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Cori Magnotta Fitness Trainer at Connecticut

Cori Magnotta teaches at Inner Circle Family Martial Arts Center and would…


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5 strategies to help you land your next job

It's no secret that young professionals today are switching jobs more often than previous generations did.

Research shows that most millennials change jobs about four times by the time they hit 32. READ MORE AT…


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4 Latina models who are owning the runways this NYFW

Latinas are gaining visibility and power in all areas of modern life—from politics to media to business and, of course, to fashion. From gracing the covers of international magazines to walking the runways of the industry’s biggest designers and even fronting global campaigns, Joan Smalls, Lineisy Montero, Dilone, and Mica Argañaraz are killing it on runways at…


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Why America must remain a country of DREAMers

The future of the United States still begins in California. That's not just or primarily because Silicon Valley remains a magnet for the planet's brightest and most ambitious technology minds. It's mainly because the demographic transformation under way in the most populous U.S. state provides a window onto what much of the country will look like a couple of decades…


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Cori Magnotta Fitness Trainer at Connecticut

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William Almonte - How A Recruitment Agency Works?

Recruitment is the process where employees are selected to appoint for a particular position in a company. In simple words it is the process to select employee or hire employee for the company. You all know about the process of recruitment. There a lot of steps before the final selection. A lot of tests are taken from the candidates or applicants before the final selection. The process of recruitment has a lot of hazards. Some companies have their own group of recruiters. But some companies…


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William Almonte - Benefits of Recruitment Agency?

All of you know that there are groups of person in every company who select the perfect candidate for a particular position. This process of selection is known as recruitment. Every company will obviously seek the perfect employee for the company. A huge part of success of a company depends on the employee of that company. Before recruiting any employee the group of recruiters has to take a lot of test and judge that person correctly. This process of recruitment takes a lot of time and…


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Here are 5 reasons why you aren’t getting hired

The No. 1 question I get from professionals is: “Why am I not getting hired?” Whether you are changing job titles, looking to move on from your current company, or trying to make an industry transition, there are a few fundamental tips to landing the job—but you may be going about them all wrong. Here are some common mistakes. …


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Latinos are disproportionately affected by asthma

Many Americans live where it is unsafe to breathe. About 40% of the U.S. population — more than 126 million people — live in areas that do not comply with national ambient air quality standards.

This public health problem poses a particular threat to Latinos, who are exposed disproportionately to high levels of the main pollutants that can aggravate asthma:…


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Hispanics plan to spend more this holiday

Marketers have made a big push in recent years to target the fast-growing Hispanic population, a group of shoppers increasingly willing to spend both online and in stores.

Now the group, which Nielsen estimates deployed about $1.4 trillion in buying power last year, plans to shop even more this holiday season than last year, according to a new survey from…


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William Almonte – How To Increase The Profit Margin In Recruitment Business?

If you are looking for the no work, no pain then the ultimate way to boost the margins, you have to look for everywhere. No magic cure is there unfortunately. Enhancing the profit margins needs some major strategic alterations to your business, but if you are absolutely serious about just becoming more profitable, considering some of the ideas are very important.…

William Almonte - How To Increase The Profit Margin In Recruitment Business


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The Best-Paying Jobs And Industries In the U.S.

When you look at studies that list the jobs that earn the most money, you often see the same professions jockeying for position in the rankings. Though many require different skill sets, they all tend to demand high levels of study, experience and inflexible qualifications.

That’s what’s shown in the latest wages report from LinkedIn, a massive professional…


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How Gig economy businesses can create good jobs or destroy them

The evolution of work is becoming a battle between flexibility and stability. The sharing economy offers people unprecedented opportunities to work when, where, and as much as they want. But it also threatens a future in which stable, well-paying jobs cede to temporary gigs with few protections. Lawmakers wonder: How do we stoke new-economy industries without burning…


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The Best And Worst Master's Degrees For Jobs In 2017

A master’s program can be a great way to switch careers or build momentum in your current track. But it’s important to think hard about what you’ll get out of a graduate degree before you make the investment, because some master's degrees are much more valuable than others.

Every year, Forbes turns to compensation site PayScale to reveal the best and worst…


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Cori Magnotta - Hoop for Houston Huge Success!

On Tuesday September 5th 2017, Certified FXP Hoop Fitness Instructor Cori…


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Hispanic business leader quits Trump's diversity coalition over DACA decision

Javier Palomarez, the president and CEO of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, just announced he'd step down from President Trump's National Diversity Coalition, calling Trump's decision to end DACA "inhumane and economically harmful." …


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William Almonte - Why You Need To Get The Help Of The Best Recruiter While Searching Jobs?

Undoubtedly all your efforts of accomplishing academic excellence and acquiring technological prowess is targeted to one bull’s eye—a job profile which nourishes you financially and enriches you mentally. But, given to the refined and streamlined work fabric of the 22nd century, you must be acknowledged of the fact that just the certificates of scholastic merit and the chronicles of digital superiority are no more enough. Nowadays, along with these credentials, you require to…


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5 tips for career rebranding

Are you stuck in a rut at work? Bored? Feel like you’re on a career train to nowhere? Need a change?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re not unlike many professionals I come across in my work. People get busy with the routine of their jobs and sometimes wake up years later and wonder what happened to the time, realizing they’ve been going through the…


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How to search for a job when you are over 40

1. Get Rid Of Fear

Unfortunately, a lot of people over 40 live in fear of not being ‘in the league’ anymore. Look at the strengths you bring to the table, suggests SJ Raj, senior vice president, HRD, Newgen Software. “What you forget is that you have maturity and level-headedness on your side, apart from your…


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Blacks and Hispanics are more underrepresented at top colleges than 35 years ago

Even after decades of affirmative action, black and Hispanic students are more underrepresented at the nation’s top colleges and universities than they were 35 years ago, according to a New York Times analysis.

More Hispanics are attending elite schools, but the increase has not kept up with the huge growth of young Hispanics in the United States, so the gap…


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