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Boost The Productivity of New Recruits

Employees sit at their desk for a most of the time during a day, and this can reduce the productivity of the employee. A model employee must be productive enough to be an asset to the company. Long working hours can make be depressed and decrease the productivity of the employees. And for new recruits training is essential for making them more efficient and productive.…


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How to choose the appropriate company to train new recruiters?

Recruitment training is an important part of the growth of a company. The primary goal of any business to see the growth of the sales graphs and for achieving that the efficiency of every employee is required. To ensure efficiency of employees companies wants to recruit people who have work experience in any particular field. But the work structure varies depending on…


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6 holiday Networking tips

Urban legend has it that corporate budgets for the year have already been expended and the hiring process all but stops in December. Not so! While you may be tempted, do not put your job hunt on ice. Even in those companies where hiring is temporarily frozen, networking and interviewing continues unabated in order to lay the groundwork for a rush of job offers going…


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Millennials And Gen Z Are The Hispanic Market

There is a big reason why marketers have spent the last five years obsessed with Millennials — the numbers. Millennials total 75.4 million and have overtaken Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation. The business community is also starting to pay attention to the next generation, Gen Z. This group of people under the age of 20 is already almost as large as…


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Financial services high on Hispanics

Hispanics in the U.S. have long been known as “the sleeping giant” for their potential as a substantial and still-growing voting bloc. Now, some in the financial services industry are getting serious about targeting Hispanics — and Hispanic millennials in particular — as a prime source for market growth.

Hispanics — or Latinos, a term some prefer — are an…


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How You Can Shape an Efficient Remote Team

With the rapid progress of the technological powers of the Internet it has been quite a common and convenient practice of employers working with their tea members who are stationed at different locations. However, in order to keep away any kind of confusion and to work within the  minimum inconvenience and miscommunication between then members of a remote team, there are certain ways which van effectively lead the remote team leaders to carry out a successful operation management and…


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How to stay in touch with a growing contact list

It’s commonly accepted advice that a large network is beneficial to your career, but how do you actually stay in touch with everybody? If you’re career-minded enough to know you need a network, you’re probably already working hard at your job. You will know more and more people as you gain experience, making it even harder to stay in touch.

How do you stay in…


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NFL heads to Mexico to attract Hispanic fans

This week's "Monday Night Football" game will be played in the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City -- the first time the NFL has held a regular season game south of the border since 2005.

Over the last decade, the Hispanic audience for football has boomed. NFL viewership among Hispanics has increased 28% in the past five years alone, according to Nielsen.



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Latinos face mental health woes alone

At first, it was scary, admits Joe Muñoz, 19, referring to his experience being admitted into the psychiatric hospital’s emergency room. “It was overcrowded. You feel you do not belong there. You see others who are much worse off than you, like drug addicts and crazy people.”

Having been born with partial facial paralysis and an outer ear deformity, called…


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How to Discover Your Best Staffs and Keep Them Around

It is quite obvious a fact that any candidate appearing for an interview wants to make a striking and lasting impression of himself or herself on the interviewer. A perfectly flawless copy of resume is presented at the time of the interview in order to highlight the positives qualities and achievements of the candidate. However, professional employers and recruiters are always bent on discovering and exploring the real person beyond the lines…


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How to balance work life properly?

It is a fact unanimously recognized that in today’s time, living a balanced work life is precisely a myth. Having a proportionate, well-planned and balanced work life that will pace in tandem with your personal space and life can be but a concept. Standing in today’s fast paced, tech-operated lifestyle, one can only think about enjoying the privilege of a balanced work life.…


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Hispanics are more cautious about holiday spending and the economy

Hispanics are more cautious about their holiday spending this year with 1 in 5 saying they will not be shopping at all, according to a national survey by the Florida Atlantic University Business and Economics Polling Initiative (FAU BEPI).

The number of respondents who said they would not shop in 2016 has increased by 10 points since the 2015 survey, from 11…


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From Teen Mom To 3 MIT Degrees

Noramay Cadena is a #bosslady in all aspects of her life. As the daughter of immigrants, she understood the intricacies of growing up in a Latino family, the responsibility that it entails and the opportunity that living in the United States affords her.

As a teen mom, she understood that the example she set for her daughter would have ramifications beyond the…


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Holiday Networking tips

The holiday season is coming up fast and this could be a great opportunity to make some career connections with family and friends. Networking during the holidays is mingling and making small talk; it's a more informal experience than a network meeting in someone's office.

When relatives and neighbors ask you about what you want to do after graduation, give them…


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Read feature guest biographies of the 2016 Law and Government Networking Forum

Read feature guest biographies of the 2016 Law and Government Networking Forum tomorrow at LondonHouse Hotel Chicago.


Marlo Rodriguez, The Court Reporter Chronicles

Marlo Rodriguez, CSR, RPR has been a court reporter in Chicago for almost 20 years and is the Founder of The…


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Study unveils U.S. Latinas' Influence on the $7 trillion female purchasing power

In advance of the holiday shopping season, BODEN, a cross-cultural communications agency, and QuestMindshare unveiled The Latina SmartPurse™. The Latina SmartPurse is an innovative research initiative focused on the Hispanic female in the U.S. This progressive research takes a deep dive into the modern Latina consumer, her influence, and what she expects from brands when…


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5 signs you're about to make a bad career decision

Most of the choices we make every day are simple and straight-forward: what to wear to work, what to eat for lunch, whether to go to sleep at a reasonable hour or stay up watching Netflix. They don’t cause much stress or inner conflict.

Career transition points, on the other hand, can leave you feeling significantly more stuck—especially when you’re facing a big,…


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Latinos are most frequent victims of wage theft

Wage theft is epidemic and it hits Latino workers the hardest. A recent study by the Economic Policy Institute found that wage theft across America is costing workers $50 billion per year. Compare that to the robberies, burglaries, larcenies, and motor vehicle thefts in the FBI’s uniform crime report, which cost victims an estimated $14 billion over the same period, and you…


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STEM Career Advice: Soft Skills You Need For Your Job

Soft skills are essential in any job. But these are not always being focused on when it comes to technical jobs. But the truth is, when it comes to jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, soft skills are much more important.

Soft skills are important when you want to get hired and when you want to stay longer on the job. Employers do not only base…


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Nueva Latina Leaders recognized a Latino Leader

José R. Sánchez, CEO of Norwegian American Hospital who was recognized by Nueva Latina Leaders group posed with all the professional ladies in attendance 

CHICAGO, —Nueva Latina Leaders (NLL), a group of successful women in the fields of business, community service, education, health and…


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