the Trinity River.

A recent study of southern Dallas for The Dallas Morning News found the number of Latinos in a… Continue

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Latinos big players in Senate-seat primaries

A year ago during a heated congressional race, former state Sen. Polly Baca said she couldn't support Joan Fitz-Gerald in the Democratic primary because of her role in a special session on illegal immigration.

Fitz-Gerald was the state Senate president during that 2006 session, where lawmakers enacted what were touted as the toughest immigration laws in the nation. Baca said the measures hurt Latinos.

But a year later, Baca showed up in Pueblo to support Andrew Romanoff's… Continue

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Hispanic Chamber's earning power grows in Denver

One of Colorado's largest privately held mortgage banks is Hispanic-owned, and so are car dealerships, information technology firms and an oil and gas company.

As Colorado's Hispanic population grows in size and clout, so do the diversity and earning power of Hispanic-owned businesses in the state.

Those firms will be on display during the annual convention of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Denver this week.

"It was really the diversity that we have… Continue

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Immigration raids yield jobs for legal workers

When federal agents descended on six meatpacking plants owned by Swift & Co. in December 2006, they rounded up nearly 1,300 suspected illegal immigrants that made up about 10% of the labor force at the plants.

But the raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents did not cripple the company or the plants. In fact, they were back up and running at full staff within months by replacing those removed with a significant number of… Continue

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Forest Service apologizes to Hispanic campers

The U.S. Forest Service has apologized for suggesting that campers who eat tortillas, drink Tecate beer and play Spanish music may be armed marijuana growers, calling it "regrettable" and "insensitive."

Forest Service officials apologized to Colorado Hispanic leaders in a meeting two weeks ago and released a written apology this week.

The Forest Service issued a warning about armed drug growers last month amid an investigation into how much marijuana is being cultivated in… Continue

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