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Census figures show number of Hispanics in Lehigh Valley climbing

Attracted by reasonable rents, a lower cost of living and relative quiet, Anthony Rodriguez moved to Allentown three years ago from Queens, N.Y., to start his own floral business. It didn't hurt that the city has a sizable Hispanic community.

''It's great because we get along with each other,'' said Rodriguez, 32. ''Spanish people help Spanish people.'' READ FULL STORY

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Aldermen balk at lack of minority contracts

Nearly two years after complaining that Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid was being spearheaded by an "elite, white man's club," minority aldermen learned Monday that not much has changed.

Testifying before the Finance Committee on the $86 million purchase of Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago 2016 Chairman Pat Ryan disclosed that minorities got only six percent of the contracts awarded by Olympic planners this year and that blacks and Hispanics hold only nine of 50 full-time Olympic jobs.… Continue

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Immigrant Latino Workers and the Recession

A small but significant decline has occurred during the current recession in the share of Latino immigrants active in the U.S. labor force, according to a new analysis of Census Bureau data by the Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center.

The proportion of working-age Latino immigrants active in the labor force has fallen, at least through the third quarter of 2008, while the proportion of all non-Hispanics as well as of native-born Hispanics has held steady. Among… Continue

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Commentary: Hispanics don't give Bush enough credit, former AG says

I was curious about how that might go over with someone who was the highest-ranking Hispanic Cabinet member in history and who had been rumored to be on the short list for the high court.

So I called Alberto Gonzales. The former attorney general isn't ready to talk publicly about the U.S. attorney scandal that forced him from office. Although he was cleared of criminal wrongdoing by the Justice Department's inspector general, there may be… Continue

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Majority of Corporate Directors Do Not Want to Increase Minority Representation On Boards

More than half of directors (55 percent) at U.S. publicly-traded companies said they would not like to see their boards become more diverse by increasing their minority representation, according to a recent survey conducted by Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc. (NasdaqGS:HSII - News) and the Center for Effective Organizations (CEO) at the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business.… Continue

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Latina group given $25,000 for training

Latinas Networking for Justice has been awarded a $25,000 grant by the Yakima Valley Community Foundation to provide 45 participants with civic and leadership development training.

Latinas Networking for Justice is a non-profit organization that works to remove barriers that prevent Latinas from accessing and participating in community life. It was founded in Granger last year by Ninfa R. Gutierrez, who is the board chairwoman. The grant will help the organization recruit leaders… Continue

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For women, 'no change in a year of change'

Women's advancement to the top leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies continues to stagnate, according to the latest report from nonprofit Catalyst.

The 2008 report found women held 15.1 percent of board seats at Fortune 500 companies, up slightly from 14.8 percent in 2007. READ FULL ARTICLE

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Si se puede con l'educacion

From Hoy's editorial page 12/09/08

Rebecca Sanchez


Quienes dicen que para un inmigrante latino con pocos recursos no es posible obtener una educación y una buena profesión, están equivocados. Aunque miles llegan a Estados Unidos sin dinero, con poca educación académica, y sin profesión, todos pueden mejorar sus vidas y las de sus familias si están dispuestos a pagar el… Continue

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Graduating UC Santa Cruz student ready to begin term on Pomona City Council

Danielle Soto isn't wasting any time transitioning from college to a career in the family business.

The 22-year-old environmental studies senior will be sworn into the Pomona City Council on Dec. 15, two days after her last final this week. She won election Nov. 5 to a seat once held by her grandmother, Nell Soto, who went on to serve in the California Assembly and Senate, retiring this year at age 81.

Her grandfather, the late… Continue

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Fair housing laws criticized in U.S. report

Lax enforcement of fair housing laws has resulted in a disproportionate number of minorities with high-cost, subprime loans and has contributed the current lending crisis, according to a national report released Tuesday.

The 99-page "Future of Fair Housing" report is the result of a six-month-long, cross-country investigation into the state of fair housing in America, headed up by former Department of Housing and Urban Development secretaries Jack Kemp and Henry… Continue

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Avoiding the heat on immigration

Commentary: If Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano wins confirmation as secretary of homeland security, she will be responsible for enforcing the nation's immigration laws. This is a chilling thought for those of us who have witnessed up close how Napolitano can be vexed to the point of paralysis by that highly charged issue.

I met Napolitano when I was working as a reporter and metro columnist at The Arizona Republic in the late 1990s. After serving as a legal adviser to Anita Hill during… Continue

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Obama ignored Latinos for top posts

Commentary: This week, President-elect Barack Obama unveiled his national security team and continued the sorry tradition of presidents overlooking Latinos as they fill the top-tier of the Cabinet appointments. The four big posts have been filled, and there is not a Latino anywhere in the mix.

Even liberals who like to think of the Gonzales appointment as a kind of failed social experiment because it lets them off the hook for future stabs at diversity would be hard-pressed to… Continue

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California's Latinos and blacks still lag in university eligibility

Despite recent improvements, Latino and black students continue to lag behind whites and Asians in becoming academically eligible to enter California's two public university systems, according to a state report released Tuesday.

The study by the California Postsecondary Education Commission also showed that female high school seniors still do significantly better than males in taking required classes and earning grades and test scores that… Continue

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When Hispanics suffer from depression, they're often too afraid to seek help

Depression and anxiety are frequently part of the experience as immigrants adjust to a new culture separated from families, social networks and emotional support. Experts say there is a need for mental health services to help Hispanics, whose numbers are increasing because of immigration, including illegal immigration.READ FULL…

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Valley Hispanics spend big, even in tough economy

With the struggling economy, many business leaders think that when it comes to marketing it's good to think Hispanic.

That's because the Hispanic market continues to grow, not only across the U.S., but right here in Arizona.

With the struggling economy, many business leaders think that when it comes to marketing it's good to think Hispanic.

According to the Hispanic chamber of commerce, Hispanics have the ability to spend… Continue

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Latinos unhappy with Obama picks

If there is one message President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team has broadcast about Cabinet picks, it is that ethnicity and gender will not be the first considerations when filling the slots.

Credentials over tokenism, after all, was a fundamental principle of Obama’s presidential campaign that highlighted his ideas and community values over his African-American background. Still, if all goes as planned, Cabinet members with… Continue

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One Label Does Not Fit All

Geraldo Rivera -- who has gone from TV showman to defender of la raza with his new book subtitled "Why Americans Fear Hispanics in the U.S." -- warmed up a Latino luncheon crowd the other day with the one joke he says he knows in Spanish.

"The only difference among us Hispanics is the color of our beans," he said in Spanish, to appreciative chuckles. "We're all in this together."… Continue

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Alone among us

Sharon Salyer and Alejandro Domínguez’s reporting on the mental health challenges faced by Hispanics is part of a health journalism program offered through the Annenberg-California Endowment Health Journalism Fellowships, administered by the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication. READ FULL…

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Wall Street isn't the only street hit

When a large white van slowed near Kennedy Park on a recent sunny -- but very cold -- November day, about six men didn't wait for it to stop before they opened the doors and jumped inside.

They were day laborers -- most were Ecuadorean immigrants -- and they were hoping for some work.

The contractor, who was building a house, only needed two workers that day. "Take me, take me," some of the nearly 20 men who gathered around his van shouted.

Wall Street may get… Continue

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European ancestry increases breast cancer risk among Latinas

Latina women have a lower risk of breast cancer than European or African-American women generally, but those with higher European ancestry could be at increased risk, according to data published in the December 1 issue of Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

"We need to study the possible factors that are placing Latina women of high European ancestry at greater risk," said Laura Fejerman, Ph.D., a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of… Continue

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