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Largest Gathering of Hispanic Business Leaders to Convene in Miami

Join the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), Fortune 500 companies, Hispanic Business Enterprises (HBEs) and local Hispanic Chambers of Commerce from across the country on September 18-21, 2011 in Miami where Hispanic business is hot. The USHCC will host its 32nd Annual National Convention & Business Expo at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach.…


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Hispanic group waits for Obama's return

A Hispanic group is criticizing U.S. President Obama for not attending its annual meeting for three years running, despite his pledge as a candidate to do so.

Members of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials also question Obama's commitment to immigration reform, noting that deportations have increased during his presidency even as…


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Group wants all Latino All-Star Game

The fan vote for the MLB All-Star Game is still going on, and if one group has its way the starting lineups will be comprised entirely of Latino players.

According to ABC 15, Dr. Rebecca Alpert, who wrote a book about baseball and is a professor at Temple University, wants fans to stuff the ballot box for Latino players.

Last summer, calls for a…


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Banks, Credit Unions Can Tap $169 Billion Market of Latino and Other “Unbanked” Households

The University of Virginia Darden School of Business and its Tayloe Murphy Center released the findings of a major study today that outlines specific steps for how banks and credit unions can capture billions of dollars in deposits by reaching out to Latino and other “unbanked” households across the United States.

The year-long study titled “Perdido En La…


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Descuento Libre wants to be Groupon for Latinos

This week, Groupon subscribers in Austin, Texas, are offered deals on rock climbing, Indian food and a produce delivery service. Meanwhile, within the same city, users of the Latino-oriented deals site Descuento Libre can buy discounted vouchers for dental care, prepaid mobile phone services and family fun pizza parlors.

Descuento Libre wants to be the Groupon…


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Why Obama’s Visit to Puerto Rico Won’t Sway Latino Voters

President Obama’s visit to Puerto Rico, the first official state visit by a president in five decades, has been widely recognized as an attempt to reach out to voters back home, where winning the Latino vote is a key part of Obama’s re-election strategy. What’s still unclear is whether his visit, the latest in a line of high-profile speeches and symbolic gestures aimed…


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How Latinos are changing the Midwest’s economy for the better

Recent census reports show Midwestern cities are shrinking and people are moving out. But at least one group is growing - the Hispanic population. For the series Changing Gears, Niala Boodhoo reports that’s a good thing for our region and our economy.

Drive down the main strip of Aurora, Illinois, a town about 50 miles west of Chicago, and strip malls like the…


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Puerto Rico-Bound President Obama Courts Latinos, Raises Cash on Visit

President Obama today becomes the first sitting U.S. president in five decades to visit Puerto Rico on a trip meant to curry favor among mainland U.S. Latinos and raise some campaign cash.

While none of the island's nearly 4 million U.S. citizens can vote in the 2012 general election, they have some political sway, both with their pocketbooks and through ties…


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Upstart director rides Hollywood's chase of Latino audiences

In Hollywood's chase for America's new No. 2 demographic -- Latinos -- Carmen Marron stands front and center.

Marron is an upstart director with an improbable rags-to-film-festival-success story that begins in a Phoenix public elementary school where she was a guidance counselor to struggling Hispanic youths.

Witnessing inner-city youngsters bereft…


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Minority youths consume more media than their counterparts

A new Northwestern University study says minority youth ages eight to 18 spend more than half their day consuming media content – a rate that's 4.5 hours greater than their white counterparts.

The Children, Media and Race: Media Use Among White, Black, Hispanic and Asian American Children report released Wednesday says that minority youths are more likely to…


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Thalia's mother's death shines light on heart disease among Latinas

Yolanda Miranda, mother of Mexican singer Thalia, became part of a disturbing trend among Latino women when she died unexpectedly of a heart attack last week.

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of Latinas in the United States, but because many women do not display what are considered typical symptoms like chest pain, which is more common in men, they often go…


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Goya brand has been woven into city's Latino DNA


For 75 years, Goya Foods has grown an empire of canned beans and other Latin food staples that have been woven into the city's Latino DNA.

For Puerto Rican and Latino newcomers to the city, and second- and third-generation kids, the sight of a supermarket aisle lined with stacks of familiar navy-blue cans with the blocky Art Deco logo has long…


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4 Reasons Why Latinos Love Facebook

Latinos are enjoying a sizzling connection with Facebook.

The Latino population is no longer underrepresented in the U.S. Companies, over the last few years, have sat up and taken huge notice of the largest minority in the U.S. and who will have a major influence on the country as a whole in the coming years.

In the Latino community, Facebook has…


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Nashville sees boom in Hispanic-owned businesses

Maria Ramos, Karla Ruiz and Fernando Maldonado all came to Nashville from their native Mexico, looking for the American dream – owning their own businesses and creating a good future for their families.

Today, the three have realized that ambition, joining…


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Navarro set to launch its own line of products

The Navarro drugstore chain will soon launch its own private label, selling everything from diapers and shampoo to plantain chips and makeup.

The Vida Mía brand will debut this fall at Navarro’s 28 stores in South Florida. But Navarro’s president has ambitions far beyond Miami, where a Cuban entrepreneur opened the first pharmacy 50 years ago. In an attempt to…


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Too many Latinas with dark skin falsely assume they don't need sunscreen

The official start of summer may still be a few weeks off but Mother Nature didn't get the memo with a lot of the country experiencing high temps this Memorial Day weekend.

What that means is that Latinas will be among the crowds soaking up the sun, and it doesn't even have to be on the beach or by a pool. Dermatologists say that even shopping in outdoor malls…


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Summer job bummer: Teen unemployment 24 percent

The latest numbers show the unemployment rate stands at 9.1 percent, with the pace of job growth slowing. When it comes to new jobs, 70 percent of those are coming from small businesses, but many of them are struggling just to hang on.

Small businesses are often responsible for filling the summer job needs of America's teenagers. CBS News correspondent Bill…


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The forgotten Hispanic economy in Las Vegas: ¿Por qué?

In a rundown shopping center along Rancho Drive in the heart of the Las Vegas Valley there’s a tiny shop that sells herbal products for recent immigrants. It offers traditional village remedies for stomach ailments, head colds and achy backs.

The familiar Mexican and Central American brands lack the stylish packaging of popular American products. One of the…


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Latinos and Franchises: The Untapped Trillion-Dollar Market

With the much anticipated release of the 2010 U.S. Census data, it is time for businesses and franchises to gear up for the new customer demographic adjustments that will inevitably follow. The biggest news to emerge thus far is the rapidly expanding Latino population, estimated to have become a trillion-dollar customer base in the 10 years since the previous census was…


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Obama DREAM Act ad causes backlash among Latino voters

Tired of being viewed as an "expendable voting population," some Latinos in Colorado are pressuring President Barack Obama to push for meaningful action on immigration reform and the DREAM Act.

Chicano activist and decades-long north Denver resident Ricardo Martinez walked precincts for Obama in 2008, but at the dawn of another presidential election cycle, he…


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