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Why It's Time for Hispanic-Owned Businesses To Become More Strategic

The 2012 U.S. Census revealed that Hispanic-owned small businesses are growing at nearly twice the rate of the national average with annual revenues at $350B (though many industry insiders believe this is a conservative estimate with the true figure being well-north of $600B). The U.S. Minority Business Development Agency reports that between 2002 and 2007, Hispanic owned…


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Focusing on entrepreneurs for Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month begins Sept. 15 and runs through Oct. 15, giving business journalists ample time to focus business features on consumers, business owners, workers and investors in the local Hispanic communities.

According to this (PDF) U.S. Census Bureau briefing paper from May 2011, about 50 million of the 308 million Americans counted in the 2010 census…


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For Both Parties, Spanglish Is The Unofficial Convention Language

If you grew up in a bilingual Hispanic household, listening to the Democratic and Republican conventions may have sounded a lot like home.

It's no coincidence that both parties highlighted politicians like Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro.

Rubio, whose parents are from Cuba, introduced Mitt Romney at the Republican convention; Castro,…


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Latinos make good Republicans

While attending the Republican National Convention, I received several emails and messages asking why, as Hispanic, I am a Republican. This question puzzles me a bit, because there is some implied assumption that if you’re Hispanic, by default you are expected to be a Democrat.

However, it seems to me that because of the values in the Hispanic community, it would seem…


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Julian Castro's Spanish Skills: Does It Matter That The Latino Mayor 'Doesn't Really Speak' Español?

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro received a lot of praise following his keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday. But he also sparked some criticism, particularly about his Spanish speaking skills.

While the Mexican-American mayor has admitted he "doesn't really speak Spanish," he did utter one phrase in Spanish during his DNC keynote address: “Que…


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Latinos' enthusiasm gap worries Dems

Four years ago, President Obama promised immigration reform in his first year, but he never delivered. This time around, the Latino vote - so crucial to Obama's chances for re-election - seemed to be fading.

Democrats weren't afraid that Latinos would vote for GOP nominee Mitt Romney. They were worried Latinos wouldn't vote at all.

Those worries are starting to…


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Castro Seeks to Fill White-Voter Losses With Latinos in Keynote

Julian Castro, the mayor of San Antonio, Texas, has the role of keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention tonight. He has an even more important function: validator.

Castro, 37, a Stanford University and Harvard Law School graduate who is the first Hispanic convention keynoter, was re- elected last year to a second term with 82 percent of the vote in a city…


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Illinois Latino Republicans say it's a struggle to woo Hispanic voters

Illinois Republican Party co-chair Gabriela Wyatt knows the importance of attracting Latino voters in November. She also knows it's an uphill climb for the GOP to make inroads with the nation's fastest-growing demographic.

Some polls show Latino voters favoring President Barack Obama 2-1 over Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Wyatt, a Mexican-born resident of Aurora, said…


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Pizza Patrón on Cracking Chicago's Hispanic Pizza Market

It's risky to eat pizza every day of your life, and riskier still to attempt to make a living on selling pizza every day to those who scarf it down. Especially in Chicago. Deep-dish, thin crust or whatever, it's not exactly like selling one kind of pizza is going to guarantee you anything in this market, and especially in this economy. So, it's pretty bold of the Dallas-based…


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Social media key to reaching Maryland’s Hispanic market

Businesses are turning to social media and other mobile platforms to tap into the Washington, D.C., metropolitan region's $20.1 billion Hispanic buying market.

Executives with many of these business flocked to the 11th annual Maryland Hispanic Business Conference on Tuesday at the Montgomery County Conference Center in North Bethesda, where they learned about this and other topics essential for their growth.

"These events are crucial because the Latino community needs more of a…


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What Limits Hispanic Entrepreneurs

When broadcast television and Internet data streams out of the Democratic National Convention this week, Louis Romero will be “feeling really good” about his company, Network Cabling Systems in Charlotte. That’s because the $8 million, 55-employee venture spent two months this year upgrading cable systems at one of the convention’s venues to accommodate coverage. “When we look…


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Latinas and Heart Disease

Heart disease is the number one killer of American women. Heart disease is a group of diseases of the heart and the blood vessel system in the heart. Coronary artery disease, the most common type, affects the blood vessels of the heart. It can cause angina (an-JEYE-nuh) or a heart attack.

Angina is a pain in the chest that happens when the heart does not get enough…


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