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Latinos will get shortchanged

In July, during an address to the annual meeting of the National Council of La Raza, Barack Obama promised to make comprehensive immigration reform "a top priority in my first year as president."

Don't hold your breath.

Just a few days before the election, CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked Obama to rank in order of priority five issues -- tax cuts, health care, energy, education and immigration. Obama made up his own list, appropriately adding the economy as his No. 1 priority and… Continue

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Opening a New Grocery in Bloomington

The men who coined the phrase, "The Burrito as Big as Your Head", are branching out of the restaurant business.

LaBamba Restaurant owners will soon unveil a new Hispanic foods grocery store in Bloomington.

Many people are familiar with LaBamba's "burritos as big as your head", but now LaBambas Restaurant owners are opening one of the largest Hispanic grocery stores in Central Illinois.

Six brothers started the LaBamba… Continue

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Latinas More Likely To Regret Breast Cancer Treatment Decisions

Latina women who prefer speaking Spanish are more likely than other ethnic groups to express regret or dissatisfaction with their breast cancer treatment, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Despite receiving similar treatment, Latina women were 5.6 times more likely than white women to report high levels of dissatisfaction and regret about their breast cancer treatment decision.… Continue

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Homeopathic practice finds niche among Hispanics

When Juan Shutte began feeling heat and pains in his face and back, he went to a clinic, but doctors told him they couldn't find the problem.

That's when Shutte, a Peruvian immigrant who owns a cleaning business, read about Dr. Melissa Robinson in a Spanish-language newspaper.

Robinson's practice, Natural Solutions for Health, uses nutritional counseling, diet and exercise planning, thermal massage and dietary supplements to heal… Continue

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Texas, Florida Facing Physician Shortages; Hispanics Largely Affected

Texas will need an additional 40,000 doctors by 2025 to keep up with a growing population, particularly among Hispanics, the San Antonio Express-News reports. About 20,000 of the 37,000 doctors currently practicing in Texas will have retired or left their practices over the next 17 years, READ FULL STORY

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Obama faces pressure on immigration reform

Before a huge crowd in San Diego last summer, Barack Obama vowed to make fixing illegal immigration a top priority as president, and Latinos nationwide responded with massive support for him on Election Day. Now, they are pressing him to keep his promise.

"We voted in large numbers for Obama," said Juan Salgado, board president of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, a nonprofit based in Chicago, Obama's training ground for immigration issues when he was a… Continue

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The National Latina Business Women Association Hosts its Third Annual Helping Build the Latina Business Woman Conference

NLBWA marks its fifth anniversary as one of the leading organizations for the Latina business owner

The National Latina Business Women Association (NLBWA) will host its third annual conference, Helping Build the Latina Business Woman, on Thursday, November 20, 2008 at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla in San Diego. NLBWA has lined up an impressive list of speakers and educational workshops for this year’s participants. The conference keynote speakers include: California Secretary of State… Continue

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Health and Human Services Strengthens Initiative to Help Hispanic Seniors Manage Their Diabetes

Health and Human Services (HHS) announced an exciting collaboration with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the Patient Education Research Center at the Stanford University School of Medicine to increase the number of diabetes self-management training programs (DSMT) in the United States.

This collaboration has a particular focus on Hispanic people with Medicare and supports HHS’ Interagency Hispanic Elder Initiative. That initiative, launched in 2007 by the department’s… Continue

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Hispanics hope to play big role in Obama administration

With thousands of jobs needing to be filled, Hispanics are hoping to be well represented in the Obama administration.

Hispanics in swing states like Florida who boosted Barack Obama into the White House are now looking for a place at the table -- and within the Cabinet and federal agencies as well.

As the president-elect's transition team plows through stacks of résumés to fill almost 10,000 federal jobs -- from the high-profile secretary of state to the less glitzy… Continue

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Can the GOP win back Latino voters?

Si se puede. Translation: Yes we can.

It was a common phrase used by Barack Obama and John McCain on the campaign trail this year as they tried to increase their outreach to Latino voters -- an influential voting bloc.

But clearly, based on exit polling, those voters overwhelmingly said 'si se puede' for the Illinois senator. Latinos supported Obama 67 percent to 30 percent for McCain.… Continue

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What Latina Patients Don't Tell Their Doctors

In-depth interviews with 28 Latina women living in Brooklyn revealed six factors that enhance or inhibit Latinas' disclosure of information to their physician. Researchers found that a warm, trusting, compassionate relationship in which the patient feels respected and truly heard is critical for disclosure of important health information. READ FULL STORY

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Hispanics Less Likely to Get Repeat Artery Surgery

Despite certain risk factors, Hispanic patients were 57% less likely than Caucasians to undergo coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) one year after successful angioplasty to open blocked coronary arteries, a new study found.

It also found that Hispanics were less likely to have any kind of repeat revascularization (artery opening) procedures, more likely to have diabetes (increasing their risk for heart attack), and more likely to have long lesions blocking their arteries -- an… Continue

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Cost of burial turns Orlando-area Hispanics to cremation

When Elena Rodriguez of Apopka buried her uncle, she felt grief -- and sticker shock.

For the native of Tamaulipas, Mexico, the funeral costs were more than she expected, and much more than they would have been in her homeland.

And rather than the customary three days for a vigil, she had less than a day to memorialize him before his body was sent to its final resting place in Mexico.… Continue

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Has US politics changed forever?

Barack Obama's victory in the US presidential election has left many euphoric Democrats with a feeling that the landscape of American politics has shifted - but is it true or is it an illusion?

Democratic strategist, Simon Rosenberg, director of the New Democrat Network, is one of those who argues that the pattern of the last four decades has been broken. READ FULL STORY

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The GOP's Big Hispanic Problem

Hidden in the numbers from last week's vote tallies is a major concern for the Republican Party: Hispanics have jumped ship. Four states with significant Hispanic populations--Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Florida--swung huge for Obama, reversing course from just four years earlier, when John Kerry effectively battled to a draw in New Mexico and lost the other three states. READ FULL STORY

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Homeless Hispanics in New York Face Somber Future

Next to the door of one of New York’s favorite stores, Filenes’ basement on 79th and Broadway, there’s a dark dirty figure with a sign that says, “Homeless, please help.”

He is 30-year-old Juan Carlos Gonzalez. He has an inserted bolt in his right ankle ever since he was in a car accident when he was just 15 years old.

Originally from Manta, Ecuador, he came to New York four years ago, after obtaining a work permit to work for an air conditioning company… Continue

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Obama, it's time to say 'gracias': Hispanics help turn Florida blue

Wanda Ramos-Morales not only voted for Barack Obama, she volunteered to make phone calls, knock on doors and take people to the polls.

It was the first time the Puerto Rican mom from east Orange, who had voted for Ronald Reagan, made that kind of commitment to any candidate.

Obama got Ramos-Morales' support because he talked about her issues.

"The food is going up, the rent is going up, gas is high, but your wages are stagnant, and you have people stuck on some… Continue

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Blacks, Hispanics nixed gay marriage

The record turnout of black and Hispanic voters played a key role in the victory of President-elect Barack Obama, but in California that same racial and ethnic factor also was instrumental in the passage of Proposition 8, a ballot measure that declares marriage as the union of a man and a woman. READ FULL…

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Latinos push for Cabinet posts

Weeks before Barack Obama won the presidency, he met privately in Washington with his former Democratic rival, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, and Latino political leaders who had fervently backed her bid.

The cards were laid upon the table, according to one of the participants. The Hispanic leaders said they expected at least two Latinos to be named to an Obama Cabinet — meeting the standard set by President-elect Bill Clinton in… Continue

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Commentary: Latinos should see gay marriage a civil right

It's a done deal: Proposition 8, making same-sex marriage illegal in California, has been approved by voters.

The constitution of the state was amended to take away rights recognized by the California Supreme Court under the equal protection clause of the California constitution just this May. And Latinos were in the vanguard, providing critical support for the passage of Prop 8. READ FULL… Continue

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