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7 popular Latino traditions for New Year’s Eve

The Latino community in the United States is prepared to welcome the New Year. It’s time to remember the traditions, rituals and customs that arrived from different places to take root amongst us Latinos living in the U.S.

Here are the seven most popular New Year’s Eve traditions practiced by Latinos all over the world.

1) The Tradition of the 12…


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Houston revitalizes its Hispanic district

Houston's iconic and overwhelmingly Hispanic East End is currently looking to protect its historic and cultural legacy through a number of revitalization projects and urban improvements.

A few minutes from downtown and several miles from the Port of Houston, the East End was, since the early 20th century, a point of relocation for Germans, Italians and…


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4 mistakes to avoid when marketing to Hispanics

Many companies still are struggling on how to reach the Hispanic market effectively and efficiently.

Some marketing executives still are not proactive enough to engage with this influential demographic, even though Hispanics will represent one in five Americans by 2020.

Some feel this audience is too complicated, so it may generate more work for them.…


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Hispanic enrollment rising at BSU

Undergraduate Hispanic American enrollment at Ball State University has increased 61 percent in five years.

According to Ball State's latest annual diversity committee report, which is required by state law, undergraduate Hispanic/Latino enrollment at BSU jumped from 350 in 2008-09 to 562 in 2013-14.

"Some of the increase is reflective of changing…


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Job Search Success for Introverts

What does it take to land a job? A recently successful job seeker described her strategy for finding a job - not just any job, but the one she really wanted, with the organization she most wanted to work for. Her approach is worth sharing, because it focuses on some of the things that introverts do best.

Target your search

Our successful…


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Is Latin America the next step for your business?

Look south west, and there is a vast, untapped export market. That’s the message of Canning House, Britain’s leading forum and contacts hub for Latin America, and a participant at Santander’s Breakthrough Box last week. “Companies are being held back because of a lack of familiarity and a fear of engagement,” said chief executive Robert Capurro – “but there are huge…


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5 tips for capitalizing on the growth in Latin-American corporations

The rise of Latin-American companies is already transforming the global business landscape, and it presents an exciting opportunity for U.S. companies to ally themselves with major players in this fertile business arena.

There's a good chance that Multilatina corporations — companies with a Latin-American base that have operations in more than one country —…


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More Hispanics turning 18 in 2015 than thought

More Hispanics are turning 18 every month than previously thought, underscoring why companies should do a better job specifically targeting Latinos, according to a report.

On average about 83,000 Latinos will turn 18 each month in 2015, more than the often reported 50,000, according to Geoscape, a business analytics company that specializes in tracking the…


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15 things that always happen when you're the only Latina in the office

1. You become the office Spanish translator. Which is totally fine once in a while, but you're pretty sure this wasn't actually in the job description. And if you don't speak Spanish, it's awkward to have to explain that to people and see their faces fall in disappointment.

2. You also have to become a walking, talking guide to all of Central or South America,…


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5 things hiring managers want from job seekers

Has your job search only been met with frustration in 2014? Wouldn't it be great to start the new year with a new job?

Let's assume you have all the experience, knowledge and skills necessary for role you seek. You might think that's all that should be important. But then your applications get ignored, and the answers you do get amount to a pile of rejections.…


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Hispanics' daily spending well above U.S. average

Hispanic adults in the U.S. in 2014 have reported spending more money on a daily basis, on average, than is typical for the U.S. adult population: $96 vs. $90, respectively.

These results are based on interviewing conducted as part of 2014 Gallup Daily tracking, which asks Americans how much they spent "yesterday," excluding normal household bills and major…


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Most Influential Hispanics In Technology

An executive who runs a muliti-million-dollar budget at Boeing and who got ahead despite being a single mother at the age of 17, a Spaniard who quit university in the first year and the youngest trainee in Facebook are among the 20 most influential Hispanics in the field of technology in the United States.

The ranking, published Tuesday by the technology website…


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7 ways to help your resume stand Out

A great résumé is at the heart of any successful job hunt. While lots of job hunting advice, mine included, says that a LinkedIn profile is critical to getting noticed during your job search, it does not replace a traditional résumé.

But the older you are, the trickier it can be to create a résumé that's not only concise but also does justice to your years of…


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Why Atlanta Is the hottest Hispanic market

Atlanta seldom comes to mind when most marketers think about the future of Hispanic marketing or the dynamic Hispanic millennial segment. It’s usually far down the list in discussions of the growing Hispanic population. However, it shouldn’t be.

The Fastest Hispanic Population Growth in the U.S. Is Happening in Emerging Markets Like Atlanta. Atlanta is at the epicenter…


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The Best Places To Work In 2015

Each December, salary comparison and job search site Glassdoor takes a look at the best places to work for the coming year, and the resulting list provides a snapshot of what employees experienced over the past twelve months, and what they’re hoping for in the ones to come.

To determine the best places to work, Glassdoor looks at company reviews provided by…


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6 Holiday Networking Tips

Urban legend has it that corporate budgets for the year have already been expended and the hiring process all but stops in December. Not so! While you may be tempted, do not put your job hunt on ice. Even in those companies where hiring is temporarily frozen, networking and interviewing continues unabated in order to lay the groundwork for a rush of job offers going…


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The Future of Movies Will Be More Latino

When Instructions Not Included, the Mexican breakout hit that quickly became the U.S.’s highest-grossing Spanish-language film ever, was released over Labor Day weekend in 2013, it was written about with mild surprise, the way that successful movies starring predominantly black casts are often categorized as unexpected hits. The movie debuted in fifth place with $10…


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Hispanic science and engineer graduates hit historic high

More Hispanics are graduating college with bachelor’s degrees than ever before – especially in engineering and physical sciences.

However, Hispanics are vastly underrepresented in the workforce in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – or so-called STEM jobs. Though they account for about 15 percent of the U.S. population, they were just 7 percent…


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Using Holiday Parties To Help Your Job Search

Just last week, the Grammar Chic blog weighed the heavy question of job hunting over the holidays—that is, should it even be attempted, or are you better off putting your job search on hold until January? The possibly surprising answer is that the month of December is actually an ideal time to job search: Competition is thinner, employers are more desperate, and you…


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3 Bad Assumptions About Networking for Your Job Search

Many job seekers have told me how much they hate networking for their job search. They don't like meeting strangers, particularly when they (and the strangers) have "an agenda."

They'd rather spend (waste?) time endlessly clicking on the "Apply" button on job boards than venture out into the scary world of "NETWORKING"! …


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