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Mexico ranks first in Latin America in World Bank’s Doing Business Index

Doing business in Latin America can be a slow and complicated process.

The most recent report from Doing Business makes that evident, as the World Bank publication revealed its ranking of the difficulty of working in various countries. Only one country in Latin America placed within the top 50.

Mexico scored 77.27 out of 100 points, putting it at the 49…


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Unleashing Latino-owned business potential

Latino Americans are starting businesses at three times the rate of the general population thus playing an important role in driving US economic vibrancy through their outsized contribution to new business creation. However, Latino-owned businesses (LOBs) fail to scale in size and revenue at the same rate of other businesses, presenting an opportunity gap of $1.38…


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Ambicultural Latinas at forefront of crossover trend

Hispanic women are rapidly becoming an economic and social powerhouse in the United States, with rising rates of entrepreneurship, educational attainment and delayed marriage, according to a recently released Nielsen report. These advances are emerging as the relatively young Latina population is undergoing dramatic growth: 37% between 2005…


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Use holiday gatherings to fire up your job search and build confidence

According to a recent LinkedIn survey, 85 percent of people find their next job through some form of networking. With the holidays approaching, I find myself once again thinking about the role that friends and family can play for someone who is looking to make a career change.

I always advise my clients looking for a job to broaden their network and spend a lot…


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How Pixar made sure ‘Coco’ was culturally conscious

When the Pixar writer and director Lee Unkrich received the green light in 2011 to develop his follow-up to “Toy Story 3,” the best picture nominee that made his career, his initial excitement dissolved into fear.

Mr. Unkrich, 50, hadn’t caught sophomore jitters. He knew his idea for a new animated film, which eventually became “Coco,” arriving in theaters in the…


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20 jobs that will earn you over $100,000

Trying to find a job that pays over $100,000? You'll need to start planning early, according to a new list of high-paying jobs compiled by job search engine Indeed.

Indeed's list of 20 jobs that pay over $100,000 is dominated by jobs in the health and tech industry. The top six highest paying jobs all fall in the medical field, with neurologists coming in as the…


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Disney's 'Coco' is a smash hit in Mexico, fueling big hopes for its US release

In the era of Donald Trump, it doesn’t take much to see political undertones in just about everything. Including the new Disney-Pixar film, "Coco."

Built around the Mexican holiday, Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, the movie is about Miguel, a 12-year-old boy from rural Mexico who dreams of becoming a guitarist. In Miguel’s pursuit, he crosses over into…


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Hispanics as Pet Market Consumers in the US

The past decade has seen a dramatic increase in the number of Hispanic pet owners in the United States. Between 2007 and 2016 the number of Latinos with pets in their homes skyrocketed from 11.4 million to 20.4 million as the pet ownership rate among Hispanics grew from 40% to 55%.

Pet ownership has become a marker of increasing acculturation within the Latino…


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The Hispanic Market Is Poised for Innovation in 2018

Marketing in Spanish in the U.S. may not seem like an innovation from our purview in 2017, but when the first recognized full service Hispanic advertising agency in the United States opened up in 1962 it was a paradigm-shifting marketing event. It was one of the first times national brands and companies marketed their goods and services in the U.S. using a language…


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Your survival guide to holiday Networking

Even if you avoid networking all year, it’s inevitable during the holiday season that you will find yourself at a networking event – your company party, your kids’ school events, the year-end celebration for a professional group you’re involved with. Networking this time of year is also beneficial as people tend to be more festive and therefore friendlier, and even…


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Mexican businesses expanding, thriving despite NAFTA uncertainty

The sweet smell of freshly baked cakes filled the room, as a half-dozen workers did their part to make more.

One mixed ingredients, while another filled round pans with batter. As the cakes emerged from ovens, four more layered on fruit and frosting. 



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Ten good reasons to job hunt in December

Too many job seekers put their job searches on hold at this time of year, and that's a shame. December is a great time to job hunt!

Here are ten reasons why.

1. Budgets

Hiring is based on budgets. Budgets are approved for a given fiscal year. December 31 is the most common fiscal year-end. Job opening budgeted for 2017 but unfilled…


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JPMorgan Chase & Co hopes to promote minority Entrepreneurs

The latest announcement by this company is about its $2 million investment into a program that will see it offer grants to the Chicago non-profit organizations. Through its recent statement, the bank outlined that it remained committed to creating economic opportunities in Chicago’s West and South sides. It outlined that the grants were part of a $40 million…


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Code2040 raises $5.6 million as it fights tech diversity backlash

Code2040, a San Francisco nonprofit working to increase diversity in the technology industry, has raised $5.6 million to fuel a major expansion as it navigates a tense political climate.

The new funding from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and others comes as diversity advocates face a sharp backlash over their efforts to bring groups of people long…


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Read biographies of feature guests for the 2017 Law & Marketing Networking Forum

Read biographies of feature guests for the 2017 Law & Government Networking Forum being held November 15 at Fulton Market Company in Chicago's trendy West Loop neighborhood!


Marty Castro, President - Castro Synergies, Interim Executive Director, Casa Central



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More than half of Latinos say applying to college wasn't discussed with them

More than half of Latinos in the U.S. say applying to college was never discussed with them. This is according to a new survey that NPR conducted with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Researchers interviewed people from different racial and ethnic groups to gauge how discrimination affects their daily lives at home,…


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How this company is helping hopeful Law students fund their dreams

It’s a fact: women and minorities are underrepresented in the legal profession. Latinos for example, make up 18 percent of the population, yet comprise only 4 percent of U.S. lawyers. This coupled with Pew Hispanic Research’s report that 3.2 million Latinos living in the U.S. don’t speak English, begs the question who is helping Spanish-speaking Latinos navigate the…


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Working for a more diverse workforce

The energy industry is committed to making its workforce more diverse. Now and over the next decade or two, there’s great opportunity to realize that goal.

With 40 percent or more of industry’s worker base on track to retire by 2035, research indicates hundreds of thousands of women and minorities will help fill the ranks through the next decade and beyond.…


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To be or not to be Latinx?

It is a word that has been both embraced and scorned by Latinos. It often sparks conversations about identity, gender and privilege. Its usage has led to innumerable social media spats, and the debate shows no sign of dying down. The word in question is “Latinx,” which some Hispanics are using as a more inclusive term for Latinos.

But do Latinos need a…


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How to ask for a letter of recommendation

At every professional stage in life (job searching, job switching, promotion seeking), there will come a time when you need to ask someone to write you a letter of recommendation.

Though not as common as they once were, many would-be employers still want to know that someone vouches for you.

If the thought of asking someone to say nice things about you…


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