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5 Tips on How to Change Careers

Not happy with your field of work? According to author Kerry Hannon, it’s never too late to change careers.

“I think it’s really a matter of an individual’s energy and enthusiasm,” says Hannon.

Don’t make a quick switch. Take your time and do your research. Hannon says it usually takes three to five years to change careers.

Add skills one at a time. Use…


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A New Year's Call To Action To All Latinos And Latinas

When I started my journey in this country 18 years ago, I couldn’t find a roadmap of how other Latinos were succeeding in the United States. Like other immigrants, I worked hard to find my own way, which meant banging my head against a wall a few times before I was able to accomplish some of the goals I had set for myself.

Then, starting in 2014, I set off to find out…


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Hispanic business owners thrive, find partnerships in GR

As the Hispanic population grows in Grand Rapids, so does the number of Hispanic-owned businesses. However, what most Grand Rapidians don't realize is that many of these businesses — retail shops, grocery stores and restaurants, to name a few — have been thriving in the city for decades. Now gaining greater traction with vocal community leaders and partners like the West…


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3 Reasons You Need Career Coaching

The common questions that has been running in the applicants' mind and the workers' mind are: how can an applicant win in the job search competition? Or how can you become a successful employee more than anyone else. Lucky applicants who were hired obviously did the right things to win the spot and those who were promoted surely performed very well in the company. But how did…


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10 Pieces Of Career Advice From Successful Women

It's no secret that women face a disproportionate number of obstacles to climbing the corporate ladder, assuming leadership roles, and succeeding in male-dominated fields. Fortunately, there's now a lot of career advice out there from successful women looking to lift other women up with them. And more than ever, anyone with Internet access can benefit from this wisdom. Since…


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5 Trends for Job Seekers in 2016

With the new year comes renewed interest in changing jobs. If you want to move into a career poised for growth or one that is more stable, consider this first. While it may be tempting to drastically change careers, it may make more sense to switch companies within your current industry. You’ll be able to leverage your knowledge of systems, processes and customer behaviors…


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17 Of The Most Powerful Things Latinos Said In 2015 That Got Us Thinking

Latinos gave us plenty to think about in 2015, and it's time to revisit some of the best mic drop moments of the year.

From pointing out Hollywood's lack of diversity to exemplifying the importance of redefining masculinity, there was no shortage of food for thought from wise Latinos. Take a look at what John Leguizamo, Zoe Saldana, America Ferrera, Gina Rodriguez and…


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Mobile Powers US Hispanics' Digital Activity

At the dawn of the smartphone age, US Hispanics stood out as early adopters. Now that the population in general is converging at a high rate of smartphone ownership, one must look harder to see distinctive aspects of Hispanics’ mobile usage. The key is that smartphones still power an exceptionally large portion of Hispanics’ overall digital activity.

US Hispanics are…


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Latinas Took Over Social Media In 2015

Among of the world’s most popular social media influencers, Latinas made the biggest gains in 2015.

Latinas are the most prominent demographic among this year’s top 20 Twitter users, from Selena Gomez to Shakira, making up over 41% of the world’s most followed women and the majority of the platforms’ most popular non-white users, regardless of gender.



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Grupo Televisa-Univision to Enhance Prospects for Latinos

Mexican pay-TV and broadcasting behemoth, Grupo Televisa S.A.B. (TV - Analyst Report) and U.S. broadcaster, Univision Holdings Inc. have decided to extend their alliance to provide additional opportunities for next-generation Latinos in the U.S. media and technology fields in 2016.

The primarily motive of this agreement is to reinforce and amplify the companies’…


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Airlines Can Win Big By Engaging U.S. Hispanics on Mobile Devices

Recently JetBlue seized an opportunity that many airlines—and other industries—are unwisely ignoring: Hispanic smartphone users. JetBlue's Spanish-language mobile website, launched last summer, has delivered significant incremental customer engagement and revenue.

It's a smart play, for two key reasons. Firstly, this market loves air travel. Nearly 80% of Hispanics take…


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The outlook for Hispanic advertising

Next year will be a strong one for Hispanic ad spending, with the Olympics and the presidential election, yet there’s still more money that should be funneled into Hispanic media that’s not. In part that’s because advertisers remain confused about the best way to reach Hispanics, including whether to use English- or Spanish-language media. And in part this it’s also because…


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The Growing Power of Hispanics 50+

Much has been said about the youngest populations of Hispanics in the United States, because the Hispanic community ranks among the "youngest" in the nation. However, little has been said about Hispanics 50+, an age group that currently represents 11 percent of the total "aging" population in the United States, which will jump to 24 percent within the next decade or…


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2015 Holiday Celebration Sponsor Spotlight: Figueroa Strategic Communications

President & Founder of Figueroa Strategic Communications, LLC, Vanessa E. Figueroa, is from Chicago.

Vanessa Figueroa is a versatile professional with 15 years experience advising clients. A recognized leader in media relations, strategic…


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More Latinos With STEM Degrees Needed

More Latinos are now graduating with post-secondary degrees in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), but they continue to be significantly underrepresented in the total number of STEM credentials earned.

A new report released Wednesday by Excelencia in Education found that Latinos earned more STEM credentials across all academic…


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Five Insights For Reaching Hispanic Consumers In 2016

There is no doubt that Hispanics are a growing and important market for brands and retailers. For those looking to reach Hispanics consumers in 2016, below are five important thoughts to keep in mind from notable industry experts.

1. Sponsor brands that promote Hispanic “techies” and technical bloggers.

Rebecca Castrejon, online community manager, MXM: “According…


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Latinos live longer, despite poverty

Celia Aguilar wears a long, loosely fitted white dress with touches of red embroidery and red bandanas tied around her head and waist. The 29-year-old Chicana dances alongside men wearing large, feathered headdresses, the seashells on their ankles rattling. Here in El Paso, Texas, they gather in a ritual of Danza Azteca, an Aztec dance preserved in Mexican culture.



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Meet Alfonso Gutiérrez, News Anchor - Telemundo Chicago at the 2015 Hispanic Professionals Holiday Celebration

Alfonso Gutiérrez

News Anchor

Telemundo Chicago/WSNS

Alfonso Gutiérrez works as a news anchor for Noticiero Telemundo Chicago, which airs Monday through Friday at 4:30 PM, 5:00 PM, and 10:00 PM on Telemundo Chicago/WSNS, the local station which serves the Spanish speaking community of Chicago.

As part of Noticiero Telemundo Chicago, Gutiérrez reports the latest and…


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Georgia leads US In growth of Latina-owned businesses

For a number of U.S. immigrants, the “American Dream” includes starting a business one day. That's true for many in Latin American communities, and increasingly women are starting those businesses.

States like California, Texas and Florida all have strong markets for business-minded Latinas. But no state has seen more growth in its number of Latina-owned firms than…


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More Latinos needed in corporate executive positions

Latinos account for nearly half of all consumer spending growth and are the fastest-growing population group in the country, yet a new report finds that Hispanics are largely missing in action in the corridors of power in corporate America.

The 2015 Corporate Inclusion Report from the Washington-based Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) finds that…


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