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Wise Latinas Spike Illegal Alien Costumes at Target

Like me, you might have wondered what all the rest of America's wise Latinas have been up to now that Justice Sotomayor has assumed her position on the U.S. Supreme Court. Well it seems that the Facebook site, "Wise Latinas Linked" is organizing busybodies to subtract every last trace of whimsy from Halloween celebrations this year.

Apparently the discount retailer Target was offering a space alien costume for this Halloween season… Continue

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Texas Woman Ticketed For Not Speaking English While Driving

A Texas woman was given a ticket for being a non-english speaking driver, but after she got a lawyer, she found out there was no such law for ordinary drivers -- only commercial truck drivers have to speak English.

Dallas police Chief David Kunkle said he was surprised and stunned when he learned his men had written such a ticket. Records show officers have written 38 similar tickets over the last three years.

Brenda Mondragon… Continue

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Lou Dobbs Slams ‘Vile Stupidity And Ignorance’ Of ‘Annoying’ Geraldo Rivera

This afternoon, Lou Dobbs attacked Fox News host Geraldo Rivera for stating that Dobbs himself is “almost single-handedly responsible for creating, for being the architect of the young-Latino-as-scapegoat for everything that ails this country.” While Rivera accuses Dobbs of defaming an entire race of people, Dobbs insists that he loves immigrants and Latinos and claims that his accusations are nothing but a reflection of Rivera’s “stupidity” and the… Continue

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Agencies, educators focus on Latino student success

On Oct.16, a distinguished coalition of more than 100 filled Medford Library’s meeting room to tackle a daunting challenge. District 9 administrators and faculty joined other area educators, social agency personnel, business, government and civic leaders for the summit. Their goal: create a plan to improve graduation and success rates for Latino students.

According to data compiled by Oregon’s Department of Education, Hispanic youth learn at about the same rate as their classmates of… Continue

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Trapped between worlds, some Latina teens consider suicide

Twelve-year-old Francisca Abreu was anxious. It was February 20, 2007, and she laid her head down on her desk in her seventh-grade science class. "I was crying; I was very depressed. I had written a note to myself," Francisca remembers. "I just said I can't do this anymore. I want to kill myself."

Francisca's school called home, and her mother, Isabel Valdez, learned for the first time that her daughter was in serious trouble. "I never told… Continue

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West Palm Beach Mayor Frankel convenes summit on Hispanic issues

More than 40 local business, social and cultural leaders are scheduled to gather at city hall Tuesday for a summit on issues that affect the Hispanic community.

Mayor Lois Frankel, who is convening the noon meeting, said it's intended for frank discussion on the state of the community and ideas for the future. "I want to focus on these economic times and what are some of the issues the Hispanic community faces that we need to be more sensitive to," Frankel said.

The… Continue

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Hotel Hispanic Workers Told To Change Their Names

Fired hotel workers, relatives and other town citizens are picketing in protest outside of a Taos, New Mexico hotel. The new owner has told the Hispanic employees at the hotel to change their names.

Larry Whitten purchased the struggling hotel over the summer. His plans were to revitalize it. Whitten has done this for 20 other hotels.

The beauty of Taos goes deeper than the southwestern landscape. Taos is rich in Spanish history.… Continue

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California’s Oldest Latino Bank Celebrates 45 Years

Bank Founded by Former U.S. Treasurer Continues Mission of Service to Latinos

Pan American Bank (Los Angeles) today announced that it will celebrate 45 years of service to the Latino community on October 24, 2009. Pan American Bank, California’s oldest Latino-owned bank, will honor founder and former U.S. Treasurer, Romana Acosta Banuelos, at a community celebration hosted at Pan American Bank’s headquarters.

“Pan American Bank… Continue

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Hispanic farmers fight to sue USDA over lost land

In their straw hats, rolled up sleeves and work boots, a dozen or so Latinos gathered by a field of ripening strawberries still look like farmers. All but one of them, however, have lost their land.

Now they ring up purchases in stores, drive tractors — and hold the U.S. Department of Agriculture responsible for denying or delaying the loans that could have saved their farms.

"I used to be a farmer — now I'm a farmworker, working… Continue

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NBA Reaches Out To Hispanic Community With New Marketing Campaign

The NBA announced Monday it is beginning a new marketing campaign that will attempt to bring in additional Hispanic fans to the game.

According to recent statistics from Simmons Market Research, Hispanics account for 15 percent of the NBA's fan base - totaling 120 million people.

"With Hispanics comprising such a large percentage of our fan base, we have a responsibility to connect with them in meaningful ways," NBA Director of… Continue

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United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Urges Administration to Expand Lending for America's Small Businesses

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), the leading advocate for nearly 3 million Hispanic-owned businesses and over 200 local Hispanic chambers throughout the United States, described a mixed reaction to today's announced improvements to small business lending, noting a move in the right direction, but also an expansion of old measures that have not yielded desired results.

As part of February's stimulus package, Congress allocated $730 million to the Small Business… Continue

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Campaign for National Museum of the American Latino kicks off

The National Museum of the American Latino moved one step closer to reality Tuesday with a kickoff event at the U.S. Capitol for the museum’s commission featuring Hollywood actress Eva Longoria Parker of Texas and Miami music producer Emilio Estefan.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar asked the congressionally created commission to report to lawmakers on the viability of the museum in one year instead of two years. Key organizers predicted that… Continue

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President Must Act on Immigration

Rep. Yvette Clarke and about 100 New York clergy members have a message on immigration for President Obama: It’s not just about Latinos and it’s time to get moving on reform.

Clarke and the clergy, many representing Caribbean and African immigrants, are set to deliver that message today to fellow members of Congress and the media in a 1 p.m. press conference.

“I think if the President applies himself to immigration the same way… Continue

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Latinos and education, U.S. future at stake

My grandfather pulled my mother out of school when she was fourteen. The reason: she clunked a geography test. The fact that the teacher went to my grandfather to explain many kids in her class had failed that test and to beg grandpa not to make the biggest mistake of his life did not make a difference. Unfortunately, my mother did not have her mother—who died four years earlier—around anymore to help persuade the old man.

For my mother this was traumatic. She swore that if she ever… Continue

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Latinos may be 'future' of U.S. Catholic Church

"I'll take two chili, uh..." a hungry customer stammers at the front of a two-hour-long line. "Chile rellenos," the money-handler trills back in perfect Spanish. This is not a trendy Tex-Mex restaurant; and it's more than 1,000 miles from the Mexican border.

The stuffed pepper causing the stutter is the hottest menu item at St. Cecilia's Lenten fish fry in St. Louis, Missouri. Chile rellenos, a traditional Mexican dish, have replaced fish… Continue

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CNN's Latino special avoids Dobbs

CNN is airing a four-hour special on Latinos in America this week that ignores its own commentator Lou Dobbs, whose persistent advocacy against illegal immigration has angered many Hispanics.

Some activists have started an anti-Dobbs petition drive, and an advocacy group's effort to criticize Dobbs within the documentary was turned down by CNN. This week's special has left many Latinos with mixed feelings: proud that CNN talks about issues… Continue

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GOP Hispanic Organizer Renounces GOP to Recruit for GOP

DeeDee Blase founded "Somos Republicans" to recruit to Arizona Hispanics to the Repubican Party, but not the official state party or the official local party. Somos Republicans (which translates to "we are Repubicans") deliberately distances itself from all official Republican Party entities, citing the dissatisfaction of Hispanics with Republican leaders.

According to the Arizona Republic, Blase believes that it "helps her cause to not be… Continue

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Building a heritage: Hispanic Americans face challenges

As Hispanic Heritage Month draws to a close today, it’s worth noting that while most of us have been affected by the current recession, much of our nation’s Hispanic population has been mired in its own recession for some time.

The National Institute for Latino Policy cites a Hispanic poverty rate in 2007 of 22 percent, compared to 8 percent for whites. Those numbers have no doubt soared for both groups since last year’s economic… Continue

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Sepulveda appointed to American Latino Commission

University of Nevada, Reno Professor Emma Sepulveda Pulvirenti was one of 23 people in the country recently appointed to the National Museum of the American Latino Commission, as announced by The White House.

The Commission is tasked with studying the feasibility of, and creating a plan for, a new national museum in the nation’s capital that would be dedicated to portraying the art, history and culture of the Latino population of the United… Continue

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Groundbreaking Poll Shows Internet & New Media Usage Vital for Engaging Latinas

Latina voters with access to the internet are more likely to be informed about new state laws and the legislative

process in general than non-connected Latina voters, according to a report released today by HOPE (Hispanas Organized for Political Equality). The poll was conducted by Bendixen & Associates and highlights the importance of

bridging the digital divide to engage the Latina voting bloc for civic participation. The poll, Public… Continue

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