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Cinofe - Cloud Solutions for your Business

Cinofe provides Windows Server Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions for your business. Seamless back up and fast recovery for Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server and workstations. Please call 630-570-9772 or email for an assessment, pricing and further details.…


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Latin America's small businesses come to Miami to thrive

Six years ago I visited an indigenous village in southern Mexico called Santa Cruz Mixtepec. It was, or used to be, one of those impoverished rural hamlets that sent most of its population over the U.S. border to find living-wage work.

Until somebody got the bright idea to start promoting small businesses there. Through micro-lending and other assistance, Santa…


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2013: The year of the Latino Entrepreneur

We’re getting to the final hours of 2013, and — no surprise to me — I am looking backward, not forward as I hope to do on New Year’s Day. But this year, the backward glance is not filling me with melancholy. Instead, I am feeling amazed. For anyone following Latino tech — I have several beats, but in 2013 the Latino tech beat kept me quite busy – this was a pretty…


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Pilsen nonprofit helps Latina women, families

There were problems at home: domestic violence, emotional abuse between the mother and father. By the time the mother reached out to Mujeres Latinas en Accion, the issues had intensified, not only for her but for her 12-year-old daughter.

At Mujeres, a nonprofit that serves Latina women in the Pilsen neighborhood, it's not unusual for abused mothers seeking…


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IU Professor to Lead Latino Organization

Herman Aguinis, the John F. Mee Chair of Management and the founding director of the Institute for Global Organizational Effectiveness at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business, has been elected president of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management.

The Iberoamerican Academy of Management fosters the advancement of knowledge in management theory and…


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5 Job-Search Resolutions for 2014

January can be a game-changer for workers looking for a career break and moving on to (hopefully) greener pastures.

A U.K. study estimates that 25% of the British workforce calls January the best month for a "fresh start" to leave one job and start a new one.

That process usually starts late in the previous year, when workers feeling unsatisfied over…


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11 Moments That Made Us Proud To Be Latino In 2013

With new found representation in politics, trailblazing reforms in Latin America and new inroads in the entertainment industry, 2013 was a great year to be a Latino. Relive 11 moments that made us proud to be Latino this year. READ…


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8 tips on selling homes to Hispanics

You’ve heard the phrase: happy wife, happy life. It was a big lesson learned by a close friend of mine when he and his wife were ready to become homeowners. After all, it’s “mamá” who runs the household, especially in Hispanic families.

That’s why many smart business owners are learning how to connect with Hispanic women, also called Latinas, and growing their…


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New Nielsen Research Cites Economic Clout of Latinas

New Nielsen research shows that Latinas are the primary decision-makers in much of the spending by Latino households. The study said that, taken together, Latinos comprise 52 million people in the U.S. population and are the most influential economic sub-set since the baby boomers.

Women are the primary decision-makers in Latino households when it comes to…


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9 tips to maximize your networking experience

Here are nine tips to get the most out of your networking experience, while contributing to its rehabilitation:

1. Ask questions. Help guide the process by coming prepared with targeted questions that keep you both on track and on time.

2. Be a good listener. People love sharing their story, and it's a great way to learn from others' experience and…


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Seven Out Of Every 10 Latinos Lack Retirement Savings Plans In The U.S.

A majority of Latinos have no retirement savings, according to a study by the National Institute on Retirement Security, a nonprofit research group based in Washington.

Nearly 70 percent of Latino working-age households have no assets in a retirement account, and 62 percent of Latinos between the ages of 25 and 64 do not have employer-sponsored retirement…


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Hispanic-Owned Businesses in Illinois: Untapped Economic & Job Creation Potential

CHICAGO–It’s no secret that Hispanics contribute significantly to the US economy, but a new report on Hispanic-owned businesses in Illinois shows Hispanic businesses face unique challenges, but have the potential to generate an additional $67 billion in revenues and create 200,000 jobs for Illinois residents.

The Report, The State of Hispanic-Owned Businesses in…


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Maximize networking opportunities at holiday parties

It’s officially the merry-making season, and small-business owners are likely going to spend some time over the next month at holiday parties.

“As a professional, you have the opportunity to either enjoy yourself by throwing caution to the wind, or the opportunity to work on enhancing your professionalism by building your network for new business,” said Sharon…


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The business case for diversity

Most managers accept that employers benefit from a diverse workforce, but the notion had been hard to prove or quantify - until the arrival of new US research.

The research provides compelling evidence that diversity unlocks innovation and drives market growth - a finding that should intensify efforts to ensure that executive ranks both embody and embrace the…


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7 tips on how to market effectively to Hispanics

If you’re not trying to sell your products to Hispanics, you’re missing out.

After all, Hispanic buying power in Florida more than doubled from $104.8 billion in 2010 to $212.8 billion in 2012, according to the Selig Center for Economic Growth.

But you have to know what you’re doing before you reach out to a new market.

With that in mind, I asked…


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Wooing Latinas, Macy's To Introduce Thalia Line

In an effort to boost its appeal to Latina fashionistas, Macy's says it has signed a multi-year agreement with Thalia for an exclusive women's fashion brand. The new brand, called Thalía Sodi, is scheduled to launch in 300 Macy's stores and on in Spring 2015. The line is expected to include dresses, tops, pants, shoes and jewelry.

Earlier this year,…


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Latinas are our nation's greatest hope

Tucson-born book editor René Alegría sees his adopted hometown of Manhattan as a hotbed of ideas and trends. But he believes the biggest influence on U.S. culture will be Latinas along the U.S.-Mexico border.

In the 2010 Census, Latina mothers accounted for 56 percent of the country’s growth.

Inspired by women like his grandmother — who guided her…


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Eva Longoria sponsors UCLA study to find key to Latinas’ educational success

Actress Eva Longoria has funded a new study in conjunction with the University of California-Los Angeles in an effort to shed more light on barriers preventing Latinas pursuing higher education.

Through her Eva Longoria Foundation, Longoria commissioned a report titled “Making Education Work for Latinas in the U.S.,” for which researchers examined factors…


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Magazines' Next Big Goal: Reaching Latinas In English

Magazine companies are increasingly shifting their attention to the surging Hispanic community in the U.S. and their impressive buying power.

In the last 10 months, Hearst, Conde Nast and Time Inc. have introduced or strengthened English-language magazines and inserts aimed at Latinas, a growing demographic that marketers are eager to reach. Ad spending on…


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'Latinopreneurs': The Importance Of Developing Business Ownership For A Multicultural America

A couple of months ago, I got an email from Jesse Martinez — a devoted and tireless leader of Latino entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley — asking me to speak at a leadership summit. He also asked me what I wanted to speak about.

A great question, because while I have spoken at many events like this, my interest in Latinos in business has evolved. Or should I say:…


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