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Thanksgiving 'a la americana' is back

Hold the pavochón, the pasteles and the pumpkin flan.

In at least one Latino household in the city, this Thanksgiving will turn into a scene out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

The reason? The election of Barack Obama, and the born-again patriotism it has inspired even in the most cosmopolitan of New Yorkers.

“It’s cool for us to be gringos now,” says Vanessa Arce, 33, laughing. “It’s a bit of a joke, but it’s a joke… Continue

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Latinos embrace American Thanksgiving traditions

When he was growing up in Mexico, Cesar Vera was fascinated with Thanksgiving, which he had heard about from television but otherwise knew nothing about. Today, having been in the United States for years, he has embraced the holiday wholeheartedly.

“For us, it is great, there is no religion involved and we are just grateful for it. We are completely converted. We look forward to this holiday. It’s a well-deserved break. We just go for it all the way, the traditional Thanksgiving,”… Continue

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Happy Safe Thanksgiving to All

May you enjoy this thanksgiving holiday al lado de todos sus familiares y otros seres queridos and don't forget to give thanks for all that you have been bless with this past year specially health and work. Pidan por la reunificación familiar a través de una reforma de inmigración justa para todos. God Bless and don't forget to laugh a lot it's good for the soul!

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Bad New York City schools trap many minorities, study says

A disporportionate number of black and Latino students are stuck in the city's worst schools, a Daily News analysis shows.

About 30% of students in schools given "report card" grades last month are African-American, yet blacks make up 41% of the classroom rosters in schools rated D or F.

Similarly, Latinos are 39% of the population in the graded schools - but they make up 47% of the kids in those with the lowest rankings.… Continue

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Immigrant advocates hope for policy change in new administration

President George W. Bush couldn't fix it. Neither could several sessions of Congress.

But several groups in the Bay Area are already sending their immigration policy suggestions to President-elect Barack Obama, hoping he can break the stalemate that for years has prevented lawmakers from enacting comprehensive immigration reform.

"Immigration is going to be kind of sticky, but I know he's going to do something," said the Rev. Marvin Webb of Richmond's Bethlehem Missionary… Continue

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Election of Obama provokes rise in U.S. hate crimes

Barack Obama's election as U.S. president has provoked a rise in hate crimes against ethnic minorities, civil rights groups said on Monday.

Hundreds of incidents of abuse or intimidation apparently motivated by racial hatred have been reported since the November 4 election, though most have not involved violence, said the Southern Poverty Law Center.

White supremacist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and the Council of… Continue

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Latinos pin hopes of immigration reform on Obama

Barack Obama borrowed more from the immigrant labour movement than just a slogan.

Just as Latinos historically had marched for worker rights to the chants of "Yes, we can," ("Si, se puede"), they organised and stumped by the thousands this year to help elect Obama.

Although they initially leaned more toward Hillary Clinton, Latinos threw support to Obama by 67% nationwide, increasing their turnout, delivering several key states and gaining clout in the Democratic party.… Continue

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Latina business owner creates success with work ethic

Yolanda Cuevas is living proof that the American dream is obtainable.

Founder, president and CEO of Cuevas Distribution Inc., a laboratory, medical and safety supply distribution company in Fort Worth, Cuevas is recognized as a pioneer in her industry and has captured nearly every top honor for her business acumen. Region III of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Texas Association of Mexican American Chambers of Commerce and the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce have… Continue

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Ethnic grocery stores offer taste of home or something new

The smell of spicy meat permeates the tiny grocery store on Main and Racine streets.

Brimming shelves offer canned goods with brand names such as “Goya” and “La Morena,” along with spices and produce you don’t find at your average grocery store.

Customers murmur “perdoname” or “excuse me” as they squeeze through the narrow aisles to order chorizo sausage from the butcher or pick up some fresh tomatillos.

Soccer jerseys… Continue

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Brochure on preventing breast cancer targets young Latinas

An informative brochure about breast cancer, written in Spanish and English, has been produced to reach a growing young Latina audience in Marin County.

The effort is a collaboration between Zero Breast Cancer, a Marin-based nonprofit organization, and the Novato Youth Wellness Collaborative.

The target audience, said Zero Breast Cancer's Susan Schwartz, is Latina students and young women who might not know about preventative… Continue

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Black Republicans Ponder Their Future

With the election of former Democratic Sen. Barack Obama as president of the United States with overwhelming support from communities of color – 95 percent among Black voters and over 65 percent among Latinos – many Black Republicans, in contemplating their future, also are reflecting on their place in a party that critics say has always marginalized them.

Leading the way is former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele who has decided to run for chairman of the Republican National… Continue

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YWCA survey reveals women's priorities for Obama

More than three-fourths of young women, those ages 18-29 and known as Generation Y, want incoming President Barack Obama to make civil rights and racial justice top priorities of his administration, a survey says.

While Obama's election as the nation's first black president was interpreted by many as a sign of racial progress, findings in the survey done for YWCA USA suggest that much work remains to be done.

The survey, which was to be formally released Monday, also found… Continue

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Attacks against Latinos increasing, FBI reports

In a Pennsylvania coal-mining town last July, four high-school football players were accused of shouting ethnic slurs at a Mexican immigrant before a brawl erupted and Luis Ramirez, 25, was killed.

Three of the teens were charged with ethnic intimidation, and the attack became part of a growing category of crimes reported in the U.S.: hate attacks against Hispanics.

Attacks on Hispanics grew 40 percent from 2003 to 2007, outpacing the estimated 16 percent increase in the… Continue

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Hispanic Businesses Thrive In Detroit, Despite Poor Economy

Michigan has the highest outbound migration of any state in the country, and at 8.5 percent claims the nation's highest average annual unemployment. Commerce overall has posted dramatic losses, yet business within the state’s Hispanic community is flourishing. READ FULL STORY

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Hoy Chicago : La reforma migratoria y Barack Obama

19 de noviembre, 2008

Barack Obama no es aún el Presidente de Estados Unidos, pero las especulaciones ya crece sobre las decisiones que tomará. El país no sólo se encuentra en una de las crisis económicas más graves de su historia, sino que también está entre dos guerras.

Los demócratas llevan ocho años esperando volver a liderar el Gobierno y remediar el desastre que dejó el presidente George W. Bush. Empezarán por la economía y la política fiscal, la guerra de Irak, el… Continue

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Latinos in Danger

We all know someone like Marcelo Lucero—an immigrant who was working hard, sending money home to help his family in Ecuador, dreaming of returning to the country he left but already long settled and accustomed to a nation that has benefited from generations of men and women like him.

This was lost on the gang of youths that hunted for “a Mexican,” as reported, surrounded Lucero and who one of them killed last Saturday in Patchogue, Long Island.… Continue

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Spain turns to Latinos to fill military ranks

They're soldiers like any others, enduring the grind of military life and sometimes risking their own as peacekeepers in hot spots like Afghanistan. But these troops defend a flag that is not their own.

Spain has struggled to recruit soldiers since it abolished the draft in 2000 and created an all-professional army.

At one point it even lowered the IQ threshold for enlistees, although it later raised it again, and eventually opened up the military to… Continue

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Latinos will get shortchanged

In July, during an address to the annual meeting of the National Council of La Raza, Barack Obama promised to make comprehensive immigration reform "a top priority in my first year as president."

Don't hold your breath.

Just a few days before the election, CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked Obama to rank in order of priority five issues -- tax cuts, health care, energy, education and immigration. Obama made up his own list, appropriately adding the economy as his No. 1 priority and… Continue

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Opening a New Grocery in Bloomington

The men who coined the phrase, "The Burrito as Big as Your Head", are branching out of the restaurant business.

LaBamba Restaurant owners will soon unveil a new Hispanic foods grocery store in Bloomington.

Many people are familiar with LaBamba's "burritos as big as your head", but now LaBambas Restaurant owners are opening one of the largest Hispanic grocery stores in Central Illinois.

Six brothers started the LaBamba… Continue

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Latinas More Likely To Regret Breast Cancer Treatment Decisions

Latina women who prefer speaking Spanish are more likely than other ethnic groups to express regret or dissatisfaction with their breast cancer treatment, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Despite receiving similar treatment, Latina women were 5.6 times more likely than white women to report high levels of dissatisfaction and regret about their breast cancer treatment decision.… Continue

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